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Google in Evora – corporate travel The team really enjoyed the challenges. It was the perfect mix of history, culture and fun! The wine tasting was a nice touch as well. I have to say I was very nervous going into the event as I didn’t know what to expect and I was very impressed. Dinner was great and the transfers always on time. Read more reviews >>

Team Building Algarve

The Algarve is one of the most popular locations in Portugal for tourism. With its long coast, many beaches and warm climate its a great location all year round for incentives and events. The Algarve is located in the south… Read more >>

Events and business meetings in the world heritage town of Evora!

Evora the city of history, monuments and typical Alentejo culture is a UNESCO world heritage site perfect for any business retreat. As Lisbon gets fuller and fuller, it may well be time to Go Discover some of the quieter but… Read more >>

Boating events in Lisbon. Cruises, Tours, Team building, Sailing and other possibilities to Go Discover Lisbon from the river!

Lisbon was founded as a fishing town on the largest river in Iberia, the Tagus river and this river has always been central to its success. strategically placed at the mouth of this magnificent river Lisbon became the central point… Read more >>

Best hotels for events and meetings in the Algarve

The Algarve is famous for its long beaches, warm climate, and immense summer tourism. Lesser known is its capacity for small and large events out of the height of summer. With it's amazing 4 and 5 star hotel and resort… Read more >>

Organizing your corporate events, team building and meetings on Madeira

Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal consisting of 4 islands. It is located of the coast of North west Africa 400 km north of the Canary islands. It is most famous for its Madeira wines and its New year… Read more >>

Hotel innovation in Alentejo, Go Discover modern rural Alentejo!

The Alentejo district of Portugal Alentejo is the largest district of Portugal, the literal meaning of Alentejo means beyond the Tejo. Alentejo central south and south of Portugal, stretches from the Spanish border to the east to the west coast… Read more >>

Sport and adventure team building ideas, Lisbon

  Lisbon the busy, booming capital of Portugal is not instantly a place for sport in large groups. The city has a high traffic volume but also a lot of it consists of historical labyrinths and few open spaces or… Read more >>

The best way to book your corporate event or group travel in Portugal

When planning a group or corporate event in Portugal or anywhere else you will have various options. First check out the options and learn how we work and differ Your choice will be experienced DMC or Travel agents, using one… Read more >>

5 important Tips on planning a succesful team building

Organizing a team building might seem simple. You want to promote collaboration, team effort and it provides a good opportunity for your team to get to know each other better especially when often they work remotely or come from worldwide… Read more >>

Adventures in the Algarve! Find the best things to do in the Algarve

The Algarve is the district most south on the Portuguese mainland. It stretches from the west coast, along the south coast and borders with Spain to the east. It has a cliff coastline with sandy beaches, fishing towns and holiday… Read more >>

Best luxury hotels in Central Portugal

Central Portugal a hidden paradise Central Portugal is a relatively unknown area of Portugal even though its located between the 2 main airports of Portugal, has great infra structures, fantastic landscapes and a diverse history marked by many UNESCO and… Read more >>

Best hotels in Porto for corporate events

Why choose Porto for your next corporate event? Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and its unique history, monuments, location and infra structure have all contributed to its enormous success as a favorite location for travel to Portugal.… Read more >>

Corporate events & meetings in Porto

Porto is one of the more popular destinations in Portugal for corporate events, off site meetings and congress. This historical and cultural city in the North of Portugal receives flights from many destinations including many budget airlines. It is still… Read more >>

Best 5 star luxury hotels for events close to Lisbon

In a previous article, Top Lisbon hotels for corporate events,  we informed about the best 4 and 5 star hotels in the city of Lisbon for large events. This article introduces the best 5 star luxury hotels just out of… Read more >>

Things to do in Portugal

With literally thousands of things to do in Portugal this article attempts to give an overview of the different areas, climates and possibilities in Portugal. When you start planning your trip to Portugal you're first question could be what can… Read more >>

Team building for winter travel Portugal

Portugal is a popular destination for all kinds of corporate travel especially during the winter months. Sales kick offs, product launches, conferences  and off site meetings are just some of the reasons companies fly their worldwide workforce to Portugal. Most… Read more >>

Original venues for events in Lisbon

Go Discover some of Lisbon's most interesting venues for events. In previous articles we covered the best hotels in Lisbon for large corporate events, restaurants suitable for large group lunches and dinner and intimate boutique hotels for smaller groups. For… Read more >>

