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Go Discover Portugal travel - Activities Nazare

Surf lessons in the world famous surf location of Nazare, Portugal

Surf lessons in the world famous surf location of Nazare, Portugal, possibly the most exciting place in the world for learning surf. In the winter Nazare's waves have been measured as high as 40 meter and these waves were boldly… Read more >>
Type: Surf lessons and packages
Prices from: from 25 euro
Times: aLl year round


Price: € from 25 euro

Boat tour of the Berlengas Islands

The Berlengas archipelago is a Portuguese archipelago, composed of granite islands, roughly 8km from Cape Carvoeiro. They depend administratively of the parish of St. Peter, in Peniche, It is the oldest nature protected area in Portugal and became so in… Read more >>
Type: Boat tour
Prices from: 50 euro per person
Times: Every day


Price: € 50 euro per person

Dolphin safari / dolphin watching Nazare

Dolphin watching Nazare, is a wonderful experience off the coast of Nazare and a unique opportunity to watch the most graceful of dolphins, the Cetaceans also known for their spectacular jumps. The boat used for the dolphin safari is equipped… Read more >>
Type: Dolphin watching
Prices from: 35 euro
Times: Summer Every day, in winter depending on weather conditions


Price: € 35 euro

Talasso, Thalassotherapy Spa Nazare

[tab name="Info"]Talasso, Thalassotherapy Spa Nazare is one of the reasons many travel to Nazare. Thalassotherapie is based on the medicative and healing properties of sea water and even though its origin is unknown, there is evidence that the Romans where… Read more >>
Type: Spa
Prices from: All inclusive
Times: Open all year


Price: € All inclusive

Sport fishing at sea, Nazare

Portugal is a popular destination for fishing both in it´s inland sweet water rivers and lakes as of the west coast, the Algarve and the Islands. In the sea of the west coast there are over 200 fish species from… Read more >>
Type: Sea sport fishing
Prices from: Actividade paga
Times: All year round depending on weather conditions.


Price: € Actividade paga

Flyboard Nazare

As children we all had dreams of flying like birds. Since the relatively recent invention of flyboarding this is now possible of the shores of Portugal! flyboard Nazare belongs to a company that organizes many events on the shore from… Read more >>
Type: Flyboard experience Max participants: 6 per hour
Difficulty level: Easy
Location: Marina of Nazare 1hour 15 minutes from Lisbon
Event size: Private celebrations, bachelor / hen parties


Location Marina of Nazare 1hour 15 minutes from Lisbon
Max participants: 6 per hour
Events & meetings: Private celebrations, bachelor / hen parties

Ice cream Parlour Il Ancora Nazare

Nazare has many ice cream parlours that open all summer. A lot are good some a bit less. We're finding the best for you on Go Discover Portugal! Il Ancora is one of our best choices. Il Ancora Nazare is… Read more >>
Type: Ice cream parlour


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