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São lourenço Restaurant Abrantes

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São Lourenço restaurante AbrantesSão Lourenço restaurante AbrantesSão Lourenço restaurante AbrantesSão Lourenço restaurante AbrantesSão Lourenço restaurante AbrantesSão Lourenço restaurante buffetSão Lourenço restaurante buffetSão Lourenço restaurante buffet and view

The São lourenço Restaurant Abrantes belongs to the trendy, central Portugal, Trincanela group and is a modern, popular restaurant in the newly build ‘Parque Urbana’ in Abrantes.
Abrantes is an old historical city in the centre of Portugal, not yet discovered by international tourism but beautiful and inspiring, quiet and traditional, friendly and proud.

The São Lourenço restaurant has the better setting for a restaurant in the centre of Portugal as it was build in a modern architectural style with a view of an ancient natural landscape that during the building of the parque was respected and kept intact but it was made more easily accessible by wooden bridges and predestined paths.

The Restaurante São Lourenço is right on the border of the Abrantes urban park (or Parque Urbano) and is surrounded by large grounds with space and provisions for children, enjoying confined nature, or making a barbecue and practising sports.

Light and views are what this restaurant’s décor is all about.
The building is fully ‘walled’ with windows giving the restaurant an all around view of the park and it’s gorgeous, old, high rising trees that where saved by it’s modern, rehabilitation and framed by the building in this reclaimed landscape.

Outside there is large and comfortable terrace that has enough shade on hot days and enough shelter on colder or wetter days.

The restaurant has a buffet concept that meets modern Portuguese standards and offers daily 2 different meat dishes, one fish dish and one fully vegetarian meal all accompanied by a salad bar and a grill / deep fry section.

We loved the soups and desserts são lourenço restaurant offers and the buffet concept, the choice, ambiance, quantity and service are impressive considering the very reasonable prices the restaurant charges.

Definitely another good reason to travel to Abrantes or leave the highway for a well deserved break!

Abrantes is a very nice but extremely quiet medieval city almost the in centre point of Portugal. The city had a major role in medieval Portugal and much of the period in history remained. It set on a high hill giving magnificent views over the surrounding landscape and has a nice castle right on the top of the city. It’s streets are small, winding and climbing. The restaurante São Lourenço is set in the newer lower, flatter, more easily accessible modern part of Abrantes.

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Address: 39.45531250411545, -8.201747238636017
foodstyle: Traditional Portuguese Buffet
Minimum price main course:: €5 - €10 euros
Ambiance: Modern - Trendy - Innovative


Tuesday to thursday-11.00 to 18.00 / Friday:11.00 to 23.00

Saturday: 10.00 to 23.00h / Sunday: 10.00 to 19.00

Public Transport Abrantes train station taxi to Parque Urbano
private parking
easy wheelchair access

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