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Kitesurfing Guincho, Cascais, Lisbon

Kitesurfing Guincho, Cascais, Lisbon

Kitesurfing Guincho, Cascais, Lisbon

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Kitesurfing Guincho, Cascais, Lisbon

Kitesurfing Guincho Cascais is brought to Go Discover Portugal by trained professionals from a renowned Kitesurf and paddle surfing school that exists since 2009 and operates on the beaches of Quincho, linha do Estoril, Costa da Caparica but also inland on the smooth water lakes.

The school is located 8km from Cascais on the lovely and famous beach of Guincho and many of the lessons are given there depending on weather and ocean conditions, however Kitesurfing Cascais is very flexible and can give lessons and Kitesurfing experiences on many beaches around Lisbon.

Kitesurfing is an exciting and enervative way to discover speed and joy of riding the waves on the coast of Portugal almost the entire year round!
Kitesurfing can be practiced at times when the waves are not suited to regular surfing!

Prices and options

Full kitesurfing course · 10hrs

Day1 “Meet the wind”

Understand and analyse wind conditions
learn about the equipment, safety and initial techniques.
Learn to fly the kite out of the water, understanding the equipment and practicing use.

Day 2 “Go get wet!”
– Learn to fly the kite in the water
allowing to let yourself be dragged through the water holding the kite with one or both hands
Learning to relaunch the kite when it goes down.
Learn the techniques of self rescue.

3rd “Let’s move!” – Now with a complete knowledge of technique, safety regulation, handling and use, lets kitesurf!

All the necessary equipment for the classes are included.
Our courses are designed in accordance with the rules of instruction and FP IKO Kite. Upon completion of a course, you will have an international certification (IKO card) that can present anywhere in the world for both kitesurfing and renting equipment!


Introduction to kitesurfing:
50€ / 2h

Private lesson:
60€ / 1h

Special packages:
Mini package 4 hours: 110€
Complete course 10 hours: 285€
Prices including insurance and use of equipment.

Special promotion during the winter 10 hours: €270

Group: 2 people per kite

Children: The school is one of the few schools in Portugal, with experience and allowance to teach children as young as nine years. We provide semi-private courses, insurance coverage
and a maximum of precautions.

Depending on wind conditions, the
Courses can last for three days.

Legal info
Instructor IKO Nivel 2 ID: 4525
IDP cédula nº 9434
Apólice de Seguro nº 85/20995
minimum age allowed to participate: 9
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