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Kayaking on the Mondego river, Coimbra, Central Portugal

Kayaking on the main kayaking river of Portugal, the Mondego, is an experience all lovers of the outdoor sould try when visiting Portugal! These kayak-tours are adapted for everyone who is not affraid of water. The combination of the natural… Read more >>
Type: Canoeing
Prices from: from 20 euro per person
Times: Daily if weather allows
Max participants: 400
Prices starting from: € from 20 euro per person
Max participants: 400

Pousada hotel Convento Vila Pouca da Beira, Coimbra

⋆⋆⋆⋆ The Pouca da Beira town was home to the mother of nobles who gave pride to the country. Genoveva Maria do Espírito Santo was born around 1732. She founded the Desagravo do Santíssimo Sacramento Convent. The Pousada de Vila Pouca… Read more >>
Type: Pousada Hotel
Room prices from: Prices from 80 euro
Times: always open
Prices starting from: € Prices from 80 euro

The Ochre Hideaway guest house / yoga retreat, Central Portugal

[tab name="Info"] The Ochre Hideaway is a small yoga retreat hidden in the wonderful fertile landscape of Central Portugal. It is situated roughly one hour from Coimbra and 2 from Lisbon and Porto. The retreat is managed by a fully… Read more >>
Type: Guesthouse accommodation yoga retreat
Room prices from: from 450 euro per week
Times: all year
Prices starting from: € from 450 euro per week

Tricana traditional restaurant Coimbra

Tradional restaurant Tricana is a typical tradional Portuguese restaurant close to Portugal dos Pequenitos and the monastery of Santa Clara across the Mondego in the centre of Coimbra. The restaurant is specifically suited to medium size and large groups visiting… Read more >>
foodstyle: Traditional Portuguese
Price indication: €8 euros
Ambiance: Traditional - Economical - Large group provisions
Times: Open daily from 10 am to 22.30, in the winter closed om Monday.

Adventure park – Luso Aventura, Figueira da Foz

Luso Aventura is a Portuguese company that has built 2 adventure parks, one adventure park in Figueira da Foz (central west coast) and one in Albufeira (Algarve). The parks are built completely compliant with eu safety and cater for 3… Read more >>
Type: Adventure park, climbing - paintball
Prices from: paid
Times: by booking (minimum participants 6)

Prices starting from: € paid

restaurante Casa de Pasto a Taberninha

[tab name="Informações"] Devido a algumas queixas acerca deste restaurante, e falta para com as obrigações contratuais, decidimos por agora não aceitar mais reservas para este espaço gastronómico! Poderemos sugerir outros restaurantes na proximidade. Em breve publicaremos outras alternativas. [/tab] [tab… Read more >>
foodstyle: Tradicional e regional Portuguesa
Price indication: €0 - €5 euros
Ambiance: Historico - Economico - Grande, Esplanada confortavel
Times: Aberto diariamente das 10.00 horas ate as 22.30, horas, no inverno fecha as 2^ feiras

Monastery Santa Cruz Coimbra

Monastery of Santa Cruz Coimbra or the church of Santa Cruz as it is better known is situated right in the centre of Coimbra and is one of the most impressive churches in Coimbra. It is situated on the Praça… Read more >>
Type: Architectural and historical heritage

Museum Machado Castro Coimbra

The Museum Machado Castro Coimbra is the national museum in the centre of Coimbra. The Machado de Castro Museum opened in October 1913 and became a national museum in 1965. The buildings formed the former Bishop’s Palace and was built… Read more >>
Type: National Museum
Prices from: General ticket - 6€ Cryptoporticus - 3€
Prices starting from: € General ticket - 6€ Cryptoporticus - 3€

Jardim da Manga, Coimbra

The Jardim da Manga, Coimbra is one of the earliest examples of full renaissance architecture in Portugal. It was built in the XVI century and is a national monument since 1934. The Jardim da Manga is characterized by a central… Read more >>
Type: Renaissance Architecture
Prices from: Free
Prices starting from: € Free

Poço Corga beach

The praia fluvial at Poço Corga or translated the Swimming beach at Poço Corga in the Castanheira de Pera district of Coimbra is a lovely example of a rehabilitated natural beach in Central Portugal. The beach is situated on the… Read more >>
Type: River beach / olive oil museum
Prices from: free
Times: always open

Prices starting from: € free

Aldeias do Xisto – Schist villages, Serra da Lousa

The Aldeias do Xisto are schist villages which have been partially or fully recovered. Around the town of Lousa, in the mountain range called Serra da Lousa, you'll find many lovely examples of schist villages and a memories of the… Read more >>
Type: Rural museu
Prices from: Free
Prices starting from: € Free

Arco de Almedina, Coimbra

The Arco de Almedian or Arch of Almedina is the only remaining entrance gate to the original city of Coimbra and one of the view remaining examples of Moorish architecture in Coimbra, The Moors invaded the Iberian peninsula in 711… Read more >>
Type: Moorish city gate
Prices from: Free entry
Times: ONly viewable outside always open
Prices starting from: € Free entry

The Patio of the Inquisition (Pátio da Inquisição)

[portfolio_slideshow size=large pagerpos=top titles=true] The Pátio da Inquisição or the Patio of the inquisition in Coimbra is an unnoticeable square across the street from the Santa Cruz church and the Jardim da Manga. The Pátio da Inquisição was the setting… Read more >>
Type: Historical site
Prices from: Actividade gratuida
Times: Outside always open
Prices starting from: € Actividade gratuida

Casa de Pasto a Taberninha

[tab name="Info"]Due to some complaints about ,this restaurant and breaches of  obligation to Go Discover Portugal we are not accepting reservations for this restaurant at this time, we can suggest many others in the proximity and will be adding them… Read more >>
foodstyle: Traditional Portuguese
Price indication: €0 - €5 euros
Ambiance: Historical - Economical - Large, comfortable terrace
Times: Open daily from 10 am to 22.30, in the winter closed om Monday.

Coimbra – Portugal’s original capital

Coimbra – City of students and scholars and once the home of the Portuguese kings and queens. Coimbra (pronounced as Queengbra) is rich in history, prominent in culture, is the third largest city of Portugal and it was during the… Read more >>

University of Coimbra

The university of Coimbra is the oldest university in Portugal and one of the oldest in the world as it was established not too long after the birth of Portugal in 1290 and is being used as a university ever… Read more >>
Type: Historical university
Prices from: Actividade paga
Times: Inserir aqui horários de abertura e disponibilidade
Prices starting from: € Actividade paga

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