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Alentejo SUP tours

Alentejo SUP tours provide a new concept in discovering the largest Portuguese Provence of Alentejo with tours that combine history, food and the internal waters with the active, easy to master sport of SUP, Stand up paddle board. Much like… Read more >>

Mindfulness Portugal for corporate travel

Mindfulness as a practice has been gaining ground in the US and Europe. Used as a solution in hospitals, prisons, by corporations and in schools. Practitioners claim it benefits health, communication skills, individual happiness and personal compassion. Mindfulness doesn't come… Read more >>

Monte da Ravasqueira, Wine events and coach museum, Evora

Monte da Ravasqueira, Wine events and coach museum, Arraiolos, Evora located in the relaxing landscapes of Alentejo is a 3000 Hectare wine estate that has been property of the prestiges Mello family for 3 generations. Asserting its position as a… Read more >>

Discovering the Wines of Evora, Alentejo

Evora is an ancient city set in the vast and peaceful landscapes of Alentejo. The city famous for its many monuments and gastronomy is no less famous for its local Alentejo wines. This article is about 2 impressive and in… Read more >>

Skydive Évora, Go Discover Alentejo from the Sky!

[nivo thumbs="y"] Skydive in Évora just another great reason to visit In an earlier article we informed you about the many reasons you may have to visit the lovely old city of Évora, when visiting Portugal. However another more modern… Read more >>

Cross country Buggy Kart cross Montargil, Alto Alentejo

Buggy Kart cross Montargil is a fantastic, energetic and fun way to discover the beautiful lake shores, Alentejo landscape and rural surroundings of Montargil through the sandy roads and cross country inaccessible with regular transports. Montargil in upper Alentejo is… Read more >>

Rabelo boat tours, Porto, Aveiro and the Douro river for groups and team building

The Rabelo boats of Portugal, mostly from the North and the city of Porto are very authentic boats and intriguing boats that add much to the charm of Porto and the Douro river. For centuries these boats were used to… Read more >>

Kayaking tours for groups, Alqueva

The Alqueva lake is the largest artificial lake in Europe and it is bordered on one side by Portugal and on the other by Spain. It's an area for discovery, remote and beautiful the waters of the Alqueva are a… Read more >>

Alentejo bread making workshop & lunch, Évora

Alentejo has its own unique bread made by an old traditional method, this workshop will teach you how it is made with hands on practice followed by a delicious lunch with great Alentejo wines. The workshop is held in an… Read more >>

Arraiolos wine tasting tour, Évora, Alentejo

Arraiolos, just 20Km from Evora, is a small medieval town crowned by a unique round plan castle from the 13th century. It is also the home of one of the more famous Alentejo wine producers and a unique coach museum… Read more >>

Vila Gale Country club hotel, Beja, Alentejo

The Vila Galé Clube de Campo hotel, located near Beja, in broad Alentejo, offers a unique concept by combining rural tourism, wine tourism and different activities related to nature tourism. Having been renovated in 2014, this unit’s architecture and decoration… Read more >>

Alqueva Discovery tour, buggy or van and boat tour, Alentejo

Alqueva and Monsaraz castle Blue spark buggy tour or van tour. Alqueva is the biggest artificial lake in Europe. With more then 250 km2 of water surface, which covers 5 municipalities of Alentejo. Thanks to the damming of the river,… Read more >>

Wild bull tour, Évora, Alentejo

Toiro Bravo, discover this amazing animal in a natural surrounding in the hearth of Alentejo Full or half Day tours Alentejo is one of the main districts in Portugal for breeding the wild black bulls, used for the bull fights… Read more >>

Sublime Comporta, luxury Country retreat, Comporta, Alentejo

Comporta is hip, gorgeous and peaceful the Guardian wrote about it, CNtraveller wrote about it but it retains its innocence. One of the most amazing places to stay in Comporta is the country retreat Sublime Comporta, set close to the… Read more >>

