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Kart cross Sintra

Sintra is a wonderful small UNESCO heritage town surrounded by a lush and wild landscape and many ancient and impressive palcaes. On a bugy kart cross tour, you will have a unique and exciting opportunity to discover these palaces and the surrounding landscape in a fun cross country buggy kart cross tour .

The palaces tour is the most popular tour in Sintra and it provides you with a great way to view the amazing Sintra heritage.

The tours include

Safety equipment
A visit to Montserrat castle and the Moorish castle
Hotel or train station pick up and drop off (Cascais)
Free time to explore Sintra and have lunch

These tours are not about speeding but you do need to be reasonable fit to conduct it as it is a cross country experience.

Price: € 190 per buggy. (seats 2)

We also have available various custom tours.

District of Leiria – beaches, architecture and mountain retreats

Leiria is one of Portugal’s provinces. It starts roughly 60km above the city of Lisbon and borders the province of Lisbon to the North, Santarem to the west and Coimbra to the south. Leiria is a district that excels itself in many aspects, it’s many beaches, it’s historical points of interest and architectural excellence of which 2 are Unesco world heritage sites and it’s extreme landscape ranging from it’s wild and beautiful sea shore to it’s large dunes and pine fields and the mountains of Serra d’Aire and Serra dos Candeeiros. Leiria city is it’s capital and home to the beautiful and unique Leiria castle, Batalha and Alcobaca it’s most important towns for architectural excellence, mainly due to it’s monasteries which are both Unesco world heritage. But it’s also home to the beautiful medieval town of Obidos.


It’s most famous beach is without the beach of Nazare made famous by it’s high surfing waves (praia do Norde) and it’s lovely fishing village traditions but it has many beaches famous and less famous that each have their own characteristics and uniqueness.

Leiria is one of Portugal’s internationally lesser known districts to those already familiar with Portugal’s Algarve but it’s an interesting province that provides to much in the way of culture, gastronomy and leisure to cover one holiday.

It has mountainous landscape more inland and sandy dune areas closer to the coast and in older days it was used as the pine field of Portugal and you’ll still find a lot of very old pine trees dominating a large part of the landscape.

You can find specific points of interests, restaurants, accommodation, activities for the district of Leiria by following this link >>>



Our trip to Leiria starts in Obidos, Obidos is a beautiful medieval town and castle that architecturally have stayed well intact. Set on a hill it hasn’t been spoilt or overtaken by ‘new built high rise or shopping centres.


ObidosMost of Obidos will give you the feeling that you’ve been taken back to a different time.
You will find a lot of parked cars dominating the lower parts of the city but as you travel higher the street tend to get narrower sometimes only connected by steps that lead to the little squares that house the churches, government buildings, medieval jail and traditional commerce. The streets and paths are narrow and climbing, the buildings build against the mountain and the squares difficult to access if not on foot.

Walking through Obidos, if you can, is a breathtaking experience in the best sense of the word!

Lagoa Obidos

Lagoa do Obidos

Close to Obidos is the Lagoa do Obidos (Lagoon of Obidos) a nice large lagoon on which many sport activities are practised from kite surfing to wind surfing and catamaran, sailing and fishing the waters are not as wavy as the Atlantic water and slightly warmer.

The lagoon leads on one side to the famous Foz do arelho beach and other to Peniche. Foz de Arelho was always the beach of preference for the nobility of Portugal. It’s a large beach with many safer areas to swim as the bay leads inland.

Sao Martinho do porto is a beach set on a large bay surrounded by beach and mouthed narrowly between 2 mountains giving it a perfect situation for quiet waves which make it a paradise for families with kids and a favourite place to holiday. Even though it first struck me as a busy , tourist beach resort it has some lovely cultural spots and an exceptional range of very good fish restaurants. The dunes provide a lovely place to stroll at the beginning or end of hot days and the range of accommodation is impressive.

