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Best team building suggestions for large groups in Lisbon

Large team building events Lisbon

Trying to organize a team building in Lisbon for large groups can be a challenge, a lot of our team building activities are suitable for groups of up to 120 but above that options get less..
Any city will limit your options when it comes to team building for any large group, Lisbon with its narrow streets and old buildings maybe be even more at first sight but getting to know the infra structures better  and understanding the offer there appear plenty of options for your group to team build together,

To experience a great team building day together in Lisbon, this article provides some suggestions that may be useful for your large group event in Lisbon. For customized solutions, please use the contact form below or call us, we will help you plan your best imaginable Lisbon team break!

The larger the group the more difficult it seems to find team building activities that will be effective or possible for your group, certain activities in public areas will require licenses and police and fire brigade presence and these activities need to be planned on time.
Activities that don’t require this are activities in spaces or with companies that are already licensed and equipped to handle larger groups.

Our most popular team building activities for large groups!

Some of the activities available to larger groups traveling to Lisbon

Active adventure

Are you looking for something exciting and active for your group, Lisbon has plenty on offer with a transfer you can travel up to 30KM from Lisbon to explore a whole new world of adventure, challenge and fun that will leave a lasting impression on your team!

Jeep challenge – winter & summer

Arrabida Jeep Tours

A jeep challenge is an activity offered in various locations around Lisbon, 2 of the most famous are the Sintra natural park or the Arrabida natural park both roughly 30km from lisbon. This activity is possible for groups of up to 200 people. This activity can be done at any time of year and does not require psychical effort. The activity splits groups into teams which than compete with each other while solving problems and challenges using a cross country jeep driven by a professional driver.
Maximum capacity: 200
Prices from: 45€ per person

Read more about this activity >>


Speed boat regattas & pirate challenges Tagus all year round, sea limited to weather and sea conditions and unlikely from November to March

Pirate challenge Lisbon

Speed boat races and pirate challenges are another fun way of getting out of the city unto the waters of Portugal close to Lisbon. These can be done either in the Tagus starting 4 KM from the centre of Lisbon or on the coast of Sesimbra 30 KM from Lisbon
Minimum group size: 20
Maximum group size: 160
Speed boat challenges and regattas >>

Sailing regattas winter & summer

Sailing Portugal Velas a Bordo

For groups of up to 200 pax sailing regattas are a really exciting way to team build on the Tagus river in Lisbon. The regattas can be conducted in various size boats that will compete with each other in a real life sailing regatta accompanied by experienced skippers, support boats and support teams. This is another activity that creates a fun competitive and challenging environment that is suitable to any age group and physique.
Group size up to 200
Read more about the sailing regattas here >>

Indoor & Outdoor challenges Lisbon City

Make your own TV commercial combined indoor/outdoor activity

Faça o seu comercial de TV em evento Team Building

For groups of up to 600 participants this is the most fun and creative way of getting your team involved with your product by challenging them to create a TV commercial to promote it, your company or your services in a fun and competitive environment. The space we conduct this workshop in depends on your group size and budget but can be at various locations in Lisbon and for large groups can be conducted in one of Lisbon most emblematic cinemas. This workshop is fully customized to your companies needs and one of the most popular indoor activities we organize at the moment.
This activity can be customized to a film / soap / video making activity in which each team member receives a role.
Minimum group size: 30
Maximum group size: 600
Where: defined by group size and budget

Read more about the TV commercial team building here >>

Dragons den indoor

Dragons den is a new activity by Go Discover Portugal. It challenges the commercial capacities of your team in dragons den style. A panel of managers will challenge the different teams in their group to create a new product for the company that will be pitched before them by each team, the winning product and team will be rewarded with prizes.
For details please use the contact form or call us.

Wine blending, bottling and labeling

Wine events Lisbon

We are experienced with groups of up to 350 pax from all walks of life, ages and personal preferences

For groups of up to 160 participants, the wine blending workshops in some of the wine farms around Lisbon are a great way to have a team bonding and relaxing event that takes place in the “real” Portugal. At a wine producing farm, one of the ones we work with that have capacity for larger groups, your group can take in the old cultural Portuguese atmosphere while taking part in the production and consumption of one of its best produce, Portuguese wine!
Portuguese wine workshops >>

Other possibilities for large groups, canoing and kayaking up to 400, beach Olympics and games in the Arrabida up to 300, painting and grafitti workshops.
Group activities that require licenses, peddy paper for large groups, beach Olympics and beach activities for large groups in Lisbon, outdoor activities in parks, squares and other public areas in Lisbon for large groups. Licenses are not difficult to get but require early booking! Need hotels to accommodate your large group and event?

We provide custom planning services for corporate travel all over Portugal, For more information or custom solutions, please use the following form or call us on 00351 918354714!

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Best team building suggestions for large groups in Lisbon

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