Tandem Skydive at 5000M, Beja, Alentejo

Tandem jumping is an adventure experience currently most popular in Portugal. Just 1.5 hours drive from Lisbon, close to the city of Beja you can experience tandem parachuting from the local airport of Figueira dos Cavaleiros, a small town with… Read more >>

Adega Mayor, Wine tasting and wine activities, Alentejo

Adega Mayor, Wine tasting and wine activities, Alentejo is located on the border of Spain just above Badajoz in the upper Alentejo region of Portugal. The vineyards enjoy a privileged and easy to access location, as it is only 2… Read more >>

Cooking at Sofia’s house – Portuguese cooking workshops in Evora

Cooking at Sofia's house - Portuguese cooking classes in Evora The most popular traditional cooking workshops in Evora are organized by a hands on chef called Sofia in her wonderful 18th century house in the historical centre of Evora. Cooking… Read more >>

Quad biking, Alentejo, Beja

Quad biking in Alentejo! Close to the city of Beja, you will find a unique country club and natural park consisting of 1620 HA of farm land giving us the perfect opportunity to drive around with a unique form of… Read more >>

Business travel and Event travel to Portugal, why choose Portugal for your next event?

Noticing that business travel,  group and event travel to Portugal seem to be growing at a fast rate for both the corporate business markets and the private event planners. We decided to explain certain aspects of group travel to Portugal… Read more >>

Herdade do Cebolal Wine tasting

The Cebolal Homestead is located in the Alentejo coast, 10 km from the sea and 20km from the historic city of Santiago do Cacém. In the 23 hectares of vineyard bet as production of three distinct and elegant wines. The… Read more >>

L-and Vineyards resort restaurant

L-and Vineyards resort restaurant was awarded it´s first Michelin star in 2014 for the year 2015! The L-and Vineyards resort restaurant in Alentejo is run by the creative Michelin starred chef Miquel Laffan and the concept behind his cooking is… Read more >>

Pousada Estremoz, Alentejo

Pousada Estremoz, Alentejo is roughly 169 km from Lisbon it is located in the 14th century castle of Estremoz which has been converted to be the luxurious Pousada hotel it is today. Come and relax in the shade of a… Read more >>

Pousada do Alcacer do Sal, Alentejo

Spend a holiday in the historic Pousada de Alcacer do Sal. Situated in the old castle built by the Muslims, and in 1186, Sancho I donated the castle to the Order of Santiago. In the century. XVI is adapted to… Read more >>

Pousada Convento Beja hotel

Pousada Convento Beja hotel set in a formar monasteryis a tranquil hotel consisting of large clerical spaces and cosy rooms completely refurbished to fit the luxury feel of all pousadas. It is set in the historical center of Beja close… Read more >>

The dark deep ocean of online booking

Online booking sites have taken over the world of travel planning, most travel agents know this and must travel planners use them. However nobody seems to really understand how they work, how they differentiate and how they have real life… Read more >>

Pousada Convento Évora hotel

Pousada Convento Évora hotel or the convent of Evora, historical  hotel is set right next to the Roman temple in the centre of Evora At the initiative of António Ferro, Pousadas were designed to "accommodate visitors and provide them with… Read more >>

Hot air Ballooning Evora

New! Evora is a wonderful city so is the district where it is located, Alentejo. With hot air ballooning you can view this amazing landscape from the silence of the sky guided by the wind in a hot air balloon… Read more >>

Paddle boarding for Families, Algarve

Paddle boarding is one of the funniest, fastest growing water activities of the moment. Its accessible to all ages and makes a great pastime for families, wanting to spent some good quality time together. Family Day paddleboarding the Algarve comes… Read more >>

Hot air Ballooning Beja, Alentejo

Part of the Alentejo promotion plans to bring tourism to this wonderful region of Portugal, many partnerships have been created between companies, hotels and activities to create synergies that will excite peope to visit. Hot air ballooning is one of… Read more >>

