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Castle of Belver

Castle of Belver

The castle of Belver or Castelo de Belver was build in 1194 and completed in 1212 making it the first castle to be build by the Hospitalers in Portugal during the Middle Ages.

It is build on the edge of the village of Belver and overlooks the Tagus river to the east. It was another castle build on the Tagus to ensure the stronghold against the Moors in the middle ages.

The castle remained intact over the following centuries, preserving many of the Romanesque military motifs of the period. Inside the castle you’ll find the small chapel of São Brás built in the 16th century.
To read more about the castle and it’s architecture please follow this link to wikipedia

The village of Belver is a largely medieval village built on a hilly landscape next to the Tagus river. The surrounding fields mostly hold olive trees some that go back centuries. The village is interesting and beautiful and the views amazing. In Belver you’ll also find the soap museum (museu de Sabor) and the Belver dam (Baragem de Belver).

The castles opens every Sunday excluding the last Sunday of the month.

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