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Conimbriga is not the largest but almost largest Roman city found in Portugal. It’s foundation go as far back as 900bc and it remained inhabited until the fifth century ac. Excavations are still going on and new discoveries are still being made and shared with the public.

Conimbriga is a wonderful place to visit and you will get a really good idea of how the Romans lived at this time in Portugal.
See examples of their amazing engineering skills and get a feel for the kind of lives they led, their traditions, wealth and personal tastes.
Conimbriga’s archaeological findings help to understand the magnitude of the Roman society in Portugal long before it became an independent country. It shows you interesting and well kept examples of this advanced civilization and it helps you recognize the habits, architectural influences and technological insight of our modern society that we can thank this long gone empire for.

In the fifth century, due to the growing barbaric invasions, the inhabitants left the flat lands of Conimbriga and ‘re-founded’ the city on a nearby mountain which later became the city of Coimbra, the first capital of the new born country of Portugal.

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