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Go Discover Portugal travel - Activities Porto

Porto private car / van tours

PORTO PRIVATE CAR or VAN TOUR Porto has a welcoming and conservative character that hides a contemporary and creative city represented in modern buildings, important architects, and diverse cultural offer. Porto is a city of important people, strong economic groups,… Read more >>
Type: Car tour
Prices from: paid
Times: everyday


Price: € paid

Cooking workshops in the chef’s kitchen, Porto

Cooking workshops in the chef's kitchen, Porto are a unique opportunity to really experience Porto's culinary traditions in a typically Portuguese surrounding, the comfort of the chef's home kitchen and dining room. Porto has a rich and diverse gastronomy based… Read more >>
Type: Cooking workshop / wine
Prices from: from 30 euro per person
Times: Everyday


Price: € from 30 euro per person

Active adventure in Portugal – leisure activities & extreme sports, find out what is trending!

For adventure activities Portugal, this article gives a concise overview of possibilities for the year 2018! Portugal is located at the most south western point of Europe. The country is part of the Iberian peninsula and it plunges into the… Read more >>


Jet boat Porto

Note* Due to some dissent with the new owners of the Jet boat and their customer support policies that we find unacceptable and below the expected standard for our customers, we have decided not to work with Jet boat Porto… Read more >>
Type: Jet boat - Extreme speed boat
Prices from: Actividade paga
Times: All year depending on weather


Price: € Actividade paga

Rafting Porto North Portugal

Rafting is a sport which consists of descending down fast moving rivers in inflatable boats called Rafts. Rio Paiva is considered the best river in Portugal for the practice of rafting. In 2006 it was considered the river with the… Read more >>
Type: White water rafting
Prices from: 55 euro per person
Times: Every day


Price: € 55 euro per person

Cooking workshops in the centre of Porto

Porto has a rich and diverse gastronomy based on the many regional ingredients available from its  fertile landscapes and coastline. Situated on the coast and close to the Northern mountains it has an abundance of ingredients that over the centuries… Read more >>
Type: Cooking workshop / wine
Prices from: from 30 euro per person
Times: Everyday


Price: € from 30 euro per person

Accompanied hikes & lunch / tranfers Geres National park

Gerês Tour - Waterfalls & Mountains Peneda-Gerês National Park Tours For those who travel there is never enough time to discover all there is and get to see the best, so we created the Gerês Tour - Waterfalls and mountains… Read more >>
Type: 4 wheel drive & hiking tours
Prices from: from 35 euro per day
Times: Every day all year round


Price: € from 35 euro per day

Tandem Paragliding Porto / Braga

We are sorry to inform you that we cannot offer tandem paragliding experiences in Porto at this moment. Please check Tandem paragliding in Lisbon if you are travelling to Lisbon or Tandem skydive experiences just 30KM from Porto instead! Tandem… Read more >>
Type: Tandem paragliding
Prices from: Paid activity
Times: Every day on appointment


Price: € Paid activity

Campervan hire Portugal

[tab name="Information"]Cheap and professional  Campervan hire Portugal with 3 pickup places, Porto, Lisbon and Faro. From the biggest campervan hire company in Portugal! Campervans are a cool, economical way to travel around Portugal, visit the best beaches, towns and sites.… Read more >>
Type: budget Campervan hire
Prices from: from 55 euro per day
Times: Every day all year round


Price: € from 55 euro per day

Extreme sports in Portugal – Lots of choices and excitement but safety comes first! Things to take into consideration

When we started Go Discover we had no idea extreme sports would become so popular on the site and we love them, there is no better way to redefine your limits, energy and capabilities.... but we also had no idea… Read more >>


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“Old timer” Formula 1 Car racing Porto

"Old timer" Formula 1 Car racing Porto is part of the Comval Racing School which was created to give customers the opportunity to be closer to the racing car world and provide a simple and effective learning platform,that is affordable… Read more >>
Type: Car racing
Prices from: 119,00
Times: aLl year round


Price: € 119,00

Furadouro beach, Ovar

Furadouro beach is a large sandy beach close to the town of Ovar and 40km from Porto. The beach is quiet most of the year but during the summer months reasonably popular, its never over crowded. Furadouro is a quiet… Read more >>
Type: Sea beach
Prices from: Actividade gratuida
Times: not relevant


Price: € Actividade gratuida

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