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The Serra da Arrabida natural park, 30 KM from Lisbon!

Where is the Serra da Arrabida?

The Serra da Arrabida is 30 Km south of Lisbon city. It is a natural park of great beauty. Mountainous landscapes alternate with long sandy beaches.
It has breathtaking views over the sea, vineyards, wild life, beaches and tourism.
It is indeed the perfect location for adventure and leisure.

Arribida road

An idyllic spot on the Arrabida Coastline

Towns in the Serra da Arrabida

In addition to the wonderful landscape there are three main towns of interest. These are Palmela. Setubal and Sesimbra.


Palmela is best known for its wines and castle. The castle dates back to the Moorish before the reconquest of 1147 when Portugal became a country. The views from the castle stretch from Lisbon and the tagus river to the North to Setubal and the Sado estuary to the south.

Palmela is part of the Setubal wine region and hold the headquarters for the Setubal wine route. The headquarters located in a recovered wine cellar are an interesting place by themselves to visit and receive information about the wine route.


View of the Palmela landscape


Setúbal town is the capital of the Setúbal district. It is a thriving town once a fishing village. Setúbal is mostly known for it harbour and boating options. The waters are home to the last remaining bottle nose dolphins in Portugal and you will find much of the town an ode to this wonderful creature. Therefore, when visiting Setubal a dolphin watch is a very advisable activity. Setúbal has many lovely sea food restaurants and a bustling city atmosphere, its is also the port to Troia, a beach paradise on the opposite side of the river.


Setubal, The port to Troia, Dolphins and fish


On the outermost western point of the Arrabida, you will find Sesimbra, a lively beach town crowned by another interesting castle. Sesimbra is mostly famous for its long, sandy beach and restaurant boulevard. It has some lovely hotels facing the sea front and is the starting point for many of the water and land activities available in the Arrabida. Some of the sports to consider in this area are kayaking, boating, beach games and olympics, jeep safaris, diving, SUP and surf as well as many others.


Sesimbra, castle and beaches. The utmost west point of the serra

Beaches, mountains and unique vegetation in one of the main wine regions of Portugal

Castelo and Pousada Pamela

View from the Palmela castle

Castle and Pousada hotel of Palmela

The highest point of the Serra da Arrabida is at 501 Meter. It is home to many bird and wildlife species. It has some of the best views on the continent, its beaches are soft sanded and the water warmer and stiller than its neighboring West Atlantic coast.

Human habitation have been found right back to the Phoenicians and Romans.

Along the coastline  between, Setubal and Sesimbra, there are many idyllic beaches. Some of the beaches have easy access whereas others are more hidden and private.

Arrabida Beaches

The beaches seen from the mountain

Portinha do Arrabida

For a lazy swimming, eating and relaxing afternoon Portinha da Arrabida is a must visit. The small fishing village on the shore of Arrabida is one of the most aesthetically pleasing villages in the area. It has a few really great sea food restaurants all with terraces sharing the towns amazing views. Reservation for any of the restaurants is advised as it is favourite spot for locals and visitors alike.

Portinha da Arrabida

Portinha da Arrabida, an small village right on the beach!

Wines of the Arrabida slopes are some of the finest in Portugal

The Setubal wine district is a  famous wine producing districts of Portugal.

On the higher slopes of the Serra da Arrabida, you will find the vines used for the production of Setubal wine.

Vineyard Arrabida

The vineyards are high placed on the mountains

The Arrabida provides adventure!

For individual and group travel, the arrabida has a lot to offer.

The Arrabida

The Arrabida., a place where busy beaches alternate almost deserted spots!

Things to do in the Arrabida, Active, wines, Relaxation


First of all Coasteering is a great activity in this area. Made for adventure seekers it is the only place in Portugal to do coasteering using slides. As a result this exciting and fun sport consist of climbing, sliding and water submersions. It is a perfect sport for beginning and advanced climbers.

Coastering Arrabida a 30 kms de Lisboa

Read more about coasteering in the Arrabida >>

Speleology or Caving

Speleology and caving The Arrabida has many caves to explore. The most noteworthy ones are open for exploration. This high fear factor sport can be done with a group of professional cavers in the Arrabida.