Salir do Porto

Salir do Porto

A place I really love is the close by town of Salir do Porto which is set above one of Portugal highest dunes (50 meters) It has a view of Sao Martinho do Porto but is closer to the mouth of the bay. The views are magnificent! other than that it’s lovely town and beach, not filled with tourism possibly because the walk to the beach is longer but people visit it also for it’s natural springs which are known to have therapeutic qualities. What the Portuguese will do is spent the afternoon on the beach and end the day they will cover themselves in the mud close to the spring, to wash it off in the spring, a perfectly relaxing way to perfect skin and a relaxing holiday!

Alcobaca monastery


From Salir do Porto we travelled to Alcobaca. The monastery of Alcobaca has its own Romeo and Julliete type legend that has inspired many novels and movies, it is the story of Ines and Pedro, Ines de Castro was the true love of Dom Pedro who was to be  the future king Pedro the first of Portugal. However, due to her family background, Dom Pedro was forced to marry Constanza as a royal obligation. Constanza died shortly after the marriage and Pedro took his love Ines and ran away with her to Coimbra. Pedro’s father in return had Ines murdered in fear of her family as a threat to his kingdom. After the death of his father Dom Pedro admitted to having married Ines in a secret ceremony and revenged her killers in a gruesome manner that has marked history books. Both their tombs are housed in the monastery and they seal the drama of a dramatic Gothic building with subtle respect and cooperation. The building was consecrated in 1262 and is an impressive, awe inspiring example of Portuguese Gothic architecture.

Alcobaca monasteryAlcobaca by itself is a nice, little town with some nice streets, lovely restaurants and among other activities, a nice wine museum that is worth a visit. It’s a close drive to many great beaches and has some very nice gastronomy and accommodation.



From Alcobaca to Nazare is a short trip and Nazare was once just a small fishing known for it’s fishing traditions. Nazare is set on a large beach which provides easy access to the sea and this made it a famous place for fishing. The woman of Nazare have a unique tradition which has given it more fame and this is the tradition of the 7 petticoats. You will still meet them all over Nazare, specifically in the weekends when most ‘dress up’ but a lot of the older ones wear them everyday.

Nazare beachWhat has caused Nazare’s international fame has been it’s exceptionally high surfing waves on a beach North of Nazare called praia do Norde which has broken world records on more occasions than one. These waves are so high in the winter months that it will only entice a few to surf them! other than that Nazare is well protected beach with many lifeguards and a clear flagging system that provides safe swimming. The town is full of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops many that only open in the summer. There are some tourist traps close to the beach but generally we meet friendly people, good food. Currently were sorting the best places, so stay tuned….
What we have foud already in and around Nazare that deserves your attention, can be found here, Nazare points of interest >>

Other nice beaches are Sao pedro de moel and Praia do Vieira.

Batalha monastery


– inland and a little North of Nazare you’ll find the wonderful town of Batalha most of it is centred around the Unesco monastery of Batalha a Gothic ‘monster’ that with it’s immense architectural beauty dominates the town with a historical majesty that refuses modern relevance.
The monastery can be viewed everyday and is free of charge on Sunday morning. The town around it has some nice interesting points and a nice range of restaurants, regional produce shops, hotels and bars. It’s not overrun by tourism and parking is free.
Check the nicest places we found by following this link. Batalha

in our next article serra d’aire in our next article on Leiria Caldas de Rainha – Pombal – Serra do Candeeiros – leiria food and traditons!

Kite surfing Lisbon

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Kite surfing on Carcavelos beach Lisbon is for all that want to try kite surfing or have kite surfed before.

Beginners will be explained the basics of kite surfing and by the end of the 2 hour session will already understand and have a reasonable basis for future kite surfing. The lessons are conducted on the beach of Carcavelos, which is one of the main and largest beaches just outside of Lisbon. Easy access by both car and train and it has free parking on the large parking area close to this beach make it a favourite of many people. The beach has many bars, restaurants and other activities in and above the water.

