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Beating the summer heat! How to keep Cool in Portugal


The summers in Portugal are hot, medium hot to very hot and most Portuguese will not be seen outdoors between 12h00 and 17h00 but you’re on holiday and sitting inside is not your plan this article gives tips on how the beat the summer heat with many options on how to keep Cool in Portugal without locking yourself inside!

The hottest months in Portugal are July and August, also the months of biggest tourism boom. People burning their white skins to a blistery red or walking their way up mountains in the mid of the day heat. When you know what to do there are plenty of way to pass even the hottest afternoons with great activities.

Obviously getting yourself into to the water (which is generally quite cool in Portugal) is a way of cooling down but unless you plan to spend 4 hours submerged you may want to choose something less strenuous.
How you can keep cool depends where you are in Portugal. Make sure that with any outdoor activity you protect your head and skin from the invasive sun!

On the coast

Go Surf! Portugal is famous for its surfing waves and along the coast you will find many very capable surfing schools that will teach you surfing at any age or level of experience.
Surf has extended to other types from paddlesurf for all to kite surf for the real daredevil check them out here

SUP Paddlesurf Algarve

Surfing in Portugal >>


On the coast and inland
In the Algarve, Lisbon and Madeira, a perfect coastline exists for a new sport that is both exciting and active and based on the principals of cooling down in the rolling waves of the Atlantic ocean. It is called coasteering and a great way to spend any time of day or year climbing along the rocks of the coastline and jumping into the water under guidance of a coasteering professional and using the proper material to ensure safety for any participant without age limits, the only necessity is to be able to climb short bits and swim. Read more about this sport here


Coasteering and Canyoning >>

In the same article you will canyoning practised in the North of Portugal close to Geres or Porto and the island of Madeira and the Azores.

Inland Portugal and the Islands, Canyoning
Canyoning resembles coasteering but it is done inland in the canyons and it entails the acts of wading through watery canyons and abseiling down waterfalls again under the guidance of an experienced instructor and adjusted to any level of experience.


Get yourself high up in air! higher is cooler and exciting Go for a first time or repeat Tandem Skydive at one of the many locations in Portugal where you can do this!
Attached to an experienced instructor you will feel safe and you can enjoy the bird views while he or she does the work!

tandem skydive Aeródromo de Figueira dos Cavaleiros

Find where you can do this in Portugal >>


Inland and shore Canoeing and kayaking
Portugals incredibly long coastline and its many inland lakes and rivers create many opportunity for kayaking, kayaking schools and kayak rent. We provide many possibilities all over Portugal for this sport.

Kayaking tous Alqueva

Find different kayaking possibilities all over Portugal >>


Scuba diving
Completely submerge yourself by trying your first scuba dive in the cool Portuguese waters, try dives are a great way to get acquainted with this sport as you go out on a boat and are accompanied on a one to one basis by an instructor who after the initial briefing will take you into the water on your first dive.

Please read more about scuba diving how and where here >>

Scuba diving Peniche


Flyboard, hoverboard and jetpack coast and shore
Want to do something that reminds of flying, diving, swimming all at the same time? Try any of the new sports Flyboard, hoverboard or jetpack in the Algarve or one hour from Lisbon (Groups anywhere)

Flyboard Portugal

Read about flyboard >>
Get yourself into a wine cellar!
Visit a wine cellar and relax! Not everyone wants to jump from an airplane, climb rocks or brave the waves specifically for these people who prefer relaxation Portugal has many cool wine cellars cool to keep and age the wines well but secretly also to provide the wine drinker a secluded and breezy location for wine drinking!

Tour & wine tasting Arraiolos

Find a wine cellar and a pleasant owner willing to share the finest with you >>

Note* All our activities are fully licensed and under the guidance of experienced professionals!

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