Caving Lisbon

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Dolphin watching and boat tours

As mentioned Dolphin watching is one of the reasons many travel long distances to the Arrabida is to see its friendly bottle nose dolphins. There are various ways to view them and many trips organized on rubber boats, catamarans and sailing vessels for different group types and preferences

Dolphin watching Sado estuary

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Dolphin watching Troia

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Jeep safaris and challenges

The local landscape is wild and untamed, as a result access by jeep is the perfect way to discover. Jeep challenges and safaris are a favorite activity for team building and groups. This exciting way of travelling including a professional driver will show you parts of the Arrabida you would otherwise never see!

Arrabida Jeep Tours

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Wine tours

Famous for 2 wines the Setubal fotified Moscatel wine and the Palmela white and red, this tour porvides a unique opportunity to Go Discover the wine estate that create these wines for small to large groups this is a day full of impressions, beautiful landscapes, historical estates, regional dishes and of-course exceptional wines!

Read more about these tours here >>

Setubal wine discovery

Pirate challenge

By Boat Pirate challenges and speed boat tours in the Arrabida promise all round excitement!

Pirate challenge Lisbon

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Buggy tours

Passeos de buggy kart, Serra da Arrabida

An excellent way to discover the sandy paths of the mountainous park and its beaches difficult or impossible to access with other vehicles.

The facilities are within the Arrábida Natural Park. There is private parking, toilet and Women’s and men’s changing rooms, shaded areas and ambient music.

Read more and book them here >>


Kayaking in the Arrabida is excitement. The coastline has many caves and rocky inhams thus is perfect for kayak discoveries

Kayaking Arrabida, Lisbon

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Beach parties and events

Want to organize an event or almost private beach party? We have the perfect beach!
Beach events Sesimbra

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Others activities include guided hikes, scuba diving, wine tasting, and tours. Please enquire for possibilities.

Finally, the Arrabida is an amazing place to visit and explore. Easy to get to from Lisbon and a great place to stay.

Please use the form below to reserve, receive more information or ask questions.

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The Arrabida

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Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho, Cascais

Leaning over the Atlantic Ocean, the Fortaleza do Guincho welcomes a charming five star boutique hotel – integrated into in the prestigious Relais & Chateaux association – with a range of services that focus on the well being and peacefulness of the customers. The Hotel’s restaurant, awarded with a Michelin Star, offers an unforgettable dining experience of Portuguese cuisine, made from the finest national products. Located a few minutes from Lisbon, nowadays one of the most incredible cities of Europe, the Hotel Restaurante Fortaleza do Guincho was strategically built during the 17th century, close to the lighthouse of Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of mainland Europe.
The Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho has a warm and personalized service, making it the ideal place for a family holiday, board meetings or the perfect refuge for a romantic getaway. It has the perfect conditions for company meetings, special parties and events or banquets.

The inspiration that comes from the Sea
The philosophy is based and inspired by the Atlantic, the background setting of the Hotel. The best fish and seafood from the Portuguese coast as well as highest quality of national products are a constant on the Guincho table, honored and created in every dish, every season, recognized by national and international press and critics.
The fantastic location of the Restaurant, with amazing front views to the Atlantic Ocean and Cabo da Roca, is always there to inspire you.

The wine list is surely among the best offered in Portugal, covering wines from all over the world, all carefully chosen by Fortaleza ‘s sommelier. You will find both Bordeaux ‘s Grand Crus and “vins de boutique” made by talented and emerging Portuguese wine producers.

Open daily from 12:30pm to 3:00pm and from 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Gala Dinners up to 110 persons, Meetings and Work-Shops all are possibilities on the Medieval Room of the Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho. This unique meeting room offers a quite and exclusive ambiance and it´s total equipped to receive and response to all guest solicitations

Weddings and Family Events are also welcome. We created a variety of menus and possibilities that can adjusted to the expectations of our clients.The Pateo Room, located on the first floor is prepared for board meetings and has capacity for up to 16 persons with natural day light and wireless internet.

For other details, please use the reservation form or call us, 00351 918354714!