Kite surfing is an energetic and innervating experience and a wonderful way to spent time on this beach and in it’s waters!

We Offer

  • All equipment included.
  • Personal accident insurance and liability.

Additional Information

  • Activity Duration – 2 hours
  • You should know how to swim and be in good physical condition.
  • Places – Montijo, Sesimbra and Cascais
  • The realization of this experiment depends on the weather.
  • Price – € 45.00
  • You should bring comfortable clothing.
  • Activity available all year.
  • All instructors are certified IKO (International Kiteboarding Association) and members of FPKITE, fulfilling all the legal requirements for a safe adventure and smoothly.

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Tandem Paragliding Carcavelos, Lisbon

Tandem paragliding experience on the beaches of Carcavelos or in the Lisbon district with an experienced instructor!

In the small town of Carcavelos, close to Lisbon (12km) and easily reached by car or train is one of largest beaches on the Portuguese ‘riviera’. The beach is close to the mouth of the Tagus and supplies excellent conditions for surfing, swimming and other nautical sports.

Close to this beach is also located one of the best parachuting and oldest paragliding school in Portugal. This school has now partnered with us to provide state of the art tandem parachuting experiences for anybody wishing to discover flying in the sky!

For now there is the opportunity to turn your dream into reality! Without requiring any type of course can cross the air in our double glider accompanied by one of our experienced instructors. The flight in a double paragliding is an unforgettable experience that lasts for 15 or 30 minutes. The flights take place on the beaches of the Lisbon area and only depend on weather conditions for its realization.

We provide all the equipment required. Just bring comfortable shoes and the spirit of adventure.

Come and make your birthday party, team event or family event with us! Gather your friends and come and fly! We have twenty years experience of our instructors and mentors accredited by the Portuguese Federation of Free Flight.

Should you choose to experience the feeling of flying like a bird above the beaches of Lisbon, you can opt for a flight of 15 (€ 45.00) or 30 minutes (€ 59.95). There are special conditions for groups of over 5 people! You can also buy 5 flights or more for yourself and get discount.
Payments are made to the school at the time of the tandem jump and not to us, there is no pre payment involved but you will be requested to provide us with your full credentials (name, telephone number and address for the invoice and you may be required to pay a fine or the full reservation if you do not turn up as reservations are by appointment only

Note* Paragliding is an activity that depends on wind and weather conditions and for this reason it is never known until 48 -24 hours before the activity if it will go ahead or not. We are no longer selling vouchers for paragliding unless you reside in Portugal or visit Portugal on a regular basis allowing you to use the vouchers. If you are only visiting for a short period you will pay only if the positive condition of the weather allowing paragliding is confirmed 24 hours prior or on the day of the event.

For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865

Learn to sail with sailing Lisbon

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Learning to sail with sailing Lisbon is the perfect introduction to sailing in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the bay of Cascais and the mouth of the Tagus

The introduction course is situated in the marina of Oeiras easy to get to by train, bus, car or taxi form Lisbon centre and takes place in a professional boat accompanied by a professional skipper that will teach you all the basics of sailing.

This is a sensational experience for the first time or beginning sailor in one of the most amazing spots in Lisbon.

Would you like a customized experience let us set it up for you.

Lisbon´s glory has it´s foundations in the waters that shore the city and viewing it from this location is a wonderful and enervating experience!

Additional information

  • Activity Duration – 4 hours
  • Small Group reservation on request
  • Timetable – During a morning or an afternoon or all day
  • Boat: 7.5m (G7.25)
  • Location – Oeiras Marina
  • Price – € 119.00
  • Activity available all year (all week or weekends except from Dec. 15 to Jan. 6).
  • *note the photo’s used are stock photo’s as we are waiting for the actual photo’s of this activity
  • Book on time!

