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The Solar Espirito Santo Hotel


On our travel through Ribatejo, we found a hotel of unexpected beauty and elegance in Azinhaga, Golega, the Solar Espirito Santo Hotel.

It’s special In every possible way not the least being the presence of beautiful Lusitano horses. This hotel combines lodging with horse riding on the typical Portuguese Lusitano horses on the grounds of the hotel or the shores off the close by Tagus river!

The façade of the Solar Espirito Santo could easily go unnoticed as it did with us the many times we passed it before realizing it´s existance. It’s modest 15th century entrance that doesn´t stand out from the other facades in the small town of Azinhaga in any noticable way.

The Solar Espirito Santo Hotel is on the main road through Azinhaga.
It´s facade frames the old chapel doors followed to the right a small door that seems to give entrance to a small house.
The actual hotel entrance is further to the right through a big wooden door with a pull string bell but this took us a while to figure out.

Once you´ve managed to find your way inside you enter a complete new world. A large haven of peace, history, and elegant beauty.

Solar Espirito Santo horse riding hotel in the horse riding capital of Portugal

The historical ‘home’ has been transformed into a small hotel open to anybody that may visit. The outside grounds, the stables and horses, horse riding ring, small swimming pool and a personal outdoor bar make it the most perfect place for a horse-riding holiday or to accompany somebody on a horse riding holiday, nothing ‘Hilton’ but the stuff we love on Go Discover a personal and authentic surrounding offering something special.

This is typically a place to relax and to learn how to ride the Lusitano horse.

The Quinta organises lessons compiled into weekend or week packages, but you may also ride in fields and along the river Tagus close to the quinta. Here you will see and experience Portuguese hospitality in the most beautiful place that hasn’t been stained by mass tourism.
You’ll be guided and thought by a friendly and professional owner, who wants you to come and feel completely at home and share with her this special surrounding.

You don’t need to ride horses to stay here because by itself, just the place, the atmosphere and the rooms, the beautiful little chapel, impressive town Quinta grounds and the lovely hotel owner make it the perfect place to be, when you want some stress timeout but the Solar Espirito santo is a horse riding hotel in the Lusitano horse capital, Golega and you probably should attempt to ride also even though nobody will hold it against you if you don’t.

To reserve Solar Espirito Santo Hotel, go to reserve >>

Included in the horse riding package are 2 hours of lessons a day but you may choose to have less. The packages include full board with 3 meals a day, vouchers for meals in some of the nicest restaurants in the area, large rooms all with private bathroom and free use of the house and grounds. The spaces are limited and booking on time is advisable!

This is a good place to experience the art of riding a typical Portuguese Lusitano horse and even learning dressage in the horse riding capital of Portugal, Golegâ.

If you don’t want to ride or are travelling with a group of riders and you just want to enjoy Azinhaga and it’s beautiful surroundings, You are still very welcome as they offer packages including and excluding horse riding.

At the Solar Espirito Santo they also organize courses for experienced dressage riders with well known Portuguese dressage tutors.

The Solar Espirito Santo is a hotel in Golega with a difference!

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