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Sirius gourmet restaurant Tomar

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Novemeber 2016 This restaurant is the only place in Tomar that has a gourmet style tendency and makes an attempt at creating something different in Tomar however since its start it has had issues with consistency in both food and service and after receiving several complaints from its customers we have decided that we cannot support this restaurant in the current situation any longer. You may eat here and have a great meal but you can also go home with your pockets a lot emptier and no satisfaction from your experience. Eat at your own risk.

Please see our original article from 2015 below.

Sirius gourmet restaurant Tomar is a completely new concept restaurant in Tomar. Its concept is based on the elegance of a designed interior which seems to integrate the lovely architecture outside into the building as if the view was a painting of times remembered. To the left you will see traders style housing from the 19th century and to the right the UNESCO world heritage castle of Tomar, the convent of Christ is in clear view as it stands high above the city. One of the best views of the castle can be seen from several tables in this lovely place.

Candle light surrounds you, as do flowers, a professional table set up, soft music and a warm unofficial feeling makes dining in this restaurant a comfortable and special experience.

What is even more important is of-course the food. Sirius restaurants serves gourmet style food that finds no comparison in Tomar, creative dishes that have traditional and regional influences mixed with experimental flavour experiences. Nothing overpowered but a perfect combination of flavours that enhance and balance.
All the produce is seasonal and fresh and many of the herbs and spices used are home grown.

The wines are plentiful in choice with a very large selection of both the regional and national bests on offer.

Sirius restaurant was created according to the dream of its owners and even though the service has received some bad feedback on it´s starting days, Sirius restaurant is certainly a restaurant we suggest for gourmet style cooking in the heart of Tomar, the restaurant can be busy and we suggest reservation!

The restaurant is new in Tomar and we wish it a great future!

Parking is free, close to its door, walking from the historical centre is nicest and shortest through the Nabao park. Next to the Templarios hotel enter the park in direction of the pousada to the right you will see a bridge cross the bridge and follow the road for another 300m and you will have arrived, total walk from the entrance of the park is roughly 5 minutes.

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☆ Customer testimonials >>> foodstyle: Gourmet style based on local and regional ingredients
Price indication: €10- €25 euros
Ambiance: Gourmet - design - candle light
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Sirius gourmet restaurant Tomar

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