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Go Discover Portugal travel - Cidade Santarem

Igreja de São João Baptista

The Igreja de São João Baptista (Tomar) was build between the 15th and 16th century and has been classified a monument since 1910. It's A Gothic example of medium site build for Saint John de Baptist by King Manuel I,… Read more >>
Type: 15th century church Manueline architecture
Prices from: Actividade gratuida
Times: ask


Price: € Actividade gratuida

Porta do Sol Parque

TO TRANSLATE\ Porta do Sol in Santarém is the highest point of the city of Santarem where once the old castle stood, most of it was detroyed in the earthquake in 1531 but in the late 20th century excavation en… Read more >>

Prices from: free activity
Times: Always


Price: € free activity

Restaurant Tavern Quinzena

Restaurante Taberna do Quinzena in Santarem is a typical regional tavern that serves interesting regional dishes in a bustling tavern atmosphere. Some of the specialities are the regional Magusto, a dish based on Portuguese cabbage, beans and corn bread, mashed… Read more >>
foodstyle: Cozinha regional Ribatejo
Price indication: €5 - €10 euros

Maximum price main course: : €15 - €20 euros
Ambiance: ativo - tasca - tradicional
Times: need to call


Praia de Constância

Write about the beach kkk[easy_calendar resource="934" width="148" style="1" price="0"] Read more >>

Prices from: free activity
Times: Always open


Price: € free activity

Convento de São Francisco – Santarém

TO TRNASLATE Gothic architecture was brought to Portugal by the Cistercian order at the end of the 12th century. In the 13th and 14th centuries the Gothic style where mainly disseminated by the mendicant orders. The Mendicant style usually consisted… Read more >>

Prices from: free activity
Times: need to call


Price: € free activity

Mercado Municipal de Santarém

O Mercado Municipal de Santarém, é ambos, um mercado municipal em completo funcionamento e também um ponto de interesse turístico histórico. O mercado antes de 1928, funcionava ao ar livre e com poucas condições. Nesses tempos, tal como actualmente, os… Read more >>

Prices from: Actividade livre
Times: Dias da semana até às 12.00 pm


Price: € Actividade livre

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