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Cervejaria Trindade, Monumental beer house restaurant, Chiado, Lisbon

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Famous and established, Cervejaria Trindade in Chiado, Lisbon, Exists for centuries and has the know-how of generations, come and visit the oldest and most beautiful brewery in Portugal.
Located in the most elegant neighbourhoods of Lisbon, Chiado, Cervejaria Trindade, Lisbon is a unique experience of culture, history, food and beer.

Cervejaria Trindade, Lisbon, located in the grounds of the oldest and most important monasteries of Lisbon built in 1294, this brewery or house beer has deep roots that lead us through the following centuries past Lisbon to its future as the new country Portugal became his capital.

In 1708 the original building was destroyed by a great fire in 1748 and became the victim of the great Lisbon earthquake, which destroyed much of its medieval centre.

In 1836, the land with the remaining ruins where rented to Manuel Moreira Garcia, who built the Trindade brewery using the ruins of the walls for the new building, here he also built his own house, which is still standing.
The brewery was decorated with the original tiles that remained in ruins.

In 1854, the Cervejaria Trindade, Lisbon became the royal brewery delivering its beers to the royal family of Portugal. New rooms where built and decorated by some of the most famous decorators in Portuguese history.

In 2008, the original menu and offer where reformed to better meet our modern society, but with the theme of Cervejaria Trindade as the main subject.

Cervejaria Trindade, Lisbon is currently one of the most popular restaurants in Lisbon both for individual visitors and large groups. individual visitor can choose the daily changing dishes of the day, the groups may request several groups Menu

This wonderful building makes any visit worthwhile, the beer has a very good taste and great food!

Group menu prices start at 35€ / group size 10 – 400

For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865
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foodstyle: Traditional Portuguese - Mediterranean influence / Gourmet
Price indication: €20
Ambiance: Historical - Established - Traditonal
Group capacity: 400
Location: Chiado, Lisbon
Event possibilities: corporate events, private events

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Cervejaria Trindade, Monumental beer house restaurant, Chiado, Lisbon

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