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Self catering bungalows, Castelo do Bode / Aldeia do Mato

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Self catering bungalo’s on the Castelo do Bode / Aldeia do Mato beach.

Castelo do Bode is one of the most amazing internal Portugal lakes caused by damming of the river Zezere. Little known among tourists but much loved by the Lisbon Jet set. The lake has a length of roughly 66km and has warm waters most of the year. The damming took place in the 1940’s and original villages can still be found for those brave enough to dive to it’s depths that in points reaches deeper than 30m!

Aldeia do Mato is a small village not far from the Castelo do Bode dam with a large beach on one of the peninsulas that surround the lake.

Holiday or vacation in Portugal on one of the best internal lakes the country knows in this small and enervative mobile home paradise!

Just like the Vale do Manso hotel, the bungalows share the vision of their owners – modern convenience, traditional quality mixed with a modern aesthetic and comfort and the views are to die for!
In the building of the Vale Manso hotel and the bungalows at Aldeia do Mato the amazing views over the incredible lake and it’s surrounding landscapes have been taking into much consideration and they made sure that each guest has full view of it’s incredible beauty from every room and bungalow.

The bungalows are a few minutes walk from the beach and resemble mobile homes. They have a full wall window on both the front and back, a simple kitchen unit, shower and intercom that connect to the close by hotel. Guest can choose to breakfast in the hotel as it is included in the price, if so desired, and can make full use of hotel amenities.

This is holidaying with a difference and one made for romantic getaways, family occasions or adventure water and land paradise!
At this time there are 4 homes available, there popular so book on time!

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Low Season : November 1ste – April 30, December 26 to  January 2, Carnaval and Easter.

Fridays to Sundays (and national holdays) 50 euro per day with a surcharge of 10 euro if your stay is one night only.

Weekdays 40 euro per day with a 5 euro discount per day on stays longer than 4 days.

High Season: May 1ste – Oktober 31st.

Fridays to Sundays (and national holdays) 60 euro per day with a surcharge of 10 euro if your stay is one night only.

Weekdays 50 euro per day with a 5 euro discount per day on stays longer than 4 days.

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Hotel Segredos de Vale Manso

Hotel Segredos de Vale Manso is the most charming and luxurious access point to the Castelo do Bode lake in central Portugal. This hotel is all about views, luxury and supply.
It’s a modern hotel with a classic ambience.
We’ve mentioned the Castelo do Bode damming on the river Zezere many times on Go Discover Portugal because the damming in the 1940’s has created one of the most amazing holiday destinations you’ll find in Portugal. Little known and not overrun by tourism making it a perfect get away vacation haven.

Hotel Segredos de Vale Manso ( the secrets of the Valley of Manso ) is a really extraordinary place to stay, modern comfort that caters both as well for a nature retreat or an adventurous and active nature indulgence.

It has incredible views from every single room, the restaurant and conference areas, all the amenities one could wish for right in the centre of awe inspiring nature.
Hotel Segredos de Vale Manso offers boat trips, squash, tennis, horse riding, canoeing, sauna, conference rooms and much more…

Vale do Manso hotel is built on the slopes leading down to the lake close to the Castelo do Bode dam and has a breath taking view over most of it. All the rooms, without exception) share part of this view and have terraces to enjoy it.
The hotel caters very well for all ages and tastes and has one big advantage over other luxury hotels in central Portugal – the Castelo do bode lake with its warm, clean waters, many beaches and a multitude of activities in the waters and the surrounding landscape. The beautiful cultural and touristic city of Tomar and the medieval almost forgotten city of Abrantes are both roughly 10 kilometres away in opposite directions.

This hotel get an almost 9 points rating on Tripadviser and is classified as fabulous and it is, at any time of year, it makes the perfect setting for perfect memories.

The hotel provides many extra services, for instance airport transfers, if needed or wished full accompaniment into the district and activities on offer.

Low Season

01 October to 30 April
Double / Twin
Extra Bed
0-4 Years
4 – 12 Years

High Season

01 May to 30 September
December 26 to January 02, Easter and Carnival.
Double / Twin
Extra Bed
0-4 Years
4 – 12 Years



For groups please contact us because we have special prices depending on the program desired.