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Go Discover the Templars of Tomar tour

The knights Templar have inspired many childhoods with fantasies of knighthood, white horses and brave men that rode the land, in armour, on tall horses to save the fair maidens from harm. History has exposed some of their darker secrets but the knightly legend remains strong and continues to titillate our fantasies. In Portugal the knights Templar had their headquarters in Tomar and their castle stands magnificently as world heritage overlooking the lovely town below.
Many people visit ‘Tomar’ every year throughout the entire year to visit it’s amazing Unesco world heritage building the Convent of Christ , it’s awe inspiring beauty and history, it’s mystical Templar knights past and it’s pure architectural magnificence have all contributed to it’s well deserved addition to Unesco list of world heritage.

The old city of Tomar is the medieval past away from the castle where the knights walked, socialized, bought their goods, conversed with the people, met their wives, baptised their children and buried their dead. Tomar managed to stay an important city even after the Templar’s diminished and the city has much to show and reveal about Portuguese history.
The city of Tomar was as much part of the castle as the castle was a part of the city and the misty , mossy atmosphere that surrounds it.
It is a city alive with history, tradition, gastronomy, wine and architecture. A beautiful and serene remembrance of the rich, cultural past of Portugal and it’s emergence into modern society!

Go Discover the Templars tour gives you historical background seen from the eyes of a Templar knight as he moved in society. It shows the lovely town where he would most likely have spent as much time as in the castle, You will eat his food, drink his drinks and walk the paths he could have walked through the lovely medieval streets of Tomar. On the way you will be explained the many symbols that have inspired many novels, art and films in the last century but where placed on the buildings many centuries ago. You’ll end the tour in a typical tavern serving interesting ‘old style’ snacks and drinks from chocolate cups!
Go Discover the Templars of Tomar tour is a fun and interesting way to combine and discover Tomar’s medieval history and combine it with the gastronomy of this period!
The castle didn’t exist without the lovely town below and the town should be visited to understand better the castles culturally important past!

The tour starts at the castle and walks it’s way down the short hill and through the castles magnificent gardens into the town, where you will start with a medieval snack and a drink of your choice and an introduction to the life in medieval Tomar.
You will than be led through the little street of Tomar to visit it’s most interesting points and view it’s architecture, a friendly guide will explain to you the life of the Templars and the history of Tomar based on the remaining evidence. You will view the temple where the knights where buried and you can choose to end this wonderful experience with a delicious medieval meal set in one of the nicest medieval restaurants of Tomar! after dinner you will know this city and it’s ancient secrets well enough to dream it’s past!

The basic tour costs 40 euro per person and includes a typical Tomar pastry and coffee or beverage, one drink accompanied by a selection of petiscos (Portuguese Tapas)
If you would like to include lunch or dinner the price is 60 Euro per person and if you choose to travel by TucTuc rather than on foot 80 Euro
All participants will take home a nice surprise remembrance of the tour!
children take part with a 30% discount
The tour takes roughly 2 hours excluding lunch or dinner.
Minimum participants required are 4. Book on time!

For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865

Gelataria Italiana Il Ancora Nazaré

Gelataria Italiana Il Ancora Nazaré

A Nazaré tem muitas gelatarias Italianas que abrem durante todo o verão. Algumas são boas outras não tanto assim. Em Go Discover Portugal nós encontramos as melhores para si!!

A Gelataria Italiana Il Ancora é uma das nossas preferidas. Il Ancora Nazaré esta situada na Praça Sousa Oliveira, uma das Praças centrais com comercio e com a marginal com vista para a praia e para o mar, a poucos metros da área segura e monitorizada de banhos e zona das tendas da praia da Nazaré.
A Gelataria Il Ancora tem ao seu dispor uma vasta seleção de pratos, taças e cones de gelados, wafers variadas acompanhadas de molhos deliciosos.  A Gelataria Italiana Il Ancora dispõe também de uma vasta seleção de panquecas, chantilly e uma ótima seleção das melhores frutas.  A Gelataria Italiana Il Ancora pé muito popular entre as gentes locais e de turistas que visitam a Nazaré. A relação preço / qualidade é muito equilibrada, a atmosfera pé muito agradável e o pessoal é muito prestável e atencioso.

