Scents, sounds, and sights – senses team building in Portugal photo gallery

We have 5 senses and each of these senses is important as they help us analyse and a store information about or surroundings.

Researchers from Boston university have conducted studies that show that using multi-sensory training programs, a research technique that engages more than one of the senses, helps adults improve their performance tasks significantly faster than methods that use only one stimulus.
The multi sensory training programs can be intergrated into team building to create better teams.

Our take on this is to have teams working together in an outdoor experience that will heighten the awareness of each team member to their surroundings by being aware of scents, sounds and sights in their surroundings to analyze together as a team.

Where does this team-building take place?

This team building is possible anywhere in Portugal . Its length and difficulty is adjusted to the group.

This team building can take place in nature or in cities

Challenges used

The challenges used vary per group but they can concentrate on nature, city sounds, food & wine, art & culture or a combination

Request possibilities

Team building / groups / celebrations request information
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