For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865

Botanical gardens Coimbra university

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The botanical gardens of Coimbra university where founded in 1772 and it is build on terraces that lead down to the greenhouses, it was park of the natural history faculty of the university of Coimbra and is host to many rare plants some of which have been there from the beginning of its foundation. It a very place for Coimbra inhabitants to walk and relax.

It is both interesting and educational but also a pleasure to visit just to find shade from the hot sun or enjoy the quite nature right in the centre of Coimbra,
Read more about it’s history and background on Wikipedia

Portugal dos Pequenitos

Portugal dos Pequenitos (portagal for the little ones) is a very nice children theme park in the centre of Coimbra that is also educational and interesting for the parents to visit.

The park was build in 1940 and still receives additions and improvements.

The park consists of a mini Portugal made up of houses, street, farms, castles and a monastery build according to real life buildings that mark Portuguese history and tradition. The buildings are however build to the size of children allowing them access to explore and play while the parents are left as giants outside!

The park has small museums to commemorate the former colonies and show objects and the lives from these colonies.

There is a restaurant and a modern day playground. All in all it’s a great way to spend a day with children in Coimbra and one they certainly wont forget.

Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha

The monastery of St. Clara in the centre of Coimbra was founded in 1280 by Mor Dias as a female monastery for the order of the poor clares nuns. It was abondened in the 17th century and it opened to the public in 2009 after complete restoration.

The monastery was abandoned due to year after year flooding as the Mondego river went out of it’s boundaries and fell into ruin.
The excavations have recovered many architectural and decorative objects that have aided in the understanding of the original monastery plan.

The monastery has been added as a national monument since 1910.
The excavations also brought out the foundations of the chapter house, refectory, a smaller cloister and the old Palace of Queen Elisabeth.


Conimbriga is not the largest but almost largest Roman city found in Portugal. It’s foundation go as far back as 900bc and it remained inhabited until the fifth century ac. Excavations are still going on and new discoveries are still being made and shared with the public.

Conimbriga is a wonderful place to visit and you will get a really good idea of how the Romans lived at this time in Portugal.
See examples of their amazing engineering skills and get a feel for the kind of lives they led, their traditions, wealth and personal tastes.
Conimbriga’s archaeological findings help to understand the magnitude of the Roman society in Portugal long before it became an independent country. It shows you interesting and well kept examples of this advanced civilization and it helps you recognize the habits, architectural influences and technological insight of our modern society that we can thank this long gone empire for.

In the fifth century, due to the growing barbaric invasions, the inhabitants left the flat lands of Conimbriga and ‘re-founded’ the city on a nearby mountain which later became the city of Coimbra, the first capital of the new born country of Portugal.

Casa das Ratas e Casa Matreno

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Casa das Ratas and Casa Matreno are two restaurants opposite each other on the same street in Tomar. As they belong to the same owner share the same menu and waiting service you should see them as one but they are completely different in atmosphere and decoration.

The restaurants are well known and very popular in both Tomar and internationally.
The food is excellent, portions large and prices reasonable. They offer a selection of local dishes, international dishes and a fully delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal.
Some people visit Tomar just to be able to eat in this restaurant.

Casa das Ratas has an old tavern feel, dark brown interior and wine poured straight from the large wine containers that decorate it’s walls. There is always fado music playing in the background and the run down facade gives the Casa das Ratas (house of the rats) an authentic feel, that fits both the restaurant and the street.

Casa Matreno is the opposite – bright, clear decoration. Lots of colour and a crisp, clean ambiance.
In both places the walls are decorated with funny, retro or artistic memorabilia.
Very nice restaurants that should be included in every trip to Tomar at least once![/tab][end_tabset]

The templar city of Tomar

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Tomar – fine restaurants, an impressive historical centre, nice bar’s and regional specialities set in an enchanting, historical city!

Tomar is mostly known for being the home of the famous world heritage castle, the Castle of Tomar  or convent of christ.

The castle was built to be the headquarters of the knights Templar in Portugal, the first stone was laid in 1160.
It is a very impressive castle that became Unesco world heritage during the early nineties of the last century.

The castle by itself is amazingly beautiful and surrounded by Knights Templar mysticism and it is a very good reason to visit Tomar but many blinded by it’s beauty, forget to Discover the town that it created below and the reason for its existence, the fertile lands that surround the city.

The district of Tomar

The town and the surrounding district came as a complete surprise to us and it provides everything necessary for a fantastic holiday or get away in almost any style or need!

