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Ideas for group travel or team building events in Porto


Porto, possibly the most beautiful city in Portugal is a city of many aspects all of which have contributed to its increase in tourism the last few years.

A city with an amazing medieval centre made of many colours, the impressive Douro river with its charming Robelo boats, the sea beaches just a stone throw away, the Port wine cellars it is famous for and the amazing mountainous landscapes that surround it have all contributed to its popularity. But also the low budget flights that provide cheap and easy access to this city have caused it to boom.

Somehow Porto remains unspoilt, cheaper than the other cities of Portugal and a great place for group travel, corporate travel, events and team building groups.

To decide what to do with your group in Porto, first you need to understand Porto’s unique location just a few kilometres from Atlantic Ocean beaches, set close to the Northern Portugal mountain landscapes that produce the famous Douro wines named after the river that cuts through its centre. This city holds much of Portugal’s history still plainly evident in its medieval buildings, the boats that float on the river and monuments that grace its centre.

Planning team event here its main attractions will be its adventure activity offer, wine tourism and cultural travel.

One of the most active team activities you will find in the centre of Porto are the sailing boat regattas that you can take your team on.

Sailing Porto

Sailing, being a sport where the team is a fundamental value, is the only nautical activity which encourages the development of a vast amount of skills, whether individual, teamwork, efficiency in teamwork, leadership, motivation and importance of the decision, all simultaneously. In Porto you will the perfect location and a dedicated professional team to accompany on your experience to
* Promote a corporate experience
* Develop networking
* Promote integration so that people in the company get to know each other as well as employees from other companies with whom they work directly or indirectly
* Develop partner relations of other businesses.

Would you like your team to go discover the exiting possibilities for team building and group events in the mountains close to Porto Serra das Freitas Possibilities here are Rafting and Canoeing, Climbing and Canyoning, Jeep tours and combinations of these activities. for possibilities contact us.

Canyoning Geres Portugal

Jet boat Porto Jet boat in Porto is a fun way to travel very fast on the Douro river, making circles, jumps and splashes it can be practised by group of up to 14 at a time in the centre of Porto on appointment!

Warner Bros The Bachelor At Speed jet Porto

On the coast beach games, surf, paddle surf provide much for medium to large size group out to experience the waves and sand.

So why Porto for your next Team building event? For one its diverse offer from culture to sea to mountains and canyons to wine and food! Its low budget flight provided by Ryanair,, easyjet and Transavia make it easy and cheap to get to from many location, its relatively low prices being the cheapest of the main Portuguese cities, its friendly inhabitants and its still relatively unspoilt tourism!

We provide all kinds of activities in and around Porto, team building, group events, celebrations, corporate and private travel. Peddy paper, treasure hunts, wine and gastronomy workshops, segway and bicycle challenges and more. Use the form and let us custom create a taylor made solution for your team.

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