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Adventures in the Algarve! Find the best things to do in the Algarve

The Algarve is the district most south on the Portuguese mainland. It stretches from the west coast, along the south coast and borders with Spain to the east.

It has a cliff coastline with sandy beaches, fishing towns and holiday resorts, its warm climate and sun bathed beaches make it one of the most popular areas of Portugal for tourism.

It also has areas that are undiscovered, hidden paradises and exciting activities away from the crowds.

In this article we want to highlight some of the more interesting things to do in the Algarve for those seeking adventure experiences in the Algarve!

Flying high in the Algarve!

Skydive in Portimão

Skydive tandem parachuting Portimão

Portimao is the largest town in the west of the Algarve and with its many beaches, its old fishing village center and its scenic promenade make it a much loved town for visits and holidays.
Its small airport make it the perfect location for air adventures of which skydive has to be the most adventurous! For beginners above the age of 16 various companies provide tandem jumps at any time of the year if the weather conditions allow. The entire experience starts with a briefing and a fitting of the equipment. A small plane takes you and your instructor to the chosen height after which you simply jump out of the plane! This is a first class adrenaline experience giving the most amazing views of the beachy coastline!

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Bungee jump water touch

Bungee Jumping Portugal

Albufeira, a former small fishing village, can be considered the hearth of Algarvian tourism. Its long beaches, large selection of resorts, restaurants and activities make it one of the most popular places to visit. In the marina opened in 2017 a new activity that is fast becoming of the most popular adrenaline kicks available in the Algarve! Bungy jump water touch is based on the traditional bungee experience with a difference, it is conducted above water and as you fall you will dive into the water of the marina.
You determine yourself how deep you want to go or if you prefer to stay above water the jump will be adjusted. It is possible to bungee jump alone or in a tandem jump either with an instructor or a friend.

Read and book your bungee jump experience on Go Discover! >>

Paragliding in the Algarve

Paragliding Algarve

The only way to fly without the help of a motor is to paraglide. In the Algarve this activity is practiced along the coast on days that the wind conditions are optimal and provide a safe environment for this sport.
The paragliding experiences are conducted in a 2 seater paraglider together with an instructor pilot. Not for the meek this activity is another exciting way to fly and observe the Algarve from the silence of the sky!

Paragliding Algarve >>

Ballooning in the Algarve

A luxury addition to viewing the Algarve from the sky is a private balloon flight. This activity is suitable for all ages and does not require any physical exertion from the participants.  The location off the balloon flights always depends on the wind as does the landing and during the summer months the flights can only be done at dawn but the experience is one most cherish for life.
The flights start with the filling of the balloons and end with a champagne toast to celebrate this amazing experience!

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On the land, Algarve all year round!

Off the road buggy tour Algarve

Get away from the tourists and Go Discover inland Algarve on a cross country buggy kart tour! When tourism gets to much, the sea to rough or you just love the excitement of a cross country experience, the cross country buggy tour might just be what your looking for! Do discover a green paradise where you thought only beaches existed, discover cork trees and local products. Drive through rivers and meadows and eat local food. This activity is perfect for those who like to experience excitement and discovery!

Read and book the buggy tours >>

Quad bikes Algarve


Another way to Go Discover inland Algarve is on a quad bike tour. Slightly more difficult to drive than a buggy some prefer this vehicle for excitement. As with the buggy tours the quads drive through the paradisic hills and landscapes hidden in inland Algarve

Book a quad tour >>

Algarve jeep safaris

Algarve Jeep safari, por terra e rios Algarve e Marrocos!

Slightly more protected from the elements, dust and water you will experience in the last 2 activities, the Algarve jeep safaris provide another great way to discover the Algarve in an off the road experience that visits beaches. rivers and the inland hills on paths and sandy roads not reachable by regular cars.

Read more about the jeep safaris >>

Motorbike tours

scooter Algarve

In an on the road experience motorbiking through the Algarve is a fun experience for individuals and large groups. Travel from beach to beach, get to know the towns and villages, have a picnic along the way accompanied by an experience guide who will show you the best of the Algarve!

Book them using the form below or get more information here >>

Bicycle tours in the Algarve

Algarve bike tours

For those who prefer to travel without the sound of a motor at a pace that gives more opportunity to take in the scenery, hear the sounds and feel the air of the Algarve, bike tours are an ideal way to get around.

Bike can be rented on their own or accompanied by a guide to show you the safest routes and best views.

ask question or Book them by using the  form below.

Climbing in parks and nature

Monchique - Foia Adventure

Monchique climbing, hiking, canoeing nature discoveries

Monchique is known as the garden of the Algarve, this hilly natural reserve is the perfect location on the west Algarvian coast for incredible adventures on the hills, in the rivers and its villages. The protected area is a natural paradise of flowers and wild life and lends itself perfectly for adventure and discoveries of all types and styles for all ages and walks of life.

Use the form below to request information or read more about available adventure packs for families and groups >>


Beach and water, The Algarve has the most!

Parasailing, Vilamoura, Algarve

With so many beaches and so much water, the Algarve is a summer paradise by the sea. From boat tours to scuba diving, surf to kayak, parasailing to flyboard, The Algarve has so much on offer 6 months of holiday would not provide enough time to try them all. To find water activities of all sorts please use the following link!
Water activities in the Algarve >>

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