In the city you’ll find everything necessary for a relaxing city break – fine dining, traffic free pedestrian city strolling in a very fascinating historical centre, a good range of accommodation to fit every need and pocket and a selection of interesting regional products that are unique to Tomar.

In the district surrounding Tomar you’ll discover amazing, quiet swimming beaches in the surprisingly warm Castelo do Bode lake, Large historical Manor houses and grounds, rehabilitated convents, cottages and country houses that provide accommodation, wine tasting of great regional wines from local wine producers, swimming pools, river streams, water activities and many, many great views!

The landscape is filled with old vineyards, olive, pine and fig trees, fertile landscapes and the warm waters and vibrant blue of the cleanest ‘lake’ of Portugal, Castelo do Bode. It’s as vibrant and fast changing as only Ribatejo can be.

One holiday wouldn’t be enough to experience everything on offer and with a bit of direction by us you’ll probably find yourself returning many times to this fantastic, unspoilt place!

At night the town of Tomar is a bustling holiday paradise not made for loud music or alcohol abuse but of a more refined and pleasant type.

People are very friendly and the old city has a relaxed and tranquil ambiance, even in the busiest summer months.

Everywhere you go, you’ll be reminded of it’s mystical knights Templar past.

When to go

During the summer months people come to visit the monuments, taste regional specialities or take shade on one of it’s many terraces or drive a few kilometres to cool down on one of the beaches off the Castelo do Bode lake.
On warm summer nights the city comes to live – children gather and play on the main square while the adults enjoy a coffee or a drink on the terrace of the old Pepe bar or finish a meal at the Taberna Antigua and the terraces, tapaz bars and beer houses in the little streets connected to the square, the main street and across the bridge start to fill up with a cheery bustle. Often in June, July and August temperatures reach 40c or more and at night 30c but you will also get many, more comfortable days and cooler nights. Rain seldom falls in the summer months.


Tomar is also one of the best places in Portugal to visit in the winter when the winter mists add to it’s medieval charm and the many fireplaces that most of the buildings have are lit up to create comforting winter warmth. Portuguese winters are generally warm (19 to 22c afternoon) but at night cold (1 – 9c), the coldest period is short, generally from the end of December to half February.

February to the end of April is the tricky season, it could rain everyday or reach 25 degrees and be sunny all the time, but mostly it’s a mix where you could find yourself in t-shirts and shorts and a coat and trousers all on the same day.

[/tab][tab name=”History”]

The historical centre

Tomar is divided into 2 parts by the river Naboa that runs through its centre, most of the historical city is build on the banks of this river, this also where you’ll find most of the nicest restaurants and bars, though there are also some other very interesting ones within walking distance.

magazine3The main street (pedestrian) is the rua Serpa Pinto and it leads to the main square the praca da republica,
In the opposite direction the Rua Serpa Pinta is connected by the old bridge which takes you to the other side of the historical centre, here you’ll find the convent and chapel of st. Iria (16th century) and the temple of the Knights Templar (12th century), where originally the knights where buried, an impressive building connected In view to the castle.

Towards the Praca da Republica you’ll find the little medieval streets that will lead you through the largest part of the completely medieval centre to the church of ………and the Synagogue.

From the entire old centre you can see the castle spread over the hill, above Tomar, on which it was build.

Most of the historical centre does not allow cars or traffic so you will only get to see it if you take the time to park, trying to park in the little streets close to the centre is a hassle best avoided but very close to the railway station there is a very large, free car park next to a museum and the courthouse in an area that hasn’t yet been rehabilitated but from here, it’s a short walk to the old centre.

There are also commercial but low priced parking garages in the centre on both sides of the river.
One behind the Praca da Republica (2 minutes walk removed) and one behind restaurant Naboa close to the municipal camping.
Tomar is a small compact city and everything is walkable, for those with walking problems we would suggest the central garages, which are built very close to the main leisure areas.

Tomar was originally built on the remnants of the Roman city of Sellium and in 1160 the first stone for the castle was laid. The knights Templar build their main headquarters here and after Pope Clement V wanted the Templars banned throughout Europe in 1314 they reinvented themselves and became the Order of Christ and it remained so until 1834 when all the religious orders, including the Order of Christ, were disbanded.
The city was home to many Jewish people who, before the expulsion of Jews from Portugal in the late 15th century, had held high positions in both political and intellectual life. The best remaining witness of this is the best preserved synagogue in Portugal which still stands in Tomar.
The city throughout all the centuries up to the nineteenth remained an influential city with an important position in Portuguese history.

