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Taberna Antiqua Tomar

Due to a contract breach and the unwillingness of Taberna Antiqua to meet their obligations we have put Taberna Antigua under investigation and during this time we have blocked them from Go Discover Portugal. We can not answers questions or accept reservations for Taberna Antigua Tomar during this time. We hope that the situation will regulate shortly.

We apologize for any inconvenience and work hard to provide you with the best alternatives!
Please check out our excellent alternatives in Tomar to find a suitable restaurant.

Casa das Ratas, culinary, traditional food with a tavern type ambience in typical Tomar

Casa das Ratas Casa das Ratas >>

Alminhas restaurant, innovative, modern cuisine with great attention to detail in a beautiful tranquil space in the centre of Tomar

alminhas4 Alminhas Tomar

Marisquiera de Tomar, A little out of the centre but a short walk to taste real culinary local excellence in the best fish and seafood restaurant of Tomar!

Marisqueira de Tomar Marisquiera de Tomar

Our check all our excellent restaurants in Tomar! http://godiscoverportugal.com/tag/restaurants-tomar/

We help you plan your events in Portugal, Team building, hotels, event venues, restaurants, catering, activities and transfers. no extra costs, fees or obligations.

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We provide bespoke, made to measure solutions for group and corporate travel to Portugal.

Accommodation, Activities, Event venues, Team building, Catering, Restaurants and Transfers are our specialties.

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