Top Lisbon hotels for corporate events

When you travel to Lisbon with a large group opportunities can seem slightly limited at first. The old historical center consists of medieval and late 18th century street plans and buildings that are attractive, historical and beautiful but not suited… Read more >>

Team Building Ideas and suggestions in Portugal

Team building has been proven to be an important part of creating better communications and more productive teams within organizations and their value should not be underestimated as they become an integral part of any corporate event. They can be… Read more >>

Belbin Team Building & Training – Corporate & group travel Portugal

Belbin in your organization Teams perform best when each team member has clear responsibilities. However in some situations a team may have clear responsibilities and roles but it may still fall short of its true potential. Dr. Meredith Belbin studied… Read more >>

Organizing and planning your event in Portugal

Organizing or planning an event anywhere can be a hassle, organizing an event in a country that is not known to you even more so, this article is all about the right way to do it in Portugal. We provide… Read more >>

Losing your way with a purpose in Central Portugal – Corporate & group travel

Did you ever feel like getting lost? Like really getting lost, loosing your way on a trip in paradise, who knows where it could end! Central Portugal, an undiscovered, lush paradise of much diversity In Central Portugal you will find… Read more >>

Wine team building challenge, know your wine!

Wine team building challenge, know your wine! The Know your Wine team building challenge is a challenge based on blind wine tasting in teams. We present you with various wines from several of the 14 wine districts of Portugal accompanied… Read more >>

Go Discover Portugal flyboard events, TVI feature in Cascais, July 2017

Go Discover Flyboard events in Portugal! Go Discover Portugal was one of the first to start promoting the fantastic sport of flyboard in Portugal and is excited to see the sport growing and evolving. Now one of the most popular… Read more >>

Sand castle team building, Portugal

[nivo thumbs="y" captions="n" titles="n"] Go Discover sand castle building as a relaxing and competitive team building on any of the Portuguese sandy beaches! We all remember the joy of being a child building a sand castle on the beach in… Read more >>

Peniche, surfing and boating paradise on the Silver coast of Portugal

Peniche on the west coast of Portugal is 100Km North west of Lisbon. It is a peninsula of roughly 5km diameter set on high cliffs and rocky formations that plunge their way in the wild Atlantic ocean below. Originally a… Read more >>

Film Team Building Portugal for corporations and events

[nivo thumbs="y" captions="y" numberposts="10"] Go Discover film making team building. Turn your corporate team into a film production company for a day in this exciting team building for large groups! Film production Team Building for corporations are a bespoke activity.… Read more >>

Bachelor, bachelorette, hen or stag party in Portugal

More and more groups contact us to help plan their perfect Bachelor, bachelorette, hen or stag party, day or week(end) in Portugal. Specialized in group travel we provide many solutions for groups of all types and styles and bachelor parties… Read more >>

Discovering the Wines of Lisbon, Quinta das Carrafouchas

The Lisbon wine region formerly known as the Estramadura region is one of much interest as it is very diverse in landscapes and just as divers in the types of wines produced in the region. This article is about one… Read more >>

Mindfulness Portugal, Mindful team building for groups and events

Mindfulness as a practice has been gaining ground in the US and Europe. Used as a solution in hospitals, prisons, by corporations and in schools. Practitioners claim it benefits health, communication skills, individual happiness and personal compassion. Mindfulness doesn't come… Read more >>

Skydive ou Queda Livre Évora, vá Descobrir o Alentejo a partir do Céu!

Skydive em Évora Mais outro grande motivo para visitar Évora. Em um artigo anterior informamos sobre as muitas razões que você pode ter para visitar a encantadora cidade velha de Évora </ span> </ span>, ao visitar Portugal. No entanto,… Read more >>

Discovering the Wines of Evora, Alentejo

Evora is an ancient city set in the vast and peaceful landscapes of Alentejo. The city famous for its many monuments and gastronomy is no less famous for its local Alentejo wines. This article is about 2 impressive and in… Read more >>

Traditional Sailing on the Tagus river, Lisbon

Traditional Sailing on the Tagus river, an old experience brought back to life! Sailing boats called Canoa were once the most common scene on the Tagus river and the waterside of Lisbon. Once the waters  were filled with these traditional… Read more >>

Culinary experiments in outdoor eating Lisbon!

Portugal is best known for its traditional, standard, inexpensive gastronomy offer, grilled or boiled inexpensive meats or fish, some oven dishes and various versions of the famous salted cod is what you will find on most restaurant menu's. Considering that… Read more >>

The Serra da Arrabida natural park, 30 KM from Lisbon!