The street plan is quite exceptional for medieval times as it is based on a chessboard grid and it served as the example for Lisbon’s rebuild after the earthquake in 1775.


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Restaurants in Tomar
Accommodation in Tomar
Activities in Tomar

next article. The district surrounding Tomar!
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O Moinante restaurant

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Wanneer je op reis gaat door midden Portugal en je vertrekt vanaf Lissabon rij je omhoog richting Noorden, dan zijn er veel routes mogelijk. 1 van die routes is via Santarem en vanaf Santarem richting Abrantes, de wegen zijn hier goed en het landschap en de steden en dorpen subliem. Na Santarem hou je de west kant van de Tagus aan en rij je door de wijngaarden en Lusitaanse paardenfokkerijen richting de berglandschappen van Noord Portugal, ergens ongeveer 30 km van Lissabon kom je door een klein dorp Arrapiado en daar moet je de tijd nemen te stoppen!

Rij de berg af en vind het restaurant O Moinante midden in het charmante, middle-eeuwse dorp van Arrapiado.
Arrapiado is gebouwd tegen een heuvel rand die sterk en snel naar de Taag rivier daalt, op een natuurlijk terras staat het restaurant O Moinante tegenover de herstelde oude kerk en naast een indrukwekkende quinta.

Het dorp is rustig en goed onderhouden, typisch Portugees en weinig toeristisch.

Het restaurant is duurder dan de gemiddelde dorpsvariant maar ook veel beter, gespecialiseerder en de moeite waard en voor Nederlandse standaarden is het nog steeds erg betaalbaar. gemiddeld moet je rekenen op 20 euro per man voor een volledige maaltijd of als je kiest voor de specialiteit zeevruchten schotel 25 euro.
O Moinante specialiseert zich in vis maar heeft ook behoorlijk wat vlees opties op het menu. De eigenaren hebben een sterke passie voor dit restaurant, de kok is zeer goed en de ambiance heel prettig.

Een heerlijk uitzicht, de beste regionale wijnen, de rivier en het kasteel van Almourol maken de maaltijd compleet.

Zoals het hoort in Portugal, eten is het hoogtepunt van de dag en daar moet je van genieten in een ongedwongen en prettige omgeving.

O Moinante geeft haar klanten ook een extra verassing gecombineerd met de lunch kun je met een boot, georganiseerd door O Moinante, het kasteel van Almourol bezoeken, een ervaring die je waarschijnlijk nog lang zult koesteren.

Pepe Café – bar, cafe en deegwaren, Tomar

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Pepe Café bar, cafe en deegwaren, Tomar is één van de oudste café’s in Tomar and met een groot terras gesitueerd op het centrale plein van TomarOpgericht in 1874 als de Confeitaria Tomarense. Het is een typisch Portugese pastelaria, zoete broodjes, koffie, frisdrank en alcoholische versnaperingen waar Portugal over het algemeen de dag begint, onderbreekt en eindigt.
Pepe Café bar, cafe en deegwaren, Tomar is historisch, aangenaam, goedkoop en heeft waarschijnlijk de beste locatie van heel Tomar.

De gevel is heerlijk veroudert, het uitzicht over het plein is rustgevend en het kasteel op de achtergrond is onopvallende aanwezig.
Ze hebben goede koffie en een grote selectie thee, het personeel is vriendelijk, behulpzaam en stipt.

Geen trendy toeristen trekpleister, wel populair, eerlijk, leuk en prettig
Het plein is verkeer vrij en kinderen spelen er vrij het hele jaar door maar in de zomer vooral s;avonds als de grootste hitte voorbij is.

Palco de D'especiarias, bakker en specialiteiten cafeetje, Tomar

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Palco d’especiarias is een kleine, vriendelijke bakker in het hart van Tomar, dicht bij het hoofdplein Praca do Municipal. Zeer onopvallend maar heel bijzonder door de vele zoete lokale deegwaren en de heerlijke bruine broodjes kaas, tonijn en vleeswaren die moeilijk te vinden zijn in Tomar.

