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Quinta dos Vales, wine tasting, events and team building

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Quinta dos Vales are a superb wine estate situated in the heart of the Western Algarve. From very humble beginnings this 44 hectare estate is now considered one of the best wineries in the Algarve with recognition from international organizations and visitors coming from far and wide.
Wine and art are two elements that often go hand in hand but can also be appreciated separately, and it is surprisingly
refreshing to find harmony in stunning sculptures that can be enjoyed together with high quality award-winning wines. In the several garden locations you can find an exhibition of well over a hundred art pieces in different styles, materials and sizes.
This symbiosis creates a perfect setting for any type of event, be it a private executive meeting or something as important as a wedding celebration.

And the atmosphere of a winery makes our accommodation facilities a perfect choice for a holiday retreat. What could be better than waking up in the morning to a view of rows upon rows of sun-drenched vines?
The modern winery behind the old walls lives up to the visitor’s expectations. High-quality winemaking machinery is used here along with traditional methods that help us make sure that the grapes are treated with precision and care.
It takes unusual vision and entrepreneurial flair to bring together art, winemaking and nature to develop a unique concept in oenotourism in Portugal. Quinta dos Vales tells the story of turning a sleepy wine farm into an internationally recognized winemaking estate, holiday retreat and centre for arts and events.

What is expected of a Portuguese winery located in the Algarve? Vineyards, of course. And Quinta dos Vales, which means the Farm of the
Valleys, certainly doesn’t disappoint.
Located on gently undulating hills are vineyards of more than 200,000 m2 where grape varieties unique to Portugal, such as Touriga
Nacional, flourish along with international varieties which have adjusted to the unique climate and soil of the region.
The selection and development of the wines is supervised by two top oenologists, Dorina Lindemann and Paulo Laureano, who collaborate
with the vineyard owner and his wine consultant engineers throughout the entire production process.
When it comes to the secret of the perfect ingredients for a wine, it amounts to a few essential elements – the right soil and the
right climate (a combination defined in viniculture circles as ‘terroir’), and a caring, responsible treatment by the wine grower.
The Algarve’s vineyards, enclosed in an amphitheatre which is protected from the northern winds, has a unique climate characterized by an average of 3000 hours of sunshine per year, which is a benefit to the producers of the region. The soil is also ideally suited, so the rawpotential is there to grow excellent grapes and therefore create great wines.
Combining all the essential elements to create a synergy is an art, and this is what separates the good from the great –
expert maintenance of the vineyards and scientific precision in the cellar backed by modern technology so that nothing is left to chance.

For groups Quinta dos Vales provide tasting sessions, wine blending workshops, bottle blending and barrel blending.
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Quinta dos Vales, wine tasting, events and team building

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