Where is the Serra da Arrabida? The Serra da Arrabida is 30 Km south of Lisbon city. It is a natural park of great beauty. Mountainous landscapes alternate with long sandy beaches. It has breathtaking views over the sea, vineyards,… Read more >>

Skydive Évora, Go Discover Alentejo from the Sky!

[nivo thumbs="y"] Skydive in Évora just another great reason to visit In an earlier article we informed you about the many reasons you may have to visit the lovely old city of Évora, when visiting Portugal. However another more modern… Read more >>

Go Discover Cascais, the heart of the Portuguese Riviera!

Cascais once a quiet fishing village that has become the booming tourism heart of the coast line close to Lisbon known as the Portuguese Riviera! Cascais is located on the Estoril coast also known as the Portuguese Riviera and its… Read more >>

Go Discover Évora, City of many centuries and one of the oldest and youngest cities in Portugal!

Go Discover Évora, a city with over 7000 years of history and 7000 years of monuments! Évora one of the main cities of the province of upper Alentejo is located 120KM from Lisbon and easily reachable by highway or public… Read more >>

Ideas for your next team building event in Lisbon

Team building Lisbon, Bespoke team buildings made by the professionals, city challenges, treasure hunts, sailing, jeeps. tuks, wine, cooking, filming and much, more! Go Discover Portugal provides team buildings in Portugal and Lisbon, with a long history and a professional… Read more >>

Off-site events and meetings in the diverse landscapes of Portugal

Off-site events and meetings in scheduled locations in Portugal can guarantee you a peaceful, relaxation ambiance that is perfect for meetings, conferences and team events of any sort. Within a short distance of the main airports you will find great… Read more >>

Effective teamwork team building activities by Go Discover Portugal

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." Team building challenges are generally created with a competitive concept. Teams compete against each other to obtain a result in which one is a winner. This form of… Read more >>

Best team building suggestions for large groups in Lisbon

To experience a great team building day together in Lisbon, this article provides some suggestions that may be useful for your large group event in Lisbon. Go discover Portugal is specialized in group events and travel and has the largest… Read more >>

Short team building activities for team meetings on location in Portugal

Go Discover Portugal provides all types of team building activities all over Portugal for small to large groups however most of these activities are best suited to half or full days events. Due to continued requests, we have developed a… Read more >>

Best Boutique hotels in Lisbon for Corporate Events

Lisbon is a very popular destination for any kind of travel. Lisbon's popularity for corporate travel particularly during the quieter winter months is exceeding anybodies expectations. We handle very large groups and the first idea for corporate group trips is… Read more >>

Best Culinary Lisbon restaurants suitable for groups and events

As we provide group travel services to Portugal  this article attempts to help large groups find the perfect restaurants for their events in Lisbon. For  personalized help please contact us. Why Lisbon for groups? Lisbon is a popular destination for… Read more >>

Corporate, group, private and incentive balloon flights BALLOONING Portugal

[nivo caption="n" thumbnail="650x433" thumbs="y" ] Corporate, group, private and incentive balloon flights BALLOONING Portugal is a great way to celebrate an occasion with a hot-air balloon flight for small to large groups of any size, launch a new product line,… Read more >>

Corporate event sailing Portugal

Corporate event sailing in Portugal is a perfect way to sail with a group with one of the largest sailing schools in Portugal. The Sailing Events are designed to meet your marketing needs and organized all over the country in… Read more >>

Sailing in Portugal, learning to sail, sailing regattas, team building and individual sailing

Portugal is a country of water, as it is filled with internal lakes and rivers and a long coastline. It was once the land of the fisherman it is now a favourite spot in Europe for exiting and relaxing water… Read more >>

Autumn in Portugal, Go Discover a warm climate, get travel tips and know what makes Portugal unique in autumn

Autumn, also known as fall in North America is a very specific season to visit Portugal as it is a very unique time. The landscapes start to recover, the people are more rested and the climate pleasant following the immense… Read more >>

Ideas for group travel or team building events in Porto

Porto, one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal is a city with a growing offer of team building  opportunities for corporations traveling to Portugal.   To decide what to do with your group in Porto, first you need to… Read more >>

Beating the summer heat! How to keep Cool in Portugal

The summers in Portugal are hot, medium hot to very hot and most Portuguese will not be seen outdoors between 12h00 and 17h00 but you're on holiday and sitting inside is not your plan this article gives tips on how… Read more >>