De eigenares heeft lange tijd in Frankrijk gewoond, heeft een sportverleden en houd van lekker eten.
Ze heeft een deel van Frankrijk met haar meegenomen naar Tomar en biedt een aantal dingen die nergens anders te vinden zijn.
De presentatie is netjes en verzorgd.

Haar bruine broodjes zijn subliem en bijzonder lekker maar ze bied ook regionale, traditionele broodjes.
Het winkeltje is klein maar er is genoeg zit plek voor 12 mensen.
Ze serveren een goede koffie en teveel lekkers om zo maar op te noemen.

Het winkeltje is een paar minuten lopen van het plein en heeft weinig van een traditionele Portugese bakker, meer een moderne en gezondere versie waar ongezond genieten niet uitgesloten wordt.

Sommige specialiteiten zijn:
Fatia de Tomar” – Een beroemde Tomaarse zoetigheid, beroemd en gewild onder toeristen.
“Doce de Cama” Bed zoetigheid
“Brigadeiros” Chocalade met slagroom gebakjes

Alvora Restaurante, Tomar

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Het restaurante Alvora is een paar kilometer verwijderd van Tomar in een dorp met de romantische naam Vale do Florido, ‘vallei van de bloemen’ en het is zo’n bijzondere plek.

Het restaurant serveert regionale dagmenu’s en is typisch Portugese in opstelling maar internationaler in presentatie en dit komt waarschijnlijk door de vele buitenlanders die in de buurt wonen en hier regelmatig eten.

Een menu kost 6,50 inclusief drankjes, toetjes, brood, olijven, salade zoals in veel Portugese restauranten het geval is maar Fatima blinkt uit.

Het eten van restaurante Alvora is heerlijk!

Als het weer warm genoeg is wordt er zelfs in de winter vooral buiten gegeten aan een lange tafel onder de wijn druiven, hoofdzakelijk in het weekend eten er veel lokale buitenlanders de regionale Fataca vis, gegrild met knoflook en olijfolie of de bijzondere huis gegrilde Piri piri kip.

Zo nu en dan worden er fado-avonden georganiseerd in de tuin.

Het is typisch Portugees familie restaurant met een jonge eigenares, Martha, die een zeer bekwaam kok is en een prettige gast vrouw die van de ‘Nederlandse gezelligheid’ houd!
Kom je met een groep, reserveer dan van te voren.
Op zondag zijn reserveringen altijd vereist.

Piri Piri Restaurant in Tomar

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Piri Piri restaurant in Tomar is een restaurant waar wij veel keer voorbij zijn gelopen maar door het wat toeristische uiterlijk buiten, zijn we nooit naar binnen gegaan.

Piri Piri restaurant in Tomar werdt ons steeds weer geadviseerd door mensen uit de regio.

Uiteindelijk, na iemand te hebben gesproken die gegarandeert van lekker en goed eten houd en woonzaam is in Tomar, en na het lezen van de vele positieve reacties die we op tripadviser tegenkwamen, zijn we toch maar gaan kijken.
We werden aangenaam verrast door dit restaurant en de eigenaar die het al 30 jaar met liefde, professionaliteit en overtuiging beheerd. Het restaurant is al net zo lang een groot succes in Tomar en druk bezocht door zowel inwoners als toeristen.

Piri Piri kunne nwe nu echt aanraden. Het restaurant is heel prettig binnen, de decor wisselt in de verschillende ruimtes die er zijn.

Alle maaltijden worden ‘A la carte’ bereid met grote zorg en zijn erg lekker en de prijzen laag.
De prijzen van het menu zijn iets hoger maar nog steeds vrij gemiddeld maar Piri Piri heeft ook een dagelijks veranderend dagmenu voor diegenen die van variatie houden of liever budget eten.

Goede wijnlijst, fijne atmosfeer, heerlijk eten en vriendelijke bediening. Zeker 1 keer doen op vakantie in Tomar!

Piri Piri Restaurant Tomar de beste Piri Piri kip in de regio!

Laat je in Piri Piri niet misleiden door het menu in 5 talen of de benaming snackbar boven 1 van de deuren.

Alminhas restaurant in Tomar

We are sorry to inform you that Alminhas restaurnat has recently changed direction and we no longer know if they have kept the original concept or have chosen another route!

