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Lisbon tours, in the sea of tour opportunities and tour(ism) fails – here are the means to find the best guided tours of Lisbon


Lisbon tours, Lisbon walking tours, Lisbon Segway tours, Lisbon car tours, Lisbon bus tours, Lisbon boat tours, Lisbon Tuktuk tours, Lisbon helicopter tours history tours, food tours, monument tours, wine tours….. These are just a small fraction of the tour offer you will find in Lisbon and as tourism grows bigger and bigger in Lisbon, tour companies seem to keep popping up like mushrooms on a wet autumn day and just like the autumny fungi growth, not all of them will do you good.

When thinking of a guided tour of Lisbon, you can’t even begin to imagine how many Lisbon tours exist! Lisbon has so many touring companies and people on tours that, some days, you cant go out on street without being run over by at least 5 groups of eager, blinded tourists and some very uninterested, run down, exhausted tour guide running on automatic pilot the same speech he has shared with thousands of others, before you all go home, financially lighter, psychically worn and none the wiser. To get a good tour that takes you to the nicer parts of the city and really provides good value and great times to your trip can be hard but when you do its guaranteed rewarding.

Firstly you could ask why would you go on a tour, finding your own way in a new city is just as interesting or not? Yes going to the tourist office getting a map and just travelling around is a nice way to discover this city but a good, well organized tour accompanied by a friendly knowledgeable guide can really show you aspects of this city that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise, it can introduce you to its history, culture and local traditions and it will help you overcome language barriers and show you the better parts of the city.

On Go Discover Portugal we’ve collected a selection of tours that we consider the best tours in Lisbon city for quality and price but also for the diverse offer and based on excellent feedback from our visitors.

When deciding which tour to do you should first determine your interest, do you like history, food, are you an active person or do you prefer to be driven around, would you like to see the most famous historical points or are you more interested in local culture or undiscovered parts of the cities?

Walking tours are the best way to discover Lisbon as you will get to see areas best reachable by foot and you wont have to deal with Lisbon’s hectic traffic but we’ve also gathered some wheeled options for those who don’t choose to walk but do like to get of the beaten track.

Walking tours

Pastel BacalhauFood and gastronomy tours
Food is an important part of Portuguese culture and tradition and Lisbon is no exception, Getting to know Lisbon’s gastronomy on a walking tour is possibly one of the most enjoyable ways to learn local culture while discovering various districts of Lisbon, tasting its delights and being introduced to its culinary history, you can end the day dining out in a typical Fado restaurant, you could follow a cooking class to prepare your own typically Portuguese dinner or lunch or you could dine in a local restaurant that we can suggest based on your budgets and wishes.

saramagoCulture and history tours
Lisbon with its long history and multi cultural background has many, many amazing historical landmarks, buildings, monasteries, churches, palaces and museums. The culture tours will take you to some of its most amazing points, it will inform you about its background from the Romans to the Moors to the first days of the country of Portugal

Sintra Wine walkWine tours
Portugal has a rich assortment of wine which is as inherent to the Portuguese culture as its food and history. Wine tasting tours will take you to some of its nicest wine bars and inform you about the different wine regions as you taste a selection of typically Portuguese wines.

Sightseeing tours

Lisbon is an incredibly beautiful city, trendy and popular, it has many contrasting districts, amazing views and old and modern aspects mixed in a friendly, lively atmosphere.

Wheeled tours

segway_delicious_tour_5Segway tours
Segway tours have taken over Lisbon the way they have taken over most the cities that attract mass tourism, you may not be a fan of these robotic looking tour “guides” but they are a great way to get around the city if walking is not your thing and they are none pollution so a good alternative to the walking tour.

beetle-and-the-driverBeetle tours
One of my particularly favourite wheeled tours is the Beetle guided tour, these tours are available for either half a day or a full day and can also include a visit to the wonderful UNESCO world heritage town of Sintra, there are 12 beetles available and each beetle fits 3 passengers making it a great way to Discover Lisbon and surrounding in a group. Each beetle is accompanied by a licensed tour guide/chauffeur.

Electrical car tours LisbonElectrical car tours
Another environmental friendly way to tour Lisbon is on an electrical car tour. These little cars are silent and move easily through the narrow streets of Lisbon the guide is a digital guide that will explain to you the sites and views based on the type of tour you choose.

Boat tours

Sailing and catamaran boat tours
Lisbon build on the shores of the Tagus revolves around its river as it approaches the sea, a great way to explore this river is on a sailing tour or Catamaran tour, for other boat tours please inform using the contact form.

We organize tours with licensed local tour guides in 5 languages Find and book some of our Lisbon tours on http://godiscoverportugal.com/category/tours/?tag=lisbon

Use our contact form or if you would like us to compose a custom tour package for 6 or more people, let us know what you are looking for. We provide tours in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Do you want to make a reservation, have a question, are you planning an event, vacation or business trip to Portugal or would you like us to custom search accommodation, leisure activities, transfers or restaurants for you? Please send us your details and we will contact you

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