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Hotel Urgeiriça, Nelas, center of the Dão region ⋆⋆⋆⋆

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Hotel Urgeiriça is situated in Canas de Senhorim about 25km from Viseu and Estrela mountains. For a long time it’s been a privileged place for some Portuguese people. In the hear t of Beira Alta, in the region Dão Lafões, offering you the quality of one of the best hotels in the country.

Its Beira architecture, granite façade and typical English decoration, turn the hotel into a unique and extremely delightful place, where comfort and mystique are constant.

A Tranquil Encounter

All of us have the necessity to break away for a few days or weeks, from the exhausting and absorbing day to day life we lead. To achieve inner tranquility, invigorate your energies, embellish your spirits, enjoy the magnificent landscapes of natural and truly unusual beauty, Urgeiriça is your best option.

A Paradisiacal Retreat

Arriving at Urgeiriça is like being transported in a time machine, to a distant past, to one of those palaces that are only part of our most beautiful child hood dreams, where we would turn into princes and princesses. A paradisiacal retreat where serenity reigns and adding colour turns it into a perfumed painting of love and life.

Breathtaking Scenery

At Urgeiriça Hotel, every sun rise is different. From there you can catch a glimpse of a dense forest, with a dazzling scenery of vegetation.

Visiting Urgeiriça Hotel is always a magnificent experience. It’s beautiful, romantic English and French gardens, give you the opportunity of pleasant walks in quite an involving atmosphere.


A Legendary Hotel

Every hotel has its own life and its own secrets and Urgeiriça doesn’t escape this rule. The story is extraordinary. In 1930, Charles Harbord, a superior officer in the English army, bought a large property where he ordered a mansion to be built. After 5 years he transformed the mansion into luxury Holiday accommodation which he named “English Hotel Urgeiriça”. The hotel got famous and continues to grow. Some time later, Mrs Phyllis Graham, an English resident in Porto and a frequent client at the hotel, became Charles Harbord’s partner.

Some illustrious people stayed at the hotel, including the French journalist and writer Christine Garnier, author of the book “Holidays with Salazar”. Marechal Craveiro Lopes, Italy’s King Humberto, Sá Carneiro the Portuguese Prime Minister, Actor João Villaret, Former UK Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden and his wife Clarisse who were on Honeymoon and Sir Winston Churchill’s niece are among the many visitors to the hotel.

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For reservation or information requests, you may use the following form or call us on 00351 918354714 in English / Português /Nederlands / Espanhol

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Hotel Urgeiriça, Nelas, center of the Dão region

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