Alminhas restaurant vinden wij één van de betere restauranten in Tomar en het staat ook zeer goed bekend nationaal en internationaal.
Het Restaurant Alminhas heeft veel specialiteiten maar de nadruk ligt altijd op creatief en dat vinden wij heel fijn. Het is culinaire eten in een ongedwongen omgeving met keuze uit een steeds wisselend en groot aanbod.

Dagelijkse staan er een aantal vleesgerechten, visgerechten en vegetarische gerechten op het menu, geserveerd met een heerlijke salade.
Een goede keuze uit voorgerechten en uitzonderlijke keuze uit nagerechten. De prijzen zijn heel erg redelijk en er staan meestal ook een aantal ‘budget’ maaltijden op het menu.

Huiswijn is een Casal das Freiras en zeer goed maar er is ook een goede wijnlijst beschikbaar.

Het gebouw waarin Alminhas restaurant is gehuisvest is in de straat van de oude Joodse synagoge van Tomar en stemt oorspronkelijke waarschijnlijk van deze periode. Het huidige gebouw is eerder van de 18de eeuw, zeer onopvallend van buiten zeer mooi van binnen.
De aankleding is ook prettig klassiek, sober met een modern tintje.


Een aanrader voor iedereen die Tomar bezoekt!


Iguarias do Convento, Wijn en Tapas bar, Tomar

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Bijzondere wijnen regionaal en nationaal, Portugese petiscos en internationale tapas in het hart van het oude centrum Tomar.[/tab]

[tab name=”About”]De Iguarias do Convento wijn, tapas en petiscos bar / winkel in het oude, hisotrische centrum van Tomar is de leukste plek die wij vonden om te genieten van een lokaal glas goede wijn , na deskundig advies uit een de grote selectie die de eigenaren aanbieden. De wijn werdt begeleid door een fantastische selectie Tapas die niet alleen Portugees waren maar ook een selectie Spaanse en Griekse hapjes, fijne lokale kazen en typisch regioanle worst en ham.

Deze wijn en taps bar, Tomar heeft een klein terrace in een autovrije straat waar het op lange zomeravonden goed vertoeven is/

Veel van de wijnen die de Iguarias do Convento verkoopt zijn niet verkrijgbaar in de supermarkten en worden rechtstreeks van de verschillende wijn ‘Quinta’s’ in de omgeving gekocht. 2 die wij kunnen aanraden zijn de wijnen van Casal das Freiras, een wijnboerderij ten Noorden van Tomar en de Templarios wijnen, de eigenaren nemen de tijd en hebben de passie om uit leggen welke de beste zijn.
Bij Iguarias do Convento kun je wijn kopen per glas en van verschillende flessen proeven.

Iguarias do Convento is tevens een winkel waar je eventueel wijn per fles kunt kopen en tapas om mee te nemen.

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Marisqueira de Tomar, vis restaurant Tomar

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Marisqueira de Tomar is een, onder Portugezen, zeer bekend vis en zeevruchten restaurant in het centrum van Tomar, voor een fantastisch vis restaurant Tomar [/tab]

[tab name=”Information”]

Marisqueira is de algemene benaming van een vis restaurant waar vooral krab, kreeft, garnaal en andere schelvis wordt geserveerd maar in dit geval ook gegrilde vis en gegrilde vleesschotels. Dit vis restaurant in Tomar wordt zelden bezocht door toeristen aangezien het net iets verwijderd is van het oude centrum, in het niet toeristische nieuwe centrum aan de west kant van de Nabao rivier. Het is een minute of 10 lopen van de oude brug en er is voldoende parkeergelenheid in de buurt, al is het voor de deur wel wat chaotisch.

Onder de lokale bevolking wordt het druk bezocht en is het zeer populair, het is iets duurder dan de gemiddelde Portugese prijzen maar het heeft dan ook met iets meer kwaliteit.

Het restaurant is vooral onder de lokale bevolking bekend en uitzonderlijk goed. Open het menu staan vele soorten vis specialiteiten voor redelijke prijzen waaronder een zeevruchten schotel bestaande uit een grote krab, hele lobster, schelpen en garnalen dat echt aan te raden is en makkelijk voldoende voor 2 personen.

Het restaurant is netjes, schoon, professioneel bemand en prettig qua decor. Een aanrader voor iedereen die een  ‘echte’ Portugal vis dineer ervaring wilt, weg van de toeristen hordes!



