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The Pousadas of Portugal – Hotels with a difference, typically Portuguese, unique luxury hotels.

Pousa is when a bird lands to find a short resting place before flying off again. The Pousadas of Portugal are a group of luxury hotels that equal 4 star accommodation but with a difference all the Pousadas have a… Read more >>

Travel Portugal Itinerary – A short trip starting in Lisbon

Travel Portugal Itinery - A short trip starting in Lisbon We all love short trips, getting away from it all, even if its only for a few days to experience something new, something different, something wonderful that doesn’t cost the… Read more >>

Pousada Castle of Obidos, historical hotel

Pousada Castle of Obidos, historical hotel is one of the lovely culural and typically Portuguese Pousada hotels, this one is situated right next to the castle of Obidos and by itself a lovely historical experience you will cherish. At the… Read more >>

Quinta da Alcaidaria-Mór, Manor house lodging and apartments Ourem

"Going through the cedar grove that leads to Quinta da Alcaidaria-Mór is just the first step to enter an universe full of history and tradition: the home of the Alvaiázere family. In this 17th century manor house, some pages of… Read more >>

Obidos castle

Obidos is a truly beautiful medieval town in the center of the Leiria district. The old town is mostly intact or recovered and seems to have stood still, freezing its appearance somewhere in the middle ages. In the winter it… Read more >>

3 bedroom holiday home with swimming pool, center Obidos

*note the original post claimed this house is within the old town wall but this was in error! Just outside the old town wall of Obidos in a quiete residential neighbourhood, this lovely 3 bedroom house in Obidos gives a… Read more >>

Restaurant Papoliva Batalha

[tab name="Info"] Restaurant Papoliva Batalha serves the best Italian food in Batalha with a magnificent view over the famous Batalha monastery! It is one of the nicer restaurants in Batalha set on the main central square right next to the… Read more >>

Talasso, Thalassotherapy Spa Nazare

[tab name="Info"]Talasso, Thalassotherapy Spa Nazare is one of the reasons many travel to Nazare. Thalassotherapie is based on the medicative and healing properties of sea water and even though its origin is unknown, there is evidence that the Romans where… Read more >>

Miramar Sul hotel, Nazare

[tab name="Info"]The Miramar Sul hotel, Nazare is a spacious design hotel set on the higher grounds of Nazare. The hotel has breath taking views over the sea, the Leiria pine fields and the old center of Nazare. The hotel is… Read more >>

Cooking and Nature hotel, Alvados, Serra dos Candeeiros

Well-being, communion with nature, time for simple things. “A serenidade, uma certa lentidão, é tão inseparável da vida do homem como a sucessão das estações é inseparável das plantas, ou do nascimento das crianças. - "Serenity, a certain slowness, is… Read more >>

Drop surf center Peniche

[tab name="Info"] Drop surf center Peniche is a boutique style hostel and surf camp in Peniche. "Peniche is known for its long windy beaches and is popular for recreational activities and sports such as surf, windsurf, kite surf, jet ski,… Read more >>

Miramar Spa hotel, Nazare

[tab name="Info"]The Miramar Spa hotel in Nazare belongs to the Miramar group of Nazare. it is a small comfortabel 4 star hotel just 700 m from the beach and close to the historical centre of Nazare. it has a perfect… Read more >>

Serras de D`aire and Candeeiros natural park, Central Portugal

There is nothing like a mountain s fresh unpolluted air to rejuvenate and refresh the body and mind. The Serras de D`aire and Candeeiros are two mountain ranges connected by a deep valley just 100km above Lisbon city. They are… Read more >>

Flor da Serra restaurant, Serra dos Candeeiros

[tab name="Info"] Flor da Serra restaurant (flower of the mountain) is a wonderful mountain concept restaurant in a valley between 2 of Central Portugal main mountains, the Serra dos Candeeiros and the Serra D´aire roughly 100km above Lisbon city. The… Read more >>

Sport fishing at sea, Nazare

Portugal is a popular destination for fishing both in it´s inland sweet water rivers and lakes as of the west coast, the Algarve and the Islands. In the sea of the west coast there are over 200 fish species from… Read more >>

Flyboard Nazare

As children we all had dreams of flying like birds. Since the relatively recent invention of flyboarding this is now possible of the shores of Portugal! flyboard Nazare belongs to a company that organizes many events on the shore from… Read more >>

Scuba Diving Peniche, full day introduction

Scuba Diving Peniche with one of the largest and most experienced scuba diving schools in Portugal. Scuba diving is an overwhelming experience and the best way to start is with a trydive day accompanied by fully professional instructors in one… Read more >>

Restaurant Pérola do Fétal Batalha

[tab name="Info"] Restaurant Pérola do Fétal is a culinary restaurant situated in a small village close to both the famous Fatima shrine and the Unesco world heritage town of Batalha. The restaurant has gained many awards of excellence over the… Read more >>

