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Beetle guided tour of Lisbon and Sintra photo gallery

Your personal guided tour of Lisbon and Sintra in a sunroof beetle!
See the best historical points of down town Lisbon, the Pombal area, the castle of saint George and the imperial monuments of Belem in an entirely special and unique way.

Reserve a half day or full day a convertible beetle with a personal guide to guide you through Lisbon and Sintra explaining and showing you the monuments on a fun day out.

On the day you will be guided to the monuments and told everything there is to know, the beetle car being small, can manoeuvre smoothly through the small medieval streets climbing up to the castle and the Sintra mountains saving you walking time and giving you a unique way to experience the old Lisbon and Sintra centre.
The tours includes a guide, an extended pick-nick, Ginjinha tasting (a typical Lisbon drink) and 4 polaroids to commemorate the day.

Maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children per car.
Price of a half day tour (Lisbon only) 150 euro including picknick, Ginjinha, guide and 4 polaroids
Price of a full day tour (Lisbon and Sintra) 199 euro including picknick, Ginjinha, guide and 4 polaroids
Beetle self drive full day 312 euro (for groups) up to 10 beetles!

To reserve please use the reservation form or chat to a real person.

Reserve a guided beetle tour