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Pastelaria Templaria, Tomar

The Pastelaria Templaria is one of the more famous pastry cafes in Tomar. It should become everybody’s  start to a visit to Tomar especially if you travel by bus or train as it is right next to the train station but if you need to take a detour it’s worth the extra time and there is plenty of parking space available right in front of the door or it’s a short walk from the historical centre.

The pastelaria is locally famous for it’s large and incredible diversity of pastries baked fresh everyday in the bakery behind the shop.
They offer both traditional Portuguese pastries and more local, unique to Tomar pastries.

Pastry and sweet food are part of Portuguese tradition that goes back many centuries, The Pastelaria Templaria carries on this tradition with much passion, convincement and local success.

We think this pastelaria should be part of everybody’s visit to Tomar because without it you haven’t fully visited Tomar.

The Templars tower of Dornes, Portugal

The Templars tower of Dornes is a beautiful piece of Portuguese Templar heritage in a very charming old village, Dornes, which stands on a peninsula in the Zezere river.

The tower of Dornes build on 72bc Roman remains is a pentagonal tower build in ashlar stone .

The Templar tower of Dornes is most noticable by its unusual shape, its five
faces make it a rare example of military architecture of the time of the
Reconquista .

It was build by the Templars to defend the Tagus line, although its fundament dates much further back and was possibly a strong hold in the search for gold in the Zezere river in Roman times.

From the tower and the square around it you have the most amazing view of the surrounding landscape and the serene blue river.

the tower is intact,
The tower is generally closed, currently we are investigating the possibility for public viewing.

Elvira’s cafe / restaurant Dornes

Dornes is a very pretty town on the Zezere river just before it turns into the lake caused by the Castelo do Bode damming. This restaurant bar will make your visit to Dornes complete. It has a very pretty setting and is in a very cute old building that reminds very much of a tavern with in a seperate dining area a country style restaurant room. The terrace is lovely for warmer days and has plenty of shade on hot days.

Elvira and her husband run this restaurant bar in Dornes with a lot of passion, caring about the food and making everything themselves. They serve fresh and often self caught river fish, river langoustines (when in season) and bake their own local pastries of which Elvira’s Dornes donuts are the most famous.
They also serve meat dishes such as tenderloin Dornes style, Migas and other regional delicacies.

Elvira is a certified restaurant manager and a more than capable cook. Price / quality balance is very high.

If you just want to use the terrace to have a drink, a pastry or a snack your also very welcome.

Please read more on our site on the many reasons to visit the beautiful Dornes!


O Moinante restaurant

O Moinante restaurant is a very excellent regional restaurant on the Chamusca side of the Tagus river in the line between Santarem and Abrantes and roughly 10 km from the very charming town of Chamusca.

It’s in the village of Arrapiado next to an impressive and interesting manor farm house or as it is called in Portuguese ‘Quinta’ that dates, according to it’s gate, from 1896 and that is still in use. The village is build on the slopes of the Tagus river and has many interesting aspects starting with its historical village buildings and narrow roads and paths to the brand new boulevard on the Tagus shore, giving the possibility for modern points of views over the river, relaxation and leisure space.

It is close to the amazingly beautiful Almourol castle which stands tall on an island in the majestic Tagus river. Once the castle was a Templar stronghold that protected the North of Portugal from the Moorish invasions now it’s just a very romantic reminder that still looks very beautiful in the middle of this river.

The restaurant offers regional delicacies with a tendency towards fish dishes that find no equal in this district. The view reaches over the valley below and of-course the Tagus river, dominantly present in this area either as a deep watery collection of high rising sand banks in the summer or a sometimes fast moving water mass in winter.
The village is very pretty, old and quiet village

From the restaurant there is a possibility of taking a boat trip across the river to or from the Almourol castle and back and this is only for restaurant customers who will have lunch or diner in the restaurant for a very small fee.

O Moinante restaurant has many different interesting regional and national dishes but the ones we like the most is the Frigideira do Mar (pan of the sea) consisting of mixed plate of shellfish. octopus and squid for 2 people, Acorda de Gambas, a typical local dish served with large shrimp and the pepper stake made with 4 different peppers.

They do make specific vegetarian dishes but they must be ordered in advance.

The restaurant has nice decoration, very friendly owners, a great view and an interesting traditional menu worth taking a detour for or a vacation in the Ribatejo district of Portugal.

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