District of Leiria – beaches, architecture and mountain retreats

Leiria is one of Portugal's provinces. It starts roughly 60km above the city of Lisbon and borders the province of Lisbon to the North, Santarem to the west and Coimbra to the south. Leiria is a district that excels itself… Read more >>

Ice cream Parlour Il Ancora Nazare

Nazare has many ice cream parlours that open all summer. A lot are good some a bit less. We're finding the best for you on Go Discover Portugal! Il Ancora is one of our best choices. Il Ancora Nazare is… Read more >>

Sao Martinho do Porto

Sao Martinho do Porto is situated on a quiet bay not far from Caldas da Rainha. It is a small town very popular for beach days and beach holidays due to it's large beaches and safe bay waters. Which make it a… Read more >>

Salir do Porto

Salir do Porto is a small town famous for it's more than 50 meter high dune. It is a couple of kilometers from the busy beach resort S. martinho do Porto and 5 km from the city of Caldas da Rainha. The… Read more >>

Foz do Arelho beach

Foz do Arelho is a long beach that follows the water inland around the lagoa do Obidos (Lagoon of Obidos). It is situated 8km form the city of caldas de Rainha in Central Portugal on what is known as the… Read more >>

Pastelaria Oliveira Batalha

Pastelaria Oliveira Batalha was established 40 years ago in the centre of Batalha and has been serving it's customers regional and national pastry specialities ever since! Pastelaria Oliveira Batalha is as close as you will get to real Portuguese Grande… Read more >>

Restaurant Sete Saias, Nazare

[tab name="Information"] Nazare is an old fishing village on the west coast of Central Portugal. It's a village which has grown into a small town but it has always kept it's village traditions, very proudly, up to this day. The… Read more >>

Self catering accommodation Sete Saias, Nazare

[tab name="Info"] Lovely self catering rooms with private bathroom and a sea view in Nazare The self catering accommodation Sete Saias in the centre of the famous beach resort Nazare, Leiria district consists of 5 seperate rooms with private bathroom… Read more >>

Hotel Mestre Afonso Domingues, Batalha

[tab name="Info"] The Hotel Mestre Afonso Domingues, Batalha is situated in the town of Batalha right next to the monumental and emblematic Monastery of Batalha, Hotel Mestre Afonso Domingues opens the door to a journey through the past, but with… Read more >>

Mercado regional Batalha

The Mercado Regional Batalha or the regional market of Batalha is an amazing little shop right in front of the magnificent Gothic Monastery of Batalha The Mercado regional Batalha offers regional produce, products and wines. Some of the products are… Read more >>

Restaurant Dom Duarte Batalha

[tab name="Info"] Restaurant Dom Duarte Batalha is a lovely, traditional restaurant located on the main square in Batalha with a fantastic view of the Batalha monastery. Restaurant Dom Duarte excels in great dishes taken from the traditional and regional Portuguese… Read more >>

Exaltação de Santa Cruz Mother Church

The Church of Exaltação de Santa Cruz Mother Church or the Exaltation of the Holy Cross was built in 1514 by demand of the people of the Batalha community who longed for a community church. It was completed in 1532… Read more >>

Monastery of Batalha

The monastery of Batalha officially named the monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória was built after the battle of Albujarota of 1385 by king João I. It was built as a thanks for the kings victory in the battle which… Read more >>

Beach and surf at Nazare

Nazare became world famous when Garrett McNamara, a famous surfer rode a 100ft World Record Wave in Nazare, Portugal. Before this happened Nazare was already a very popular beach for surfers as its a beach that generally has the highest… Read more >>

Beach at Vieira – praia de Vieira de Leiria

The beach Praia de Vieira de Leiria in the Leiria district is locally popular. It's a long, reasonably deep beach with promenade close to the small town of Vieira. The beach at Vieira and the village of Vieira are both… Read more >>

Castle of Porto de Mos

  The castle of Porto de Mos is one of a kind and entirely unique in Portugal. It was damaged badly during the 1755 earthquake that also destroyed a large part of medieval Lisbon. The castle has been partly recovered… Read more >>

Beach at São Pedro de Moel

The beach and town of São Pedro de Moel is 9 km from the town of Marinha Grande and roughly 20 km from Leiria. From the town of Marinha Grande there is a bicycle path straight to the beach which… Read more >>

Serra De Aire

Serra D'Aire is possibly one of the most surprising mountains we have come across in Portugal holding most likely the remains of the oldest, barely remembered cultures in Portugal. The mountains themselves contain many interesting places, like pre-historic grotto's, ancient… Read more >>

Monastery of Alcobaça

The Monastery of Santa Maria d'Alcobaça in the small town of Alcobaça, is Portugal's largest Gothic monastery and a very impressive one. It was placed on the world heritage list in 1989 and never ceases to amaze. The Monastery of… Read more >>

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