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RIB restaurant, Porto

The hottest, coolest, hippest food, drink and wine social hub in Porto. A true Beef Restaurant specializing in the freshest and tenderest marbled beef cuts, led by one of Portugal’s leading chefs, Rui Martins, an aficionado and connoisseur of the world of beef. Features a Mixology Bar and DJ Hub, with one of the most creative mixologists in Town. The over-100 references wine cellar offers a carefully selected portfolio of wines, some of them rare.

The RIB restaurant located right in the heart of Porto is famous both locally and internationally and it is a much loved restaurant for culinary feasts for beef and wine lovers. The views are amazing and for a slightly larger budget this is a must eat restaurant!

Reservation is advised!

For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865



Skydive Évora, Go Discover Alentejo from the Sky!

Skydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive EvoraSkydive Evora

Skydive in Évora just another great reason to visit In an earlier article we informed you about the many reasons you may have to visit the lovely old city of Évora, when visiting Portugal. However another more modern and dynamic reason could be to skydive with the first and oldest established Skydive company in Portugal, Skydive Portugal!


Skydive Portugal was the first company to introduce Skydiving in Portugal and currently its one of the most popular skydiving schools offering courses, jumps and tandem jump at various heights up to the extreme jump at 5000 meters.
2 of our team had the joy to try a tandem jump at 5000 meters, neither had ever jumped before and the Skydive Portugal team took great care of their experience, teaching them techniques and informing them extensively about what to expect from this unique experience.
Skydive is possible in Portugal for anybody with good health and above the age of 16 (until 18 with parental consent), the height chosen for the dive determines its difficulty level and length and people who are slightly nervous about jumping can start at 3000 meter.

Skydive is also popular as a team building sport. Groups of up to 10 will take turns going up in 2 planes and each team member will jump a tandem jump attached to an experienced and fully licensed tandem skydive parachutist. This team building is great for building stamina, perseverance and to help team members overcome fear and gain personal confidence as well as promoting team spirit.

How does it work?

On arrival 30 minutes before the jump, each participant will be equipped with a jumping suit and the harness which attaches to the parachutist.
Participants are briefed about the jump, techniques to use and they will be informed on what to expect.
after the briefing members embark the plane and in the plane they will be partnered with their instructor and attached to his or her harness.
After reaching the desired height teams of instructor and student leave the plane one by one.
For several minutes you will free fall and experience the energy of a skydive.
After the skydive the parachute is launched and you will slowly glide your way back to earth. During this you will be able to direct and navigate the parachute together with the instructor.
Your landing is done by the instructor and you will hold your feet of the ground!

Our Go Discover team at first slightly nervous, enjoyed every second of this amazing experience!

Need us to help you plan your trip? Its free, no spam, no added costs, no obligations! Call 00351 918354714  or use the following form.

Read more about Evora

Use this form to request information or reserve a jump. You will be contacted by one of our team members to check availability and answer any queries
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Restaurant Monte Mar, Cascais

The restaurant combines its privileged location on Guincho road, over the Atlantic, with fresh food straight from the ocean. From hake fillets with cockle rice to seafood cataplana, as well as the fantastic fried liver Portuguese style, all dishes are rich in flavor and freshness, served in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Good food… Good times…

This restaurant with its privileged location on the untamed Guincho coast just out of the the town of Cascais, has been one of the more famous locations in Portugal for fresh seafood for decades and it is loved under locals and visitors to the Cascais area. It has a large capacity making it the perfect location for group dining or celebrations. To receive group menu’s please call us or use the below form.

Reservation is advised!

For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865



Go Discover Cascais, the heart of the Portuguese Riviera!


Cascais once a quiet fishing village that has become the booming tourism heart of the coast line close to Lisbon known as the Portuguese Riviera!

Cascais is located on the Estoril coast also known as the Portuguese Riviera and its just 30 KM from Lisbon. It is a charming old fishing town that has become the spot for luxury tourism, beach holidays, active water holidays and nature discoveries.

The town has a lovely small center with many beaches within walking distance and many pedestrian streets with a large offer of restaurants, bars and designer shops to make any holiday an enjoyable occasion for all.

Cascais is also a favourite spot for surfers from all over the world that visit it for its most western beach, the Guincho beach. A large beach on the west coast that provides perfect conditions for various sports, surfing, kite surfing and fishing , its location is in the Sintra natural park which is a protected natural park between Cascais and Sintra 20km North of Cascais.

