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Madeira nature jeep tours

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A strong love of nature and the wonderful island of Madeira is what inspired our jeep tours.

The drivers are committed to the island and other than having a professional driving style and expertise, they understand the terrain as well as they understand the flora and fauna of the area.

Love and respect for nature, the locals and the Madeira traditions and how we can relate these to our visitors is what we are and how we are, Madeira.

Besides promoting the natural beauty of the island, we also intend to combine the mixed routes (off -road and on road) to unveil the mystery surrounding some of the activities, products and traditional industries inherent in the culture to which we belong.

Madeira is not only landscape it is a place of beauty, complemented by its people, uses, traditions and customs
Which we want to share with the world and for this reason the members of the team have fluent knowledge not only of the English language but also French and German, as well as fauna, flora and history of Madeira.

The Jeep tours will take you where no other goes!

Half day tours

Vineyards and colors

Route: Funchal – Cabo Girao – Fontainhas – Jardim da Serra – (Off-road) – Boca race – Estreito Camara de Lobos – Funchal
The day starts with one of the most stunning views of the island, Cabo Girao. It is revealed later in intense depth values, magnified by constant light of a warm and inviting sun. The surrounding landscape of Curral das Freiras, careful driving, winding, hilly roads will lead you to a romantic aspect of Madeira was unaware.

Rising sun tour

Route: Funchal – Santa Cruz – Santo da Serra -Machico – Funchal
The wicker industry, the routes, the multitude of terraces made with hands, hardness and beauty, the coarseness and landscape sweetness lead us to another mental state. The wild beauty, natural and humanized, will hypnotize you ..

Nuns & Valleys tour

Route: Funchal – Pico dos Barcelos – Eira do Serrado – Pico Areeiro – Old Holy Way (1/2 saw) -Camacha – Funchal
A comprehensive view of the city takes you toward a 4 × 4 mountain trip up along the right bank of the Ribeira Socorridos, guiding you almost to the top of the gazebo, on the valley of Curral das Freiras. Further, using part of the Massif Central, we take you up to the 3rd highest peak of the island. A festival of sights and valleys, will be visible and available to your senses.

Full day tours

Craters of Fire

Route: Funchal – Ribeira Brava – Ponta do Sol – Carvalhal – Calheta – Paul da Serra – das Vacas Floor – Calheta – Prazeres (lunch) – Jardim do Mar – Calheta – Funchal
Up to the plateau. Formed by volcanoes, flattened by erosion and marked by centuries of footsteps of peasants, traveling, guiding animals and carrying goods from one side to the other of the island. Place of deep, majestic valleys, covered with an unstoppable tree mantle, a thick, deep green, which leads to the heat of the Southwest. Up and down on a roller coaster of fragrances, a multitude of values ​​and colors, perfumes, we enter a scenario stories and cultures, printed and merged the faces of peasants, with whom we will encounter during the journey.

terraces delighted
porto Moniz

Route: Funchal – Ribeira Brava – Encumeada – Floor of Laurels – Sour cherries – Paul da Serra Fanal – Porto Moniz – Seixal (lunch) – Sao Vicente – Ribeira Brava – Funchal
A beautiful and pleasant tour along the northwest coast of Madeira. To penetrate the forest through enchanted and forgotten roads. Walking through streets and rural roads, it will enjoy a paradise setting and get a glimpse of vitality, leading the islanders through mountains and valleys surreal. When the weather permits, in the natural pools of Porto Moniz or the black sand beaches of basalt Seixal, you can enjoy, the warm waters of the ocean and surrounding warmth of this magical region.

Aromas and flavors

North Court and Biosphere

Route: Funchal – Ribeira Brava – Sierra Agua -S.Vicente – Ponta Delgada -Good Ventura – Arco de S. Jorge – Cabanas – offroad – Santana (lunch) – Porto da Cruz – Caniçal – Funchal
Through valleys of incredible beauty and magic, supported by terraces, built with love, blood and tears. You can almost imagine, through the staircases and trails that flow through the terraces that lead us into the fog, memory, courage and stubbornness of the settlers, trying to resist the weather imposed by Mother Nature. The sweetness and beauty of the gardens, the scents and colors of the forest will intoxicate you directions. Join us on a memorable trip.

Peaks of Madeira

Route: Machico – Funduras – Portela – Porto da Cruz – Faial – Santana – Cova da Roda – Crosses – Ribeiro Frio – Areeiro Pico – Shepherd Shelter – Funchal
We started the tour, leading toward the depths of the island, the border between North and South, providing you a view of breathtaking, Penha Eagle. Decendo to Faial, to the coast and then to go up, we will find tradition at its best, typical houses of Santana where a traditional repast awaits us. Valley below and through the forest, through valleys and streams, we arrive at Ribeiro Frio and climbed to an altitude of 1810 m. The end approaches but the memory will remain forever

Delicias countryside

Route: Funchal – Garajau – San Pedro – Aguas Mansas – Lamaceiros (lunch) – Portela – Santo da Serra (market) -Morena – Santa Cruz – Funchal
A glimpse of the southeast coast of the island, through faith and religion, between views maritimes, sloping roads breathtaking and the sound of thundering rivers. Fruits, drinks, vibrant sound of life, aroma and silent invitation of drinks and typical food, to visit the market, will impress you. The romanticism of the winding and narrow roads, the surrounding green landscape, how to be natural and warm the will impressinár you peasants deeply.

half day: €35.00 per person
  • Vineyards & Colours – Monday morning  / Friday afternoon
  • Nun’s & Valleys – Wednesday afternoon / Friday morning
  • Rising Sun – Wednesday morning / Monday afternoon
Full day: €48.00 per person
  • Enchanted terraces – Everyday
  • Scents & Flavours – Everyday except saturday
  • Craters of Fire – Tuesdays
  • Madeira Peaks – Saturdays
  • Country Delights – Sundays

Lunch: &euro12 per person (must be previously ordered.

For questions or reservations, use the following form or call us 00351 - 918354714 / 00351 938328865
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Type: tour with transport
Prices from: starting at 35 euro

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Madeira nature jeep tours

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