Todos os gelados, wafers e panquecas são caseiros e  feitos no estabelecimento e de acordo com elevados padrões de qualidade .

O Mestre Gelateiro, o Sr. Carlos, tornou-se Mestre gelateiro há cerca de 40 anos, após se ter iniciado nos segredos de bem fazer o gelado Italiano ainda com a tenra idade de 7 anos. A Gelataria Italiana Il Ancora já existe há 18 anos e está aberta durante todo o ano.  A esplanada dispõe de estrutura de proteção contra o vento o que no inverno constitui uma agradável amenidade.

Ao visitar a Gelataria Italiana Il Ancora, irá provar com toda a certeza a boa arte do gelado Italiano, feito e servido com muito profissionalismo, dedicação e talento!

Il Ancora Nazaré também  serve pizza’s, serviço de cafetaria, bebidas e snacks.



Ice cream Parlour Il Ancora Nazare

Nazare has many ice cream parlours that open all summer. A lot are good some a bit less. We’re finding the best for you on Go Discover Portugal!

Il Ancora is one of our best choices. Il Ancora Nazare is situated on the Praça Sousa Oliveira one of the central commerce squares on the sea front close to the safer swimming areas and the free to use tenths on the Nazare beach.
The Ice creme parlour serves a large offer of Italian Ice cream dishes, ice cream cones and home made wafers in many variations accompanied by delicious sauces, fresh cream or a large fruit selection. It’s a very popular spot for both locals and tourists with a great price / quality balance and a very helpful and friendly staff and atmosphere.

All the ice cream, wafers and pancakes are self made.

The owner Carlos who became an Ice cream maker 40 years ago, after starting at the age of seven, started the parlour 18 years ago and you can certainly taste the professionalism, dedication and talent in the ice cream!

Il Ancora Nazare also serves pizza’s, coffees, drinks and snacks.



Sao Martinho do Porto

Sao Martinho do Porto is situated on a quiet bay not far from Caldas da Rainha. It is a small town very popular for beach days and beach holidays due to it’s large beaches and safe bay waters. Which make it a favourite place for parents with kids. In the summer months Sao Martinho do Porto turns into a lively small beach resort with many restaurants, shops and lodgings, sights and activities for all ages, specifically the beach and surrounding landscape make it a very attractive place to visit. It is situated less than 100 km from Lisbon, 13km from Nazare and 25 from Alcobaca.

Salir do Porto

Salir do Porto is a small town famous for it’s more than 50 meter high dune. It is a couple of kilometers from the busy beach resort S. martinho do Porto and 5 km from the city of Caldas da Rainha.

The beach is large and on the bay that also goes into S. Martinho do Porto and it provides a lovely place for walking and swimming.
Salir do Porto is also famous for it’s thermes and many people will end a beach day at the terms by covering themselves in the healing clay sludge close to the therms and than emerging in the thermal waters known to heal skin desease and Rheuma.

The views from Salir do Porto are magnificant. A place well worth visiting!


Ballooning Portugal, Central Portugal

Experience the sky in a peaceful, slow moving way with a company that has more than 30 years experience organizing balloon trips internationally and in the centre of Portugal, at various starting points in Portugal.

We no longer work with Coruche but provide flights all over Portugal including central Portugal.
Prices vary based on availability and start at 140 euro per person or 750 euro for an exclusive flight.
Reserve using the form or call us. This activity requires full payment up to 72 hours before the reservation date.

Ballooning in PortugalRead more about Balloon rides in Portugal and check other locations and prices.

For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865

Restaurante Sete Saias, Nazaré

[tab name=”Informações”]
Nazaré é uma antiga Vila de pescadores situada na costa oeste na região centro de Portugal. A antiga aldeia piscatória cresceu de forma rápida te foi elevada a Vila, muito orgulhosa, tendo sempre mantido as suas antigas tradições ate aos dias de hoje.
A Vila da Nazaré ganhou reputação Internacional graças ao surf e as suas ondas enormes, na “Praia do Norte” tendo alcançado a maior onda alguma vez surfada e criado o maior recorde atualmente detido pelo surfista Havaiano Garrett McNamara em 2014.

