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I’m writing to give you the overall feedback! It was amazing! Our group were 20-30 different nationalities present and everyone loved it !!!
Thank you very much to Go Discover Portugal for the service and sympathy

The best way to book your corporate event or group travel in Portugal

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5 important Tips on planning a succesful team building

Organizing a team building might seem simple. You want to promote collaboration, team effort and it provides a good opportunity for your team to get to know each other better especially when often they work remotely or come from worldwide… Read more >>

Adventures in the Algarve! Find the best things to do in the Algarve

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Best luxury hotels in Central Portugal

Central Portugal a hidden paradise Central Portugal is a relatively unknown area of Portugal even though its located between the 2 main airports of Portugal, has great infra structures, fantastic landscapes and a diverse history marked by many UNESCO and… Read more >>

Best hotels in Porto for corporate events

Why choose Porto for your next corporate event? Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and its unique history, monuments, location and infra structure have all contributed to its enormous success as a favorite location for travel to Portugal.… Read more >>

Corporate events & meetings in Porto

Porto is one of the more popular destinations in Portugal for corporate events, off site meetings and congress. This historical and cultural city in the North of Portugal receives flights from many destinations including many budget airlines. It is still… Read more >>

Best 5 star luxury hotels for events close to Lisbon

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Things to do in Portugal

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Team building for winter travel Portugal

Portugal is a popular destination for all kinds of corporate travel especially during the winter months. Sales kick offs, product launches, conferences  and off site meetings are just some of the reasons companies fly their worldwide workforce to Portugal. Most… Read more >>

Original venues for events in Lisbon

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Top Lisbon hotels for corporate events

When you travel to Lisbon with a large group opportunities can seem slightly limited at first. The old historical center consists of medieval and late 18th century street plans and buildings that are attractive, historical and beautiful but not suited… Read more >>

Team Building Ideas and suggestions in Portugal

Team building has been proven to be an important part of creating better communications and more productive teams within organizations and their value should not be underestimated as they become an integral part of any corporate event. They can be… Read more >>

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