Casa do Platano, guesthouse, Evora, Alentejo

"Alentejo is the perfect place for those looking for a limpid and simple way of being and feeling, far from the excesses and the overwhelming. It's here that João and Carla find peace of mind and recharge batteries for their… Read more >>

Herdade da Matinha, Alentejo

Hidden in a valley 5km south of Cercal, this country house is bursting with colour, thanks to owner Alfredo’s vivid paintings and red, pink and orange doors, chairs, sofas and cushions. Guests lounge in daybeds and by water features looking… Read more >>

Casas das Moagem, rural hotel, lower Alentejo

The Casas da Moagem rural hotel is a hotel close to the Alentejo coast set in the beautiful Baixo Alentejo landscape. In the village of Santo Domingo, 18 km from Santiago do Cacém and 15 km from Alvalade, The casas… Read more >>

Naturarte rural tourism resort, Alentejo

The beautifully luxurious Naturarte rural tourism resort in Alentejo is an inspiringly impressive place to enjoy the nature and its natural beauty of the Alentejo coast. The resort has an interesting architecture and consists of villas and rooms that are… Read more >>

Tandem Skydive Evora, Alentejo

Tandem Skydive Evora, Alentejo from the Evora airport Tandem skydive jump or the tandem Parachute Jump is the perfect way to experience skydiving for the first time or without being an experienced skydiver but somebody interested in practicing the sport… Read more >>

Cross country Buggy Kart cross Odemira, Alentejo

[tab name="Information"] Buggy Kart cross Odemira is a fantastic, energetic and fun way to discover the beautiful area around Odemira on the fascinating Alentejo coast, cross country inaccessible with regular transports. Cross country Buggy Kart cross Odemira, Alentejo is fun… Read more >>

Leisure activities Amieira marina, Alqueva lake, Alentejo

[tab name="Info"] The Go Active Program of Amieira marina is an exciting way to discover the wonderful water and nature of the Alqueva lake, you can book all activities on Go Discover Portugal and we can custom fit according to… Read more >>

Marmoris 5 star hotel Alentejo

[tab name="Info"] The Marmoris hotel in Alentejo is a luxury hotel in the hearth of Alentejo in a small historical town of Vila Viçosa. Its entire concept is built around the marble stone that is found in multitude in this… Read more >>

Houseboats Alqueva lake, Alentejo

A lovely way to Discover this wonderful lake, its rural surroundings and historical villages and towns, is on a houseboat. The boats come in different sizes and types, are fully equiped and fit 2 to 10 depending on the version… Read more >>

Tandem Parachute Skydive Alentejo

One of the most exciting ways to view Alentejo is from the air! With a Tandem Parachute Skydive Alentejo this is possible in an accompanied tandem skydive parachuting jump for the first time parachutist or beginner. We are an established… Read more >>

Monte Peral bed & breakfast country hotel

[tab name="Info English"]The first reaction guest generally give as they arrive at  the Monte Peral hotel is that they feel themselves in Africa De Monte Peral bed & breakfast country hotel in Alentejo is situated in the rural and naturally… Read more >>

Restaurant Cantinho Brasileiro, Portalegre, Ponte De Sor

Restaurant Cantinho Brasileiro, Portalegre, Ponte De Sor recently changed ownership and serves traditional Portuguese food of good quality that is making this restaurant more and more popular. The new owner can cater for typical Portuguese lunches and dinners for families… Read more >>

Restaurant Feitiço da Moura, Monsaraz

Restaurant Feitiço da Moura, Monzaraz, is part of the Horta da Moura hotel but it has gained a reputation by itself as a excellent regional gastronomy restaurant. The restaurant has many of the best wines from Alentejo and has much… Read more >>

Horta da Moura hotel, Alentejo

"DREAMS OF THE ALENTEJO AND LAPPING WATER... Where everything is ready to ensure that you have the most pleasant and enticing stay: The shores of Alqueva, the walls of Monsaraz, the surrounding fields and endless horizons... a backdrop for limitless… Read more >>