A Nazaré é um paraíso para a pratica de surf mas também é ótima para umas ferias em família na praia, nas praias a sul da “praia do Norte”.

Um dos primeiros e bons restaurantes que encontramos na Nazaré tem o nome de uma das tradições que se encontram na Nazaré, as “Sete Saias”, usadas tradicionalmente pelas senhoras da Nazaré. A mulher tradicional da Nazaré ainda hoje as usa e poderá encontra-las um pouco por toda a Vila, especialmente as varinas e vendedoras ambulantes que vendem tremoços no verão ou castanhas no inverno, a comer juntas nos restaurantes tradicionais ou a caminhar pelas ruas. Outras são donas de apartamentos e podem se encontrar nas ruas com as suas placas de publicidade de aluguer de apartamentos e outras são donas de restaurantes.
Estas são as mulheres que ficavam em terra a trabalhar enquanto esperavam com esperança o regresso dos maridos pescadores que se faziam ao mar para pescar e desta forma ganharem o seu sustento.
O Inverno na Nazaré pode ser frio e a tradição das Sete Saias também contribuiu em muito para dar fama a Nazaré.

O restaurante Sete Saias presta homenagem através do seu nome a esta tradição que continua a prevalecer, e a proprietária veste as sete Saias com grande um inquestionável orgulho.

O restaurante serve peixe fresco vindo diretamente do Mar, bem como vários outros pratos de carne tradicionais Portugueses bem conhecidos. Este não é um restaurante da linha costeira com vista para o mar, mas para as gentes locais as quais não dão importância de não ter vista para o mar, este restaurante é o local ideal para ir comer algo especial. A comida é de excelente qualidade tal como a ementa. O restaurante é muito agradável e bem decorado, o pessoal muito prestável e o ambiente é autentico. Ótimo local a visitar e um autentico restaurante Nazareno onde ir comer!
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Foz do Arelho beach

Foz do Arelho is a long beach that follows the water inland around the lagoa do Obidos (Lagoon of Obidos).

It is situated 8km form the city of caldas de Rainha in Central Portugal on what is known as the Silver coast. Foz do Arelho was always mainly known as a holiday resort for the Portuguese gentry possibly because of it’s long beaches that slightly land inwards create perfect spots for swimming even when the ocean water will not allow. We found it a very nice beach for parents as swimming conditions are slightly safer than the ‘currenty’ coastline and the large wide beaches give plenty of space to relax in a private atmosphere,

Foz do Arelho has some nice restaurants and café’s and a reasonable offer of pleasant accommodation.

They are a lot of activities around Foz do Arelho that we will be adding to our site soon!



Pastelaria Oliveira Batalha

Pastelaria Oliveira Batalha was established 40 years ago in the centre of Batalha and has been serving it’s customers regional and national pastry specialities ever since!

Pastelaria Oliveira Batalha is as close as you will get to real Portuguese Grande cafe in the centre of Batalha. It was established 40 years ago and still holds the original charm and ambiance of the era with grace.
They have a large selection of regional delicacies on offer, great coffee and drinks that can be enjoyed inside in it’s spacious, light filled décor or on the large terrace in the pedestrian centre of Batalha.

Both the pastelaria and terrace give a perfect view of the Batalha monastery.

The atmosphere is one of relaxation and service and it’s a perfect place to meet with friends, enjoy a good coffee or other drink and taste some regional excellence.



