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Restaurant Sete Saias, Nazare

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Nazare is an old fishing village on the west coast of Central Portugal. It’s a village which has grown into a small town but it has always kept it’s village traditions, very proudly, up to this day.
The town has gained international fame thanks to it’s high surfing waves which on a Northern beach above Nazare, “Praia do Norde” reached the highest waves ever surfed and created a new world record held by Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara in 2014.

Nazare is a surfers paradise but it’s also a very nice place for a family beach holiday on the beaches south of the “praia do Norde”.

One of the first really good restaurants we found in Nazare has the name of a tradition that exists only in Nazare and it is the tradition of the “Sete Saias” which means seven petticoats. The traditional woman in Nazare still wear these and you’ll meet them everywhere selling traditional beans called Tremoco or in winter castanje, eating with each other at traditional restaurants or walking together on the streets. Others own restaurants or have apartments for rent.
These where the woman who stayed behind when the husband went fishing, they made a life on the land until their husbands returned, if they returned.
They wore seven petticoats which translates to “Sete saias” because winters in Nazare can be cold and it’s a tradition that has made Nazare very famous.

The restaurant pays homage to it’s name and this still existing tradition as the owner wears the petticoats with an unquestioned and proud prevelance.

The restaurant serves fresh fish straight from the sea as well as many well known Portuguese meat dishes. It’s not a coastline restaurant with a view of the beach but for the locals it’s the place to eat when you want something special and don’t care to much about the view. The food is excellent as is the menu. The restaurant is very nicely decorated, staff is great and ambience authentic. Place to visit and an authentic local, place to eat!

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Price indication: €5 - €10 euros
Ambiance: Local - Traditional - Local Culinary
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Restaurant Sete Saias, Nazare

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