Workshop fazer pão Alentejano e almoço, Évora

Alentejo tem o seu próprio pão o qual é feito de uma única forma através de um velho método tradicional, este Workshop fazer pão Alentejano e almoço, Évora, vai ensinar-lhe como é feito com as mãos na prática, seguido de um… Read more >>

Coastering, Canyoning and other exiting climbing adventures in Portugal

Portugal, a country full of fast changing mountainous landscapes, canyons, rivers and a long beachy/cliffy coastline, has been a favourite destination for climbers, hikers and climbing adventures for decades. With the growing popularity of extreme sports and rural discoveries some… Read more >>

Team building and group events, Active water discoveries of Castelo do Bode

Team building days are essential for a companies success. It heightens the employees dedication to a company, takes the employees out of the normal work stress situation of the office and gives the employee new challenges in a playfully "stressful"… Read more >>

Retiro de Luxo no Campo, Sublime Comporta, Alentejo

Retiro de Luxo no Campo, Sublime Comporta, Alentejo Retiro de Luxo no Campo, Sublime Comporta, Alentejo, é trendy e hip, lindo e tranquilo o jornal The Guardian escreveu acerca deste hotel, CNtraveller também escreveu sobre isso, mas mantém a sua inocência.… Read more >>

Beach events Lisbon, corporate, team building and private celebrations

Just 30 km from Lisbon is a hidden paradise consisting of a beach / cliff coastline bordering a wonderful mountainous landscape that lend themselves perfectly to relaxing and active retreats. Here we have access to a large, almost private beach… Read more >>

Eventos Team Building para grupos e eventos grupos privados, Descobertas Náuticas Activas em Castelo do Bode

Eventos Team Building para grupos e eventos grupos privados, Descobertas Náuticas Activas em Castelo do Bode Dias com eventos team building são essenciais para o sucesso das empresas. Este tipo de eventos corporativos reforça a dedicação dos funcionários para com… Read more >>

Cross country buggy tours, Buggy karts, kart cross and quad bikes, Portugal

Cross country buggy tours, Buggy karts, kart cross and quad bikes are becoming an ever more trendy way to experience fresh air tours while riding on paths, through streams and on sandy roads otherwise hard to reach unless on foot.… Read more >>

Active events, team building and group celebrations in Portugal

Portugal is a country with a very diverse offer, the warmest climate in Europe and what can still be considered the lowest prices. Its luxury offer is vast and excellent, its adventure offer, team building opportunities and leisure capacity immense.… Read more >>

Gourmet Portugal, long standing food traditions & modern innovation

Does Portugal offer Gourmet food? Portuguese food is particular. Recently the controversial food critic for the times, Giles Coren, criticized the typical cuisine badly. He based his review on a one off experience in a London based Portuguese restaurant. The… Read more >>

Active adventure in Portugal – leisure activities & extreme sports, find out what is trending!

For adventure activities Portugal, this article gives a concise overview of possibilities for the year 2018! Portugal is located at the most south western point of Europe. The country is part of the Iberian peninsula and it plunges into the… Read more >>

Luxury travel Portugal, Discover Portugal’s amazing offer of luxury travel on Go Discover

  Portugal as a luxury travel destination many may not be aware of. Portugal has always been a popular destination for budget travel and people searching for unexplored adventure but luxury travel in Europe is generally more associated with France,… Read more >>

Lisbon tours, in the sea of tour opportunities and tour(ism) fails – here are the means to find the best guided tours of Lisbon

Lisbon tours, Lisbon walking tours, Lisbon Segway tours, Lisbon car tours, Lisbon bus tours, Lisbon boat tours, Lisbon Tuktuk tours, Lisbon helicopter tours history tours, food tours, monument tours, wine tours..... These are just a small fraction of the tour… Read more >>

Christmas in Portugal, perfect vacations, great events, quality time, parties and relaxing – some tips

Christmas in Portugal means Office parties, group and friend celebration, food, presents and relaxing oriented family time. In most of the Christian countries Christmas is the high point of the year and the most extravagant of celebrations. Celebrations with friends,… Read more >>

Business travel and Event travel to Portugal, why choose Portugal for your next event?

Noticing that business travel,  group and event travel to Portugal seem to be growing at a fast rate for both the corporate business markets and the private event planners. We decided to explain certain aspects of group travel to Portugal… Read more >>

Hot air balloon flights in Portugal, single flights, event and team flights, Go Discover Portugal from the sky!