Restaurante La Bella Tomar

[tab name=”Informações”]
Restaurante Italiano La Bella Tomar, é o melhor restaurante para comer uma refeição tradicional Italiana, num ambiente em vogue, moderno e Internacional. Situado na rua mais proeminente de Tomar no antigo centro histórico da cidade, na Rua Serpa Pinto, o restaurante La Bella é gerido por uma equipa Internacional e oferece comida de alta qualidade e um bom serviço a qualquer momento depois do meio dia e durante todo o ano.
A proprietária, Chefe Florbela, fala fluentemente Alemão, Italiano e Português.
Neste restaurante é tudo acerca de Pizza culinária, pasta anti pasta, sendo tudo devidamente confecionado de forma perfeita.
O Menu é Inovador e variado, os preços são um pouco mais caros que os preços grande maioria dos restaurantes típicos em Tomar, no entanto, a proprietária acredita na qualidade, na frescura dos produtos de qualidade superior e em cozinhar de forma excelente, bons vinhos para acompanhar num ambiente trendy e confortável que contrasta na perfeição com a atmosfera histórica e medieval da cidade.

O restaurante Italiano La Bella em Tomar é moderno, inovador e confortável, faz dos almoços e jantares refeições perfeitas. Pode escolher a esplanada com vista para o Castelo de Tomar (Convento do Cristo) que se debruça do alto da colina sobre a Praça principal ou poderá sentar-se na pequena rua histórica ou na rua principal com acesso só para peões.
No interior do restaurante onde também poderá comer e socializar, as decorações a preto e branco contrastam com as vibrantes cores dos pratos aqui servidos com todo o requinte, de uma forma subtil e com ênfase no que é verdadeiramente importante neste restaurante!
Embora o restaurante La Bella tenha recebido recentemente um par de avaliações menos positivas no Tripadvisor, nós perguntámos a um Italiano amigo que aqui comeu (como incógnito) recentemente, e ele foi muito positivo em relação à qualidade da comida, ao serviço e ao preço(Junho de 2014), por isso sugerimos que vá experimentar!
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Quartos para ferias, Sete Saias Nazare

[tab name=”Informações”]
Apartamento ou quartos para ferias, Sete Saias Nazare com casa de banho privada e vista para o mar na Nazaré
Os alojamentos, apartamentos e quartos Sete Saias no centro da famosa estância de ferias da Nazaré, no distrito de Leiria consiste de 5 quartos independentes com casa de banho privativa e uma belíssima cozinha comum. Um estúdio tem uma cozinha e casa de banho privadas.

O apartamento e os quartos estão muito bem decorados e equipados, e dispõem de um terraço com uma ótima vista completa para a margina, para a praia e para o oceano Atlântico.
Os apartamentos e quartos são propriedade privada e geridos com grande competência e atencao ao pormenor.
Extremamente limpo e cada apartamento e cada quarto dispõe de um armário com fecho. O terraço tem um grelhador pronto para ser usado para grelhar o peixe fresco vindo do mar!
O terraço é partilhado entre os vários quartos e cada dispõe da sua própria mesa e cadeiras com vista para o mar.

O apartamento e quartos estão localizados no centro da Nazaré, ideal pela proximidade da praia e da vida noturna desta encantadora vila de pescadores e paraíso para surfistas!
Para mais informações ou reservas use o nosso live chat!

[tab name=”Preços”]
Entre 30 a 50 euros por noite dependendo da época e do tipo de quarto
Por favor use o nosso live chat para saber dos preços mais baixos e fazer reservas!
Serviços e amenidades

– Casa de banho privada
– Cozinha privada do estúdio ou partilhada dos quartos
– Ascensor
– Televisão em todos os quartos e apartamentos
– Terraço partilhado com mesa e cadeiras privadas
– Vista frontal para o mar
– Grelhador
– Cozinha totalmente equipada
– Maquina de lavar roupa
– Roupa de cama e toalhas ao dispor
– Centro da Nazaré
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Restaurant Sete Saias, Nazare

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Nazare is an old fishing village on the west coast of Central Portugal. It’s a village which has grown into a small town but it has always kept it’s village traditions, very proudly, up to this day.
The town has gained international fame thanks to it’s high surfing waves which on a Northern beach above Nazare, “Praia do Norde” reached the highest waves ever surfed and created a new world record held by Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara in 2014.

