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Hot air Balloon flights or balloon rides Algarve

Balloons Algarve

Hot air Balloon flights or balloon rides Algarve

Hot air Balloon flights Algarve
” With no ties, destination and time limitations we ride the winds of the barrocal valleys in the western Algarve or the warmer breezes of the rolling hills of the Baixo Alentejo.”

Hot air Balloon rides Algarve are an amazing adventure in the skies above the Algarve and lower Alentejo. You will travel at the speed of the wind in absolute silence and it will take you at its will to a landing point of our decision.
With prices starting at €175 per person (children receive discount) we guarantee you an amazing adventure.

Hot air Balloon flights Algarve are not only an impressive experience they are provided by an internationally certified pilot, who chosen by the Portuguese Federation of Aeronautics and by the IFA (International Federation of Aeronautics) to represent Portugal in the World Championship of Ballooning. The concept is one of quality rather than quantity!

We promise all our passengers a wonderful time!
Balloon flights in Portugal can be practised all year round mostly at sunrise when the condition are most stable and the heat is not to much.

During Winter and Autumn late afternoon flights are also possible.

The meteorological conditions will always determine if the flight goes ahead and can only be confirmed 48hours prior to the flight.

When you buy a flight you can choose to keep the voucher for another date, if it can not go ahead on your preferred date or you may request a money return if you do not have any other availability, we will always fly only if the weather conditions are safe!

The entire event takes between 3-5 hours, the flight itself is roughly one hour.

In the Algarve, due to the terrain limitations, we fly smaller balloons with a maximum capacity of 3-4 passengers per balloon. In lower Alentejo we fly bigger balloons with the maximum capacity of 20 passengers per balloon.

Each flight includes

Pre flight briefing
Approx 1 hour flight
Traditional celebration (1)
Flight certificate
Transport back

The adventure lasts approx 4 hrs.

(1) Traditional celebration consists of snack with the best bubbly of Portugal.

A flight in a group costs €195 per person – children from 5 to 10 pay 50% if their weight is less than 40kg. a private flight for 2 people costs €585, for 3 €686, for 4 €888 – we can handle any group size, please enquire for larger groups. Children receive discount

We provide personilized services and many different locations, budgets and suggestions for ballooning in Portugal.
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