Cascais has direct public transport to Lisbon and the other coastal towns of interest, Estoril, Carcavelo and Oeiras and it has a sea side boulevard that stretches from Estoril to Guincho beach.

Guincho beach
Cascais has an above average quantity of 4 and 5 star hotels most overlooking its magnificent coast line. Its also home to some of the most famous of Portuguese restaurants, some of which need to be booked months in advance to guarantee a place.

Guincho, the wild west coastline

Other than the great swimming beaches along the Cascais bay, Cascais has a long stretch along the west coast called Guincho. Here the sea is wilder and the beaches are longer. This area is also a natural park and home to many of the natural species and plants that you will find along the Portuguese coast.
Guincho coastline

For site seeing Guincho offers some nice coastline natural monuments of which the Boca do Inferno (mouth of hell) is just 1.5 KM from Cascais centre The Boca do Inferno is a small cave caused by the pounding of the waves into the cliff formation. In winter when the tides are most rough it is at its most impressive when the high waves crash into the rocks making a loud sound of thunder. There is a stairway down the cliff to view the cave from different angles.

Boca do Inferno Cascais

Guincho is also famous for its fantastic offer of seafood restaurants of which Monte mar, Furnas do Guincho and O Faroleiro are the most famous.

Some of the best things to do in Cascais other than discovering its many beaches and strolling through its historical commercial shopping center, marina or parks are SUP paddle surf, Scuba diving try dives and leisure diving, Kart and Quad bike tours, paragliding, bike tours, horseriding, golf, surf and kite surf, sailing, fishing, speed boat tours, wine tasting and workshops for groups, jeep tours.

Check out some of its possibilities here >>

Quad Bike Tour Cascais ou Sintra


Need us to help you plan your trip? Its free, no spam, no added costs, no obligations! Call 00351 918354714  or use the following form.


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Ecork spa hotel & suites, Évora

Ecorkhotel, Évora – Suites & Spa is the most recent 4 star superior hotel in the Évora region of Alentejo. This eco-hotel has 56 private suites with 70m2 each, surrounded by centenary olive trees, holm trees and cork trees. It features a modern design, a contemporary & relaxing ambiance in Alentejo’s landscape and is located 5 minutes away from Évora city center, ideal to avoid daily routines, to make a weekend getaway, to have some family time or to have a calm and relaxing stay during a business trip.

This hotel is the first of its kind to be certified in Portugal as an Eco-hotel, it is also a retreat with peace and quiet in the amazing Alentejo countryside, with full facilities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pool, Spa, restaurant, bars, and yet with easy access to a variety of award wining wine estates and Évora City a World Heritage City by UNESCO, Pre-Historic caves, the lakes of Alqueva & Estremoz, various Roman Temples, Evora Cathedral, São Francisco Church, Evora Museum, Foundation Eugenio de Almeida, and many more…

Read about Evora >>

We helo plan your entire stay or parts of it, team building, private or corporate event! Use our  free travel planning service, Get tips and advice or book this hotel. call 00351 918354714

We provide lowest prices for groups with personal service, no fees or obligations

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Cross country Buggy Kart cross Montargil, Alto Alentejo

Buggy Kart cross Montargil is a fantastic, energetic and fun way to discover the beautiful lake shores, Alentejo landscape and rural surroundings of Montargil through the sandy roads and cross country inaccessible with regular transports.

Montargil in upper Alentejo is a small town on one of Alentejo nicest lakes caused by the damming it is surrounded by sandy paths and natural landscapes with views and adventures not accesible by car. For this experience buggy kart creates a openair adventure through these surroundings.

Buggy Kart cross Montargil a fast and fun activity for anybody from the age of 4 upwards (passenger!) The Kart cross is organized in Montargil, lower Alentejo and Fronteira.
Drivers need to have a valid driving license!

It´s a popular activity so book on time!

There are different tours available including the gastronomy tour, the cork tour, the heritage tour and custom tours prices start at 90 euro per buggy for 2 people / 90 Euro per buggy for 1 person per hour per buggy 80 Euro.

montargilbuggy kart price table 2018

Enquire for more info!

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