Nazare is a surfers paradise but it’s also a very nice place for a family beach holiday on the beaches south of the “praia do Norde”.

One of the first really good restaurants we found in Nazare has the name of a tradition that exists only in Nazare and it is the tradition of the “Sete Saias” which means seven petticoats. The traditional woman in Nazare still wear these and you’ll meet them everywhere selling traditional beans called Tremoco or in winter castanje, eating with each other at traditional restaurants or walking together on the streets. Others own restaurants or have apartments for rent.
These where the woman who stayed behind when the husband went fishing, they made a life on the land until their husbands returned, if they returned.
They wore seven petticoats which translates to “Sete saias” because winters in Nazare can be cold and it’s a tradition that has made Nazare very famous.

The restaurant pays homage to it’s name and this still existing tradition as the owner wears the petticoats with an unquestioned and proud prevelance.

The restaurant serves fresh fish straight from the sea as well as many well known Portuguese meat dishes. It’s not a coastline restaurant with a view of the beach but for the locals it’s the place to eat when you want something special and don’t care to much about the view. The food is excellent as is the menu. The restaurant is very nicely decorated, staff is great and ambience authentic. Place to visit and an authentic local, place to eat!
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Restaurant La Bella Tomar

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Restaurant La Bella in the centre of Tomar is the best place to eat traditional Italian food in a trendy, modern and international atmosphere. Situated on the most prominent street of the old historical centre, the Rua Serpa Pinto, restaurant La Bella is run by an international team offering high quality food and service at any time of day after 12 the entire year round.
The owner speaks fluent German, Italian and Portuguese.
Culinary Pizza, pasta and anti pasta is what this restaurant is about, all cooked in the perfect way.
The menu is varied and innovative and prices are a little higher than most typical restaurants in Tomar but the owner believes in quality, freshness and cooking excellence as well as good wines and a comfortable, trendy atmosphere that contrast the historical and medieval atmosphere of the city perfectly.

La Bella restaurant Tomar makes for perfect lunches and dinners where in the summer on the terrace you can choose to view the Tomar castle (Convento do Christo) embracing the main square below or you can sit in the little historical side street, where no traffic, other than the pedestrian may pass.
The restaurants black and white interior is where you, the eater and socializer, provides the colour that accompanies the vibrant colours of the dishes served, a lovely and subtle emphasis on what this restaurant is all about!
Even though La Bella has gotten some minor bad reviews on Tripadvisor lately, we asked an Italian friend to eat here, incognito, and he was more than positive about the food (june 2014), so we suggest try it!
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Self catering accommodation Sete Saias, Nazare

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Lovely self catering rooms with private bathroom and a sea view in Nazare
The self catering accommodation Sete Saias in the centre of the famous beach resort Nazare, Leiria district consists of 5 seperate rooms with private bathroom and a shared kitchen and one studio with private bathroom and private kitchen.

The appartement is very well equiped and nicely decorated and all rooms open to the large sea front terrace that gives full view of the boulevard, beach and ocean.
The appartments are privately owned and run with great care and attention to detail.
Th appartement is immaculately clean and each room has access to a private cupboard with lock. The terrace has a barbecue for grilling the fresh fish as it comes from the sea!
The terrace is shared among all the rooms but each room has it’s own private table and seating and each table has view of the sea.

The appartment is in the centre of Nazare and gives excellent access to the beach and the nightlive of this lovely fishing town and surfer’s paradise!
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30 -50 euro per night depending on season and room types
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Services and amenities

– Private bathroom
– Shared kitchen or private kitchen studio
– lift
– Television in all rooms
– Shared terrace with private tables
– Sea front view
– Barbecue
– Kitchen fully equiped
– Washing machine
– Towels and sheets provided
– Centre of Nazare
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