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Leisure activities Amieira marina, Alqueva lake, Alentejo

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The Go Active Program of Amieira marina is an exciting way to discover the wonderful water and nature of the Alqueva lake, you can book all activities on Go Discover Portugal and we can custom fit according to your needs, please reserve on time!

SUP Baptism (1 hour 15 minutes)

This class taught beginners the basic aspects of this activity:

– Know the material – How to fall of the board
– Knowing the terminology – Stance and standing balance
– Specific warm up – Balance training
– Entry and exit water safely – Basic rowing technique
– Stand up on the board – Basic turning technique


SUP lesson (1 hour 15 minutes)

According to thelevel of the students, several aspects will be trained:

– Technical paddling technique

– Turning techniques

– Specific Conditioning


SUP Fitness (1 hour 15 minutes)

The session consists of:
– On land

-Warm up (Students level evaluation. Explanation of the exercises to be carried out in SUP)
– In the SUP

– Entry and exit water safely – Specific core training
– Flexibility training and balance – Resistance training
– Strength training and balance – Cool down

SUP Race

The sessionassumes SUP racing training character
Training objectives will be set for each student.

SUP Expedition

The sessionassumes the character of tour or expedition. The route will be agreed between the coach and practitioners according to their goals and capabilities. Advanced practitioners may do it in autonomy. For beginners and intermediate coach presence is mandatory.

Price table

Lessons /training and prerequisites

SUP Baptism

SUP Lesson

SUP Fitness




SUP baptismorprevious practice


SUP baptismorprevious practice

1 person

50,00 €

50,00 €

50,00 €

2 or + persons

30,00 € / person

30,00 € / person

30,00 € / person




1 hour

Forenoon/ Afternoon

(3 hours)

Full day

(8 hours)

Other durations

Inflatable SUP + Paddle + lifejacket

15,00 €

35,00 €

65,00 €

Ask for prices

Hard SUP + Paddle + lifejacket

20,00 €

45,00 €

75,00 €

Ask for prices


5,00 €

10,00 €

20,00 €

Ask for prices

Amieira Marina has a new service to present, the “Stand Up Paddle” (SUP) nucleus. To do so, has the commitment and the extensive experience of Miguel Almeida in this activity and particularly in the surf, where his school constitutes a reference.

SUPis asportwithits own identity,in which thepractitioner paddlesupon aboard.Historicallythe art offootrowingis quite old,as can be seeninmany civilizationsthatwere, and are, as a utility mean(travel, fishing, transport, etc.).

In its modern formtheSUPis a newmodality, result of a innovative useofsurfboards andpaddlebyathletes.Althoughrecent, the modality alreadyexpanded rapidly, withpractitionersspread throughout theworld.
From the differentvariants of theSUP, we will develop in theGreat LakeAlquevaessentiallythe followings:

-SUPRecreation incalm waters- usuallythe entry pointin the sport, where the balance is trained andthe propulsionin calm andprotected waters.

-SUPAdventure-Herewe lookto travelbetween two points(eg.betweenislands), or explorecertain areas(the Great Lake stretchesonlyaccessible byelectricpropulsion, rowingorsailing) maybe of short durationup to severaldays,with camping, etc.

-SUPRace- Variantheld inopen water, rivers, lakes orotherwaterplanswhich seeks tofollowaroutein the shortest timepossible.
-SUPHealth & Fitness -Useof the planks tothe meditationtraining, yoga, Pilatesand otherforms of conditioning, with healthand wellnesspurposes.

Initiationclasses andimproving techniques andrental equipment in order to enjoythis activityin its fullness,arefrom now onbe availableat Amieira Marina.

Vale de Manantio

Helicopter flight 15m 200€
tour in a 22 wheel horse cart 2h 150€
Horseriding 50€ / Cavalo
Dish shooting 50€ /Pax






Nucleus of sport fishing

Sport Fishing Center

Material and Rental Licences

– Kit: Fishing Rod + 6 assorted samples (bottom, midle and bottom surface)

– Day PRICE € 5,00 and € 20,00 We

– Licences

We take care of your Fishing licence

Official site (only in Portuguese) of the Forest Authorithy, which states all about fishing in inland waters, including fish with common and Latin names, photos, biology, minimum sizes allowed and closed seasons. http://www.cartapiscicola.org

– Rental Fishing Vessels and Services

Vessels fishing w / pilot

Capacity: 3 pax
Price: € 200 half day (9h-13h and 13h-18h), 280 day (9h-18h)
Fuel not included

The highlight: The superior quality of the boat and fishing equipment;
Pilot with extensive knowledge of the lake and its fish species.

Go Riding


  • 6 days riding
  • 6 days sailing (escorts)
  • Night’s lodging in houseboats and Hotels.




Night´s lodging


Alqueva or

Amiera Marina








Aldeia da Luz



Aldeia da Luz


Horta da Moura Hotel







Alqueva or

Amieira Marina

Refúgio da Vila Hotel


Horse Rider – Includes night´s lodging, transfer from the airport, meals, ride and houseboat fuel.

Escort – Includes night´s lodging, transfer from the airport, meals and houseboat fuel.

