Castle of Porto de Mos

  The castle of Porto de Mos is one of a kind and entirely unique in Portugal. It was damaged badly during the 1755 earthquake that also destroyed a large part of medieval Lisbon. The castle has been partly recovered and is much noticeable by its slated emerald green towers. You will find references to the Gothic and renaissance. Originally the castle grounds held an … Continue reading Castle of Porto de Mos

Serra De Aire

Serra D’Aire is possibly one of the most surprising mountains we have come across in Portugal holding most likely the remains of the oldest, barely remembered cultures in Portugal. The mountains themselves contain many interesting places, like pre-historic grotto’s, ancient villages, sporting activities and nature adventures. But what we want to concentrate on in this article is it’s impressive historical remains, that go back at … Continue reading Serra De Aire

Abrantes castle and fort

Abrantes castle and fort are mentioned as a suggestion of places to visit in the Michelin travel guide and it certainly is, but it doesn’t seem to get half the visitors it should. This is especially so, since the building of the A23 highway that races unannounced past Abrantes as if the city has suddenly stopped existing. From the highway it’s just a few kilometres … Continue reading Abrantes castle and fort

Monastery of Alcobaça

The Monastery of Santa Maria d’Alcobaça in the small town of Alcobaça, is Portugal’s largest Gothic monastery and a very impressive one. It was placed on the world heritage list in 1989 and never ceases to amaze. The Monastery of Alcobaça’s construction started in the first half of the 12th century and was ordered by king Afonso Henriques after he was proclaimed first king of … Continue reading Monastery of Alcobaça

Palco de Especiarias, bakery and specialities cafe, Tomar

The Palco de Especiarias is one of the nicest places in the historical centre of Tomar to taste regional Tomar pastries at half the price of the same products in the more tourist cafés in Tomar. It’s a 1 minute walk from the main square, Praca do Republica. The owner has lived abroad for many years and has returned to Tomar to open this very … Continue reading Palco de Especiarias, bakery and specialities cafe, Tomar

Cafe Restaurant Petiscos Sao Pedro

[portfolio_slideshow size=large pagerpos=top titles=true] The Cafe Restaurant Petiscos Sao Pedro in Sao Pedro de Tomar is a bar, a restaurant and a tapas petiscos bar worth visiting in the cute village of Sao Pedro de Tomar just 7 km from Tomar and roughly 5 from the Castelo do Bode lake. It’s set in one of the nicest landscapes of Portugal on the hilly, green, fertile … Continue reading Cafe Restaurant Petiscos Sao Pedro

Casa do Adro, Cafe Bar Lunchroom

Casa do Adro cafe bar is another nice place in the centre of the town of Serra. Casa do Adro cafe bar is perfect for Drinks, snacks, tapas, petiscos and typially regional lunches. The Casa do Adro cafe bar has a nice terrace and is popular amongst local and tourists. The meals are cheap and good. There is plenty of parking close by and a … Continue reading Casa do Adro, Cafe Bar Lunchroom

Beach at Casa Nova, Castelo do Bode – river Zezere

Following the signs from Serra to Casa Nova Albufeira takes you to a few stony ‘beaches’ or rather swimming areas in the Castelo do Bode. The one we visited is on the map. Its a small stony area with a good space for parking. The water is very clear but gets deep fast. Not suitable for small children who cannot swim. The rocks make a … Continue reading Beach at Casa Nova, Castelo do Bode – river Zezere

Café da Serra, restaurant bar Serra, Tomar

[portfolio_slideshow size=large pagerpos=top titles=true] Café da Serra is a restaurant bar on the central square of Serra that offers cheap but good traditional meals for lunch or dinner. They have a daily changing menu consisting of fish and meat dishes. They also offer many typical Portuguese snacks, such as the famous Pasteis de Bacalhua. Tremocos (a type of salted bean) to accompany beer. They are situated … Continue reading Café da Serra, restaurant bar Serra, Tomar

Beach at Montes, Castelo do Bode – river Zezere

Another nice beach on the Castelo do Bode lake in Central Portugal is the Montes beach made of nice large flat rocks on which its easy to lie and some sandy or grassy patches. The view is great and the beach is quite. No loud music or jet ski’s! Close to the village of Montes and the towns of Tomar and Ferreira do Zezere. The … Continue reading Beach at Montes, Castelo do Bode – river Zezere

