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Hot air balloon flights in Portugal, single flights, event and team flights, Go Discover Portugal from the sky!

Ballooning in Portugal

Hot air balloon flights in Portugal are a fast growing activity that is becoming more and more popular as a leisure pastime for the vacation visitor and the business, corporate and team event markets.

Hot air balloon rides Alentejo

Balloon rides are an exciting way to discover the silence of the sky and enjoy wonderful views over the amazing Portuguese landscapes that don’t demand any special skills when accompanied by a professional flight pilot. there is little demand on health or physical capabilities and even though not the best activity for smaller children that may not have the patience or appreciation  off standing still to enjoy the quietness and serenity of being carried by the wind for many it is the experience of a lifetime.

Hot air balloon flights have a wonderful and unique character that entails a total entrustment to the wind that determines the balloons direction and ultimate goal. The skies are silent and the emphasis is on the landscape, the birds and Portugal’s aesthetic impressions which will stay in your mind for many years after.

Balloon flights always have an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication that does well to celebrate any occasion and each flight is ended with a champagne toast by all who attended..

In  Portugal balloon flights are organized all over the country but for those travelling alone or in a small group wanting to join a flight with others there are 4 main places that provide this possibility.

Group flights

1. Central Portugal –  roughly one hour from Lisbon, Ballooning can be organized for groups or exclusive flights.
2. Evora, Alentejo – flying over the landscape surrounding the historical town of Evora is a magical experience that can be combined with a visit to this amazing Unesco city flights start at 140 Euro per person. Evora
3. Beja, Alentejo – Flights from Beja, Alentejo roughly 2 hours from Lisbon and 1 from the Algarve prices start at 140 Euro per person
4. Lagos, Algarve – The flights from the Algarve are a lovely way to discover the summer skies at dawn and giving views of the amazing Algarve coasts and landscapes. The event lasts 3 – 4 hours of which roughly one hour is the flight. Prices in 2016 start at 195 Euro per person. The flights are also possible in lower Alentejo for large groups.
5. Braganca – fly from the dramatic castle grounds and view across the Spanish borders Prices start at 180 euro per person
7. Serra Estrela , Fundao Fly above the mountains and snowy peaks of the Serra Estrela starting at 150 euro per person

Event Ballooning Portugal
Private group flights for up to 350 people can be organized in many other locations in Portugal, if you are organizing a group event please read about possibilities or request information using the form below.

Private flights
– private flights are available on all the mentioned locations and have the possibility for custom requests, flight times and on board provisions, prices depend on amount of participants, location and balloon type, please inquire for a quote..

Custom flights from different locations – Custom flights from any location that has the right conditions for ballooning can be requested – prices are depending on location, necessary licenses and amount of participants.

Custom flights can be arranged for up to 150 participants with Go Discover Portugal. call us on 00351927494376 or use the information request form.

The group flights generally start at 07.00 am in all places, All flights are always dependant on wind and weather conditions which can generally not be confirmed until 48 hours prior to the flight.


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Event Ballooning Portugal

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