Minimum participants 3 horse riders + 3 escorts

Go Cycling

The Great Lake is encircled by ways and circuits that allow wonderful strolls of bicycle. You can enjoy them while discovering the nature or shopping. The bicycle is an excellent means of transportation to reach the lakeside villages, going shopping for fresh bread, vegetables and other foods.

Period Week Day weekend 2 nights Weekend 3 nights Weekend 4 nights Short Weekend
Tarifa 35,00€ 5,00€ 18,00€ 25,00€ 28,00€ 22,00€


Go Learn How to Become a Sailor

All rentals off houseboats are preceded by a specific Training session to the conditions and rules of navigation in place and for the particular characteristics of the houseboat, so that the customer receives theoretical and practical training and the aptitude for driving the boat is guaranteed.

With Partners Amieira marina provides the training of Beginners, Sailors and Local Master.

In addition to on land installations there is a well-identified and marked training Area in the water, for training and learning.

Go Fishing

Fishing Vessels with Pilot

  • Capacity: 3 pax
  • Prices: 240€ half a day (9:00 – 13:00 ou 13:00 – 18:00); 300€ day (9:00 – 18:00)
  • Fuel not included

To point out:

  • The superior quality of the boat and fishing equipment;
  • Pilot with vast knowledge of the lake and its fish species.

Go Coaching

At Amieira Marina you can organize Your Personal and professional coaching as a innovative approaches to problem solving and personal growth. Through our experts coaching services, we can design and propose a customized action plan to maximize and leverage your strengths, identify your obstacles to success and create the real life you want to live.

Go Extreme

As a result of a partnership between Nautialqueva, Lda, Euro Sud Ski and Babika – Actividades Náuticas arises in the Great Lake Alqueva Area
Outdoors Without Limits Amieira Marina.

Sud Euro Ski (Master Craft Pro Star 190/Malibu) 20 minutes Sud Euro Ski
Individual lessons Teorical/Practical Ski ou Wakeboard 40,00 € Sud Euro Ski
Individual lessons Teorical/Practical Baby Ski 25,00 €


Babika (Semirigido 115HP) 15 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes
Ski Wakeboard Alqueva 35€ /person 60€ mín. 1 & máx. de 3 persons 110€ mín. 1 & máx. 3 persons
Banana 10€ /person mín. 3 & máx. 5 persons


Go Sailing

Sailing Nucleous

  1. Energize the sailing as tourist product of excellency in Alentejo
  2. Creation of training offers in the area of the fast sailing and cruise
  3. Establishment of strategical partnerships
  4. Social and ambient responsibility

It is to strengthen that the main objective of the partnership between these two companies is to create conditions for the development of a sail nucleus of reference in the Alqueva Lake. Presently the sail starts to assume a role of an increasing relevance in the areas of the leisure, tourism and sport, fruit of some events of international dimension that had occurred recently in Portugal and of the actuals trends of the tourist market. It seems us that this is a chance not to lose for, in set and benefiting of synergies that if can create between the involved companies, to make to be born one project solid in the Alqueva, with perspectives of supported growth, bringing development for the region.

Company Activity Duration Number of Persons Price
Sail – Vela Jardim(Activity beginning at Amieira Marina) Cruise Sailing / Cruzes 2 h max. 5 persons 40 € min. 2 hours. Betwen 01 March until 31 October
Cruise Sailing / Cruzes 6 h max. 5 persons 120 € min. 6 hours. Betwen 01 March until 31 October

Go Canoeing

  • Discount of 10% in rentals for 3 or more days.
  • Discount of 20% in rentals for 6 or more days.

Prices in Euros with VAT included.

Kayak or Canoe 1/2 day rental Full day rental Conditions
DAG Cotier Kayak sit on top – 1 place DAG Cotier 11,00 € 16,50 € includes 1 life jacket and 1 and 1 two-sided paddle
DAG Lagoon 2 Kayak sit on top – 2/3 places DAG Lagoon 18,50 € 27,50 € includes 2/3 life jackets and 2/3 two-sided paddles
DAG Canadia unsubmersible; touring canoe – 2/3 places DAG Canadia 18,50 € 27,50 € includes 2/3 life jactkets and 2/3 oars
Necky Kayak Sky 2 Cruising canoe – 1 place Necky Kayak Sky 11,00 € 16,50 € includes 1 life jacket and 1 two-sided paddle
Necky Kayak Sky 2 Cruising canoe – 2 places 18,50 € 27,50 € includes 2 life jackets and 2 two-sided paddles
Necky Kayak Manitou Sport New Cruising canoe – 2 places – deluxe model Necky Kayak Manitou Sport New 22,00 € 33,00 € includes 2 life jackets and 2 two-sided paddles
Old Town Guide 147 Polylink canoe without motor – 3 places Old Town Guide 147 22,00 € 33,00 € includes 2 life-jackets and 2 oars
Old Town Sport 15 Superlink canoe with motor – 3 places

44,00 € 66,00 € includes 2/3 life jackets and 2/3 oars

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Prices from: Actividade paga


Leisure activities Amieira marina, Alqueva lake, Alentejo

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