Hot air balloon flights in Portugal, the best way to discover Portugal from the sky! Balloon rides in Portugal provide unique opportunities to Discover amazing landscapes from the silence of the sky. Balloon rides don’t demand any special skills and… Read more >>

The perfect wedding location is Portugal – how to make sure it will be your perfect wedding.

Portugal provides the perfect wedding location for romantics, adventurers, luxury lovers and traditional souls  and more and more people are travelling to Portugal for this reason. The countries landscapes are amazing and the climate is among the warmest in Europe… Read more >>

Winter Vacation Portugal, let it work its miracles as you enjoy the peace, monuments, sports and views only winter can emphasize

Winter vacation or holiday in Portugal To find the perfect Winter Vacation Portugal can be difficult if you don't inform yourself properly or travel with the wrong expectations! Most people travel to Portugal during the summertime when the weather is… Read more >>

Web Summit coming to LISBON, NOVEMBER 6-9, 2017

A short time ago we received the great news that Web Summit will be held in Lisbon in 2016, 2017 and 2018! Web Summit was founded in Dublin in 2010 and has been a fast growing conference for technology related… Read more >>

Portugal travel – the nicest winter rainy day traveltips on Go Discover Portugal

Travelling to Portugal is becoming an all year round activity, now that people are discovering its wonderful cities, its rich culture and history and its awe inspiring landscapes winter escapes are becoming almost as popular as the beach holidays that… Read more >>

Flyboard Portugal, the coolest, most energetic and newest way to Go Discover the waters of Portugal, all year round!

NOTE: As off 2016 Flyboard Portugal is extended with Jet pack and Hoverboard, What is it? Check out this promotional video and try it with us, in Nazare or for group events in other location of Portugal as long as… Read more >>

The Pousadas of Portugal – Hotels with a difference, typically Portuguese, unique luxury hotels.

Pousa is when a bird lands to find a short resting place before flying off again. The Pousadas of Portugal are a group of luxury hotels that equal 4 star accommodation but with a difference all the Pousadas have a… Read more >>

The dark deep ocean of online booking

Online booking sites have taken over the world of travel planning, most travel agents know this and must travel planners use them. However nobody seems to really understand how they work, how they differentiate and how they have real life… Read more >>

The Golega Horse fair 2015 coming up again in November!

Once a year, in November, one of the most visited European horse events is organised in the small town of Golega, Central Portugal. This event is visited by people from all over the world, who come in masses to see… Read more >>

Travel Portugal Itinerary – A short trip starting in Lisbon

Travel Portugal Itinery - A short trip starting in Lisbon We all love short trips, getting away from it all, even if its only for a few days to experience something new, something different, something wonderful that doesn’t cost the… Read more >>

Ribeira do Foz, hike to a hidden ancient water paradise.

Ribeira do Foz, a hike to the hidden medieval water world. Ribeira da Foz is a hidden, magical place in Central Portugal that took us 3 years  and 5 hikes to find. Not because its not known, among the locals… Read more >>

Lisbon beaches An introduction to the best beaches and how to get there!

Lisbon beaches a quick guide on which, where and how to get there Oeiras, Parede, Carcavelos, Estoril, Cascais and Guincho Lisbon is a wonderful fast growing, energetic and lively city. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities… Read more >>

Praia do Ribatejo, nature hikes through Portuguese history, river habitats and old river traditions

Praia do Ribatejo is a small town in the center of Portugal that is set in a very unique environment with a natural habitat that find no equal anywhere else in Portugal with the same intensity and amazing diversity. Easy to reach… Read more >>

Extreme sports in Portugal – Lots of choices and excitement but safety comes first! Things to take into consideration

When we started Go Discover we had no idea extreme sports would become so popular on the site and we love them, there is no better way to redefine your limits, energy and capabilities.... but we also had no idea… Read more >>

Ecological tourism in Portugal, luxurious, authentic and aware discoveries

Portugal is one of the leaders in the application of renewable energies scoring second place with 18% of its energy sources coming from renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels. The country has many admirable laws when… Read more >>

Wine country hotels Portugal – the nicest wine hotels in the Douro & Alentejo regions

As Portuguese wines are gaining more and more recognition internationally, wine tourism is growing in a similar rate in this article we would like to inform you about the best wine country hotels in 2 of its main wine districts,… Read more >>

Serras de D`aire and Candeeiros natural park, Central Portugal

There is nothing like a mountain s fresh unpolluted air to rejuvenate and refresh the body and mind. The Serras de D`aire and Candeeiros are two mountain ranges connected by a deep valley just 100km above Lisbon city. They are… Read more >>

