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I’m writing to give you the overall feedback! It was amazing! Our group were 20-30 different nationalities present and everyone loved it !!!
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Go Discover Portugal travel - Activities Açores

Kayaking and SUP, Azores

The Azores consist of 9 small islands grouped together half way between Portugal and North America. Its breathtaking landscapes, many beaches, internal lakes, springs and waterfalls make these islands an ever more popular locations for holidays and retreats. with it… Read more >>
Type: Sup & Kayak
Prices from: from 20 euro per person
Times: Daily if weather allows
Max participants: unkonwn
Prices starting from: € from 20 euro per person
Max participants: unkonwn

Coasteering Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal

COASTEERING EXPERIENCE The volcanic island coastline hides areas that few ever get to see. This exploration and adventure means scrambling and traversing the tide line, snorkeling and swimming the volcanic bottom with their fauna and flora or climbing to cliff… Read more >>
Type: Coasteering Location: Remote location / Transport included
Location Remote location / Transport included

Coasteering Azores, Portugal

Coasteering on the Island of São Jorge - Azores Coasteering is a recent sport activity, which consists of progressing along the coast by rocks and sea, using swimming, climbing, rappelling, slide, water jumping and walking. The island of São Jorge… Read more >>
Type: Coasteering

Buggy Kart and quad bike tours, Azores

Buggy Kart and quad bike tours, Azores are a great way to discover the countryside of the Sao Miguel Island of the Azores. Starting at its capital, Ponte Delgado you have the option of various routes that will take you… Read more >>
Type: Kart cross
Prices from: from 45 Euro
Times: Todos os dias
Prices starting from: € from 45 Euro

Shark diving, S. Miguel, Azores

Shark diving is an energetic and educational activity for those who already know how to dive. We accompany you with fully certified professionals that are specialized in shark diving. They will take you to the spots where the sharks swim… Read more >>
Type: Beginners Scuba Diving
Prices from: From 170 euro
Prices starting from: € From 170 euro

Catamaran tours, Marina Ponte Delgado, Azores

The Azores are the best place for a luxurious Catamaran tour  The Lipari 41 Evolution 12 meters long with 3 double cabins and fully equipped. Sail the coast with guaranteed safety and comfort,you'll  enjoythe best  panoramic views. Ideal for groups… Read more >>
Type: Catamaran charters
Prices from: From 75 euro per person
Times: aLl year round
Prices starting from: € From 75 euro per person

Scuba Diving try dives for beginners, S. Miguel, Azores

Try dives are the best way to experience your introduction to diving in the open sea. Try dives in S. Miguel, Azores are a popular way to discover the sea and all its incredible sea life of the coast of… Read more >>
Type: Beginners Scuba Diving
Prices from: From 55 euro
Prices starting from: € From 55 euro

Deep sea fishing and boat trips, Azores

The Azores Islands of Portugal are one of the best destinations worldwide for those who like or want to try big-game fishing. Atlantic blue fin tuna, other species of tuna, marlins and smaller fishes such as sea bass dominate the… Read more >>
Type: Deep sea fishing & Boat tours
Prices from: from 350 euro
Times: Every day
Prices starting from: € from 350 euro

Sea experience including swimming with dolphins! Sao Miquel, Azores

The Azores, known for its beautiful landscapes and wonderful wildlife has a rich sea habitat that is home to a large range of dolphins and whales and a trip to the islands is not complete without an exploration of this… Read more >>
Type: Sea exploration and dolphin swimming
Prices from: 125 euro
Times: Summer Every day, in winter depending on weather conditions
Prices starting from: € 125 euro

Canyoning São Miguel, Azores, Portugal

Canyoning São Miguel, Azores, Portugal is an adventurous and energizing way to discover the largest of the Azores island, São Miguel, known locally as the green island. The island is covered in canyons, caves and waterfalls and lends itself perfectly… Read more >>
Type: Canyoning

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