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Amazing group activities organised by Go Discover Portugal in Lisbon

Amazing group activities organised by Go Discover Portugal in Lisbon

Planning your group event in Lisbon might seem like a challenge but Go Discover will help you with every aspect of it including activities that are not the mainstream tourist attractions but will introduce your teams to the best Lisbon has on offer. Note that we have over 200 personalised activities, the below-mentioned are just a handful. Use the form below or call us for other options! 00351 938328865

Acting, dancing and theatre

Our murder mysteries are a good example of theatrics in team building, engaging and challenging, your groups will be challenged to solve a mystery while emerging in the make-belief world of actors and dancers as the mystery unravels!

Lisbon cinematic

This activity is a full day activity. You group travel through Lisbon to create a short film or documentary about Lisbon quoting some of the famous movies shot in Lisbon. You group is accompanied by a professional filming crue and guides. The day starts with an introduction that shows examples, teaches shortly about the art of cinema and gives information about locations and themes. The activity can be done as a group effort or with competing teams. You decide, we create something that fits fully your team dynamics and interests.

TV and film team building workshops Portugal

Lisbon Asian food

Lisbon and Portugal has strong connections with Asia due to its former route of discoveries and trade which has caused a deep rooted connection between Asia and Portugal. In Lisbon this is evident through the many Asian Portuguese people who live and trade in the city and the large choice of Asian foods and restaurants that serve both authentic Asian food as well as Portuguese / Asian fusion foods. This activity is based on eating and drinking typical Asian tapas and foods on a delicious discovery of Asia”s connection to Lisbon

Lisbon lifts

Lisbon lifts are the best kept Lisbon locals secret. This city build on 7 steep hills is a challenging climb and descent to walk around, yet walking takes you to the best places, hidden local areas, lovely authentic cafes and restaurants and the very best views of Europe that many tourist will never get to see.
Lisbon has found many ways to solve this problems sinds the age of electricity and iron structures and some of these have become very famous like the Santa Luzia Lift in the center of Lisbon for which many tourist will stand in line. The locals however will seldom use this lift as there are many alternative ways to travel up the mountains without using wheels or feet. This activity takes your group up and down the hills on a walking challenge using lifts, rolling staircases and even shops and parking garages to discover 2 of Lisbons most famous hills, Alfama and Bairro Alto starting in the heart of the city, Baixa.

The elevator challenge can be combined with tuk tuks.

Lisbon senses

Lisbon is a sensual city of sounds, sites, smells, taste and even touch. On one of its many warmer days you will hear music and laughter, people singing on the streets, the friendly chatter of the locals, the boats coming into the harbour, the trains crossing the bridge, a silent city it is not however with the right chosen path and proper concentration your ears can hear the past, the present and the future in this lively city.
This activity is a walking challenge in which your group is aided in discovering and strengthening sensual awareness and really discovering this city from a different viewpoint that will create valuable memories and associations

Lisbon city challenges

Lisbon Fado

Fado is a integral part of Lisbon and its people. A Unesco world heritage performance genre since 2011 is performed in fado houses and international events but its roots remain in the passions of the local people and walking through Lisbon you will hear people singing it in their houses and alleyways, creating their own lyrics and versions that explain their lives, their dreams and their sorrows.
In the fado challenge teams are challenged to learn about fado and to create their own fado as a way of expression but also as a way of working together in which each team member full fills a role they themselves choose.

Fado team building Challenge

Photography Challenge

Equipped with instant camera, a reader or tablet and our guides, your teams will discover the most interesting places, solves puzzles or follow directions while printing photos with your cameras. This team building activity is a collaborative and fun way to create a photo album of your day while getting to know your team members.

Team building photo challenge by Go Discover Portugal

Please note we create activities and team buildings for your group!

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