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Beach Olympics, Arrabida, Lisbon

Beach olympics Lisbon

Beach Olympics, Arrabida, Lisbon

30 KM from Lisbon city is the most amazing natural park of Arrabida, a place of mountains and beaches, wildlife and nature and a park perfect for adventurous team building and group celebration activities for all ages, exciting and challenging or peaceful and relaxing.

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The Olympic Games are an event of meeting, unity and competitiveness, and that is the spirit present in this activity. Several games or “modalities” will be set in space, and after the construction of the flag that represents each team and ignited the Olympic flame, the teams will seek the best results in each of the group dynamic games. In the end, the Olympic Records and the team with the best performance will be awarded.

Draught of activities

Start of the activity
At the first stage of the game the participants will be awarded cards and various materials to each team to create a flag that will identify each team throughout every game. In this race all teams will have to be Creative.

Start of the Olympic Games
Upon completion of the flags all teams must present themselves aligned to watch the lighting of the Olympic torch.
Note: the torch lighting ceremony will be held by the head of the company or department or a person chosen by your group.

Start of the Competition

Now each team needs to try to have the best possible results in each of the tests.
Goal: All teams will aim to get the best score possible. To acquire points, the teams will have to go through the different tests that will be presented to them.

Teams move freely through the different games scattered across the beach and can not participate more than once in the same game without having done the rest.

Structure Activity

Participants will be divided into groups depending on total group size.

Each team will have your flag, previously prepared by them, and will have the opportunity to parade before the other teams.

Up to 8 games will be organized on the beach.

The games have varying numbers of participants and teams. Not all the team have to participate in all games.

Games with different degrees of difficulty and intensity.

A relaxed atmosphere will be vital where fun and games make a rewarding day.

Games possible:

Crazy Ski

In this task participants will use two ski boards up to 3 people each, to cross a path in which they will have to be picked up the maximum possible number of balls. A coordination game that guarantees a lot of fun to those who participate or for those who just watch.

Traction Rope

This game is a measurement of forces between two teams. Each team should pull the rope with all his elements, causing the opposing team to be dragged to his field. It is a show of force game where the teams will get to know who is the strongest !!!

Courier of Water

The goal of this game is to fill a container of water, within a time limit. For that, the teams have a leaky bucket that should fill with water (of the sea) and transport to the location of the storage container. After the 1st transport each team member will have to pass the baton (leaky bucket) to the next team member.

Human Aqueduct

It is a hot day and the water comes from far away. Using pipes the teams have to build an aqueduct and pass from one end to the other, water will fill a container. The goal is to fill as much as possible within the time limit.

Blind Herd

The teams choose a leader (or pastor), or is randomly chosen. The remaining team members are tied together and blindfolded. The leader will have a musical instruments, and will fit you the task of guiding the group through an obstacle course using signals.

Beach Volleyball

The teams will compete in a beach volleyball game to get many points as possible.

Crazy Game

In this task participants will have to perform a number of tasks with their heads resting on a stake and than they will run to kick a ball which is a few meters ahead, with the intention to score a goal.


In this game you will work with a courier in kayak, where participants have to work together to solve the game, team work & coordination is the clue to success this game.

Ending of the activity

The score cards will be collected from the teams, in order to establish results.
The teams will make the parade, ending in front of the tent so that the results are given.
The ceremony consist of the giving of results and awarding of prizes (symbolic prize), for the teams that scored higher.
NOTE: Team prizes will be provided by Cercizimbra and the value of these returns to this institution.

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