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Surf Lisbon Costa da Caparica

Surf Lisbon Costa da Caparica

Surf Lisbon Costa da Caparica

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Surf Costa da Caparica is situated on the popular beach of Costa da Caparica close to Lisbon city with waves that are perfect for the beginning and medium experienced surfer and organised in cooperation of Lufi surf school.

We provide options and packages for any age to learn this enervating sport with the help of certified and experienced professionals, interested in visiting Lisbon and learning to surf? Read on!

Surf Costa da Caparica Lisbon is easy to get to from Lisbon city and the waves are perfect for beginning surfers.
Surfing can be learned almost the entire year wearing wetsuits and the autumn and spring waves are the best for surfing.
To read more about this surf spot and it´s suitability to your wishes and needs please visit surfing waves.com

The school provides classes for all ages and surf experience lessons, starting with the beginner and ending with the experienced. Children can participate in special children classes and equipment is available for all age groups.
Transport to other beaches where waves are higher or lower, depending on wave circumstances and experience level is arranged in 2 vans belonging to the school.
The school works only with experienced and certified teachers,with a proven trackrecord in surfing and teaching and takes all safety rules and precautions into consideration.
The school also offers team events or party events, private lessons and equipment rent.
The school is set in a 3 floor building with classrooms for theoretical lessons, equipment storage and changing rooms.

“The Surf School is certified and recognized by the Federação Portuguesa de Surf and by Turismo de Portugal. Through our highly qualified professional Team, also certified by the Federação Portuguesa de Surf and the Instituto Português do Desporto, we can assure teaching methods and adequate equipment which provide the best quality Classes and strict observation of all the requiredl safety measures along our activities. The main goal of our School is to put forward to children and adults the fantastic and motivating Surf world and its associated sports, providing the knowledge of adequate rules, techniques, know how, principles and the capacity to understand and follow up of the required conditions to achieve the minimum Surfing qualifications in the pursuit of a safe and happy Surf practice.”

How does it work? You can book through our site by form, telephone or chat. We will check availability or answer your questions. If availabilty exists than we forward you the contact of the school and they will take it from there. Payments will be made straight to the school after you have finalized  your reservation or prior to the start of your event or lessons.

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[tab name=”lessons and team events”]Keiki classes

Keiki classes are for the youngest aged between 5 and 8 the classes are different to the other children classes because of the young age. It is a starting introduction to surfing taking into consideration the age group and vulnerabilty in the ocean of this group. Each group of no more than 3 children has its own instructor to garantee safety and care. The Keiki class is given on request only and only during those times that the sea is at its safest. Please inquire for further information.

Lessons and packages for children and adults to the age of 99


One class in the morning or in the afternoon


  • until 10 people (inc) = 17€/each person
  • more than 10 people = 14€/each person


Two Surf classes; one in the morning and another in the afternoon:


  • until 10 people (inc) = 30€/each person
  • more than 10 people = 25€/each person


Two classes: One Surf class in the morning and another of Stand Up Paddle * ( SUP) in the afternoon or vice versa.


  • until 10 people (inc) = 30€/each person
  • more than 10 people = 25€/each person

* Activity very dependent of the sea and weather conditions. In the absence of the minimum safety conditions for the SUP practice this will be replaced by a Surf classe.


One Surf class in the morning and Paintball in the afternoon period:


  • until 10 people (inc) = 35€/each person
  • more than 10 people = 30€/each person


One Surf class in the morning and a bicycle ride through natural routes, with Guide, in the afternoon.


  • until 10 people (inc) = 30€/each person
  • more than 10 people = 25€/each person

These are some examples of prices and activities, but more options are available depending on the number of attending people, age group and budget.

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[tab name=”Parties”]Parties with our without snacks

A Surf Baptism Class, approx. 90 minutes (Coach, Surf suit and board included)

  • Until 5 people = 20€ each person
  • More than 6 people = 14€ each person

With a snack at the Restaurant Bar/lounge Dragão Vermelho the price is increased with 8 Euros.

Red dragon Menu:

  • Mixed cheese and ham sandwich.
  • Croquettes
  • Fried chips
  • Chocolate Salame
  • Pop corns
  • Gelatine pudding
  • No gas juices and mineral water
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To receive information, make a booking or get a quote, you can call us 00351 938328865 or fill in your details below