Praia Barreiras, Castelo Bode

Direcção: Estrada Bairrinho, Barreiras. Praia Barreiras, Castelo Bode, Distrito Abrantes, e a cerca de 13 kms da cidade de Tomar. Esta é uma das maiores praias fluviais existentes em Castelo do Bode, e também das mais visitadas. No dia em que visitamos a Praia de Barreiras Lago Castelo do Bode, foi durante a época alta e fazia muito calor. Havia musica alta e jet ski’s. … Continue reading Praia Barreiras, Castelo Bode

Cabeca Gorda Lake beach

[portfolio_slideshow size=large pagerpos=top titles=true] Cabeça Gorda is a small village not far from Martinchel, that has a long swimming beach, close to a small island. The beach is stony sand with parts only schist stone, layered and climbing, making attractive, rocky patterns that are difficult to sit on but great to look at. On the day we visited it was a national holiday, august and very … Continue reading Cabeca Gorda Lake beach

Aldeia do Mato, lake beach

Aldeia do Mato, Lake Beach. Aldeia do Mato has a beach with full amenities. It’s a popular and busy beach close to Martinchel and Castelo do Bode. The Aldeia do Mato, Lake Beach has a swimming platform and in the holiday period a life-guard and bar. The beach is stony but the ground in the water sandy. The bar provides ambiant music that can be heard … Continue reading Aldeia do Mato, lake beach

Marisqueira de Tomar, fish and seafood restaurant Tomar

[tab name=”Information”] Marisqueira de Tomar is a great fish and seafood restaurant in Tomar, locally famous, successful and excellent fish restaurant, meat grill and beer house. The Marisqueira de Tomar was an unexpected and exceptional find for Go Discover Portugal. The restaurant is out of the historic centre and undiscovered by tourists but amongst the best appreciated Tomar restaurants by locals. The restaurant is magnificent … Continue reading Marisqueira de Tomar, fish and seafood restaurant Tomar

Casa do Patriarca, rural tourism hotel

[tab name=”Information”] Casa do Patriarca is situated in the small town of Atalaia, 3,3km from Vila Nova da Barquinha, roughly 9km from the horse riding capital of Golega, 17 km from Tomar and 10 km from Constancia, Casa do Patriarca is beautiful 17th century manor house that has been rehabilitated by it’s current owners to be a guest-house. It is set on large grounds that … Continue reading Casa do Patriarca, rural tourism hotel

O tabuleiro restaurant Tomar

[tab name=”Information”] O tabuleiro a very popular restaurant with traditional food in the centre of Tomar O Tabuleiro is one of the most popular restaurants with tourist to Tomar and it has a good name both locally and internationally for good food, large portions and reasonable pricing. The restaurant is in the center of Tomar on the Rua Serpa Pinto close to the Paraca da … Continue reading O tabuleiro restaurant Tomar

Taverna Antiqua Restaurante Tomar

[tab name=”Info”] Caros estimados visitantes, GoDiscoverPortugal deixou de dar qualquer tipo de suporte ao restaurante Taverna Antiqua em Tomar Lamentamos qualquer inconveniente estamos a trabalhar de forma ativa para lhe fornecer as melhores alternativas! Por favor, confira nossas excelentes alternativas em Tomar para encontrar um restaurante adequado. por favor, verifique a melhor alternativa, com um estilo de alimentação mais subtil Casa das Ratas [/tab] [tab … Continue reading Taverna Antiqua Restaurante Tomar

Café Santa Iria

[tab name=”Information”] The Café Santa Iria has a modern approach to snacks and lunches than the more traditional Portuguese ‘pastelaria shops’ as it has a large selection of sandwiches, baguettes, quiches, salads and several different types of toasts making it a very popular place for a quick lunch or snack in a changing Portugal. The Café Santa Iria is also famous for tasting a typical … Continue reading Café Santa Iria

Pegoes Aquaduct, Tomar

Tomar has so many amazing monuments that some of them are just not even mentioned at the tourist office, but these may be just as great or even more interesting than some of the more famous ones. The Aquaduct at Pegoes is one of these places. It stands strong and stretches long lenghts unvisited and undiscovered for roughly FIVE kilometres majestically through the landscape North-west … Continue reading Pegoes Aquaduct, Tomar

Taberna Antiqua Tomar

Due to a contract breach and the unwillingness of Taberna Antiqua to meet their obligations we have put Taberna Antigua under investigation and during this time we have blocked them from Go Discover Portugal. We can not answers questions or accept reservations for Taberna Antigua Tomar during this time. We hope that the situation will regulate shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience and work hard … Continue reading Taberna Antiqua Tomar