Wine country hotels Portugal – the nicest wine hotels in the Douro & Alentejo regions

As Portuguese wines are gaining more and more recognition internationally, wine tourism is growing in a similar rate in this article we would like to inform you about the best wine country hotels in 2 of its main wine districts,… Read more >>

Quinta do Xarrama, guest house and biological farm, Évora

Quinta do Xarrama, a unique guest house and biological farm in Évora It is  a guest house with a difference. It is both a comfortable small hotel and a biological farm, situated  on the border of the city of Evora… Read more >>

L-AND VINEYARDS wine tasting and wine courses, Alentejo

[tab name="About"] L'AND vineyards Alentejo wine tasting is a special experience of enjoyment and learning. L’AND WINES is part of the resort and its a concept developed around the vineyards and the wine it produces in the centre of Alentejo.… Read more >>

L-and Vineyards Spa

[tab name="Info"] L-and Vineyards Spa in Alentejo is 50 minutes from Lisbon and 15 from Evora and part of the luxurious L-and Vineyards resort. Te concept is clear, modern comfort using natural and local resources to create a wellness experience… Read more >>

L-and Vineyards Luxury wine resort, Evora, Alentejo

In the hearth of the Alentejo wine district, just an hour from Lisbon you´ll find wine tourism, art, gastronomy and comfort at it´s most elegant in the L´and Vineyards Luxury wine resort, Evora, Alentejo. A truly unique resort centred around… Read more >>

Herdade do Azinhal, rural tourism, Odemira, Alentejo

[tab name="Info"] The Herdade do Azinhal is situated in the small parish of Santa Clara-a-Velha 4 km form the Santa Clara dam and 30 km from Odemira. The Herdade do Azinhal consists of 5 cottages, land, a swimming pool and… Read more >>

Convento do Espinheiro, luxury hotel Evora

Leisure, gastronomy and well-being are what typify the hotel Convento do Espinheiro, culture and luxury hotel in Evora Fascinating for its history, authentic for its charm and only one hour away from Lisbon, the hotel Convento do Espinheiro, A Luxury… Read more >>

Monte Xisto Hotel, Alentejo

[tab name="Info"] Monte Xisto Hotel, Alentejo is a family run luxury hotel situated one hour from Lisbon and one hour from Faro, close to the Alentejo coast. The hotel is based on a concept of personalized sophistication that fits the… Read more >>

An introduction to Portuguese Wine

to find a title to this article proved very difficult and it changed many times, I was trying to be funny, I took a cultural turns than I switched to historical reference but this article is about Portuguese Wine, simple… Read more >>

Restaurant Sabores com Alma

[tab name="Info"] Restaurant Sabores com Alma is a very delightful restaurant in the centre of Montargil, Alentejo. Alentejo is well known for it's gastronomic excellence and Sabores com Alma is a very good restaurant to taste the regional delicacies. The… Read more >>

Castle of Amieira do Tejo

The village of Amieira do Tejo is another lovely, well reserved medieval village close to the Tagus river. It was once an important town and a central point for travelling pilgrims, who would have travelled through the village and found… Read more >>

Castle of Belver

The castle of Belver or Castelo de Belver was build in 1194 and completed in 1212 making it the first castle to be build by the Hospitalers in Portugal during the Middle Ages. It is build on the edge of… Read more >>

Sabores do Rio restaurant Montargil

[tab name="Info"] Sabores do Rio restaurant Montargil is a very interesting regional restaurant on the shores of the Montargil lake. The restaurant is popular both among locals and visitors to Montargil and it has an interesting regional Alentejo menu as… Read more >>

Montargil, A first stop for a vacation in Alentejo

Barragem de Montargil is another lake in central Portugal caused by damming, earlier we've covered the second largest lake Castelo do bode 80 km north of Montargil. In this article we talk about another lake that differs in many ways… Read more >>

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