Lisbon city, the city of 7 hills covered in light

. Lisbon city, the capital of Portugal Charming, historical and currently one the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Lisbon is a busy, lively and energetic city. During the summer months it is at it's busiest visited by tourists from… Read more >>

Most atmospheric Tejo valley restaurants, central Portugal

The Tejo valley is one of the most fertile regions of Portugal starting just above Lisbon , it covers the area around the Tejo, Tagus river north of Lisbon city. The region was the first region in Portugal cultivated for… Read more >>

Salgados, savory deep fried snacks that are typically Portuguese

Salgados are salty deep fried things that are typical Portuguese snack food made to accommodate many cravings that aren't sweet. Salgados are a typically Portuguese thing that could be called petisco but they are in a category of their own.… Read more >>

Discover Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain range on mainland Portugal

Serra da Estrela is the highest mountains range on the Portuguese mainland, it´s name literally translated means, the mountain of the star and it´s highest peak is 1993m. The mountain range is situated between the municipalities of Seia, Manteigas, Gouveia,… Read more >>

Ribatejo wines

Portuguese wines are growing fast in international fame and they deserve it! Wine is an integral and important part of both Portuguese culture and Portuguese history. Worldwide, Porto fortified wines are best known and thanks to centuries of English trade… Read more >>

How to be a budget tourist in Lisbon

As Lisbon´s popularity grows and grows, tourist related companies are popping up all over the place offering everything that your tourist heart could possibly desire and a lot that it probably didn´t. Prices in Lisbon are still relatively cheap compared… Read more >>

Getting ripped-off, cheated, swindled or lifted in Portugal

This is not my favorite article to write because I prefer to concentrate on the positive, the adventurous, the sunny, historical and the beautiful things in Portugal but its a question I hear quite often and a situation that I… Read more >>

An introduction to Portuguese Wine

to find a title to this article proved very difficult and it changed many times, I was trying to be funny, I took a cultural turns than I switched to historical reference but this article is about Portuguese Wine, simple… Read more >>

Travelling in Portugal by public transport

This article was inspired by the disillusioned faces of backpackers I see leaving the train station across my street, to bear the summer heat, as they learn that they can only walk 3 km up the mountain road to reach… Read more >>

Portugal “out of season”

After living here 3 years and after having visited Portugal for the last 12, I can honestly say that I like Portugal best out of season! The summers are great, they are busy, lively, hot, yes very hot! The days… Read more >>

Culinary suprises on Lisbon’s Avenida Almirante Reis

Typical food, typical people, typical Lisbon! Avenida Almirante Reis in Lisbon is a street most tourist never get to see, those who do generally booked some budget hotel from where they taxi their way to the more popular areas of… Read more >>

District of Leiria – beaches, architecture and mountain retreats

Leiria is one of Portugal's provinces. It starts roughly 60km above the city of Lisbon and borders the province of Lisbon to the North, Santarem to the west and Coimbra to the south. Leiria is a district that excels itself… Read more >>

Restaurant habits and traditions in Portugal

The Portuguese are known for their love of food and eating and gastronomic tourism is becoming an important reason for travelling to Portugal. Portugal is also getting more famous for it's culinary traditions and it's large amount of restaurants, taverns… Read more >>

Portuguese Christmas eve recipe and the story of Bacalhau

With Christmas less than a month away we felt we wanted to share something typically Portuguese with you. Now Portuguese Christmas is much like most Christmases around the world it´s all about presents, family and friends, sharing and eating and… Read more >>


[tab name="History"] The city of Abrantes The city of Abrantes in Central Portugal along the Tejo line is one of our favourite cities thanks to it's position, surrounding landscapes, architecture and history. It's a city seldom visited by tourist yet… Read more >>

Petiscos, the Portuguese Tapas

Petiscos are a gastronomical habit that has its roots in the Iberian peninsula.  The Spanish call them Tapas, the Portuguese call them Petiscos! Translated the tapa and the petisco means a delicatessen or a snack, a 'small' thing prepared and… Read more >>

Montargil, A first stop for a vacation in Alentejo

Barragem de Montargil is another lake in central Portugal caused by damming, earlier we've covered the second largest lake Castelo do bode 80 km north of Montargil. In this article we talk about another lake that differs in many ways… Read more >>

Castelo do Bode

Castelo do Bode, the most secret paradise of Central Portugal Castelo do Bode / Aldeia do Mato / Alverangel Castelo do Bode is the second largest lake in Portugal situated west of Tomar, north of Abrantes and east of Vila… Read more >>

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