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Go Discover Portugal travel - Santarem District

Santa Cruz restaurant Fatima

[tab name="Info"] Due to a gross breach in contractual obligation of Santa Cruz restaurant towards our customers we have suspended the restaurant Santa Cruz on our site until further notice [/tab] [end_tabset] Read more >>
foodstyle: International & Traditional restaurant / bar / cafe
Price indication: €5 - €10 euros
Ambiance: Traditional and international restaurant / bar / cafe - Lovely terrace - Friendly
Times: Every day 9.00 am until 00.00

Beach at Casa Nova, Castelo do Bode – river Zezere

Following the signs from Serra to Casa Nova Albufeira takes you to a few stony 'beaches' or rather swimming areas in the Castelo do Bode. The one we visited is on the map. Its a small stony area with a… Read more >>
Type: Stony lake Beach
Prices from: Free entry
Times: always though probably not very accesible on wet, cold winter days. Part of the road down is unpaved.

Prices starting from: € Free entry

Cabeca Gorda Lake beach

[portfolio_slideshow size=large pagerpos=top titles=true] Cabeça Gorda is a small village not far from Martinchel, that has a long swimming beach, close to a small island. The beach is stony sand with parts only schist stone, layered and climbing, making attractive, rocky… Read more >>
Type: Stony lake Beach
Prices from: Actividade gratuida
Times: Always open

Prices starting from: € Actividade gratuida

Aldeia do Mato, lake beach

Aldeia do Mato, Lake Beach. Aldeia do Mato has a beach with full amenities. It's a popular and busy beach close to Martinchel and Castelo do Bode. The Aldeia do Mato, Lake Beach has a swimming platform and in the holiday… Read more >>
Type: Stony lake Beach with swimming platform
Prices from: Free entry
Times: always open

Prices starting from: € Free entry

Barreiras Lake Beach

Address: Estrada Bairrinho, Barreiras. This is one of the bigger ones along this stretch, it's also a busy one. The day we visited it was in the height of the season and a very hot day. The beach was covered… Read more >>
Type: Sandy lake Beach
Prices from: Free entry
Times: always open, difficult access in winter rain

Prices starting from: € Free entry

Beach at Alverangel camping

This beach is not really a beach more a quiet place to swim. It's easy to get to, it has limited parking possibilities but the road is good right down to the beach. The beach is covered in stone with… Read more >>
Type: Natural Lake beach
Prices from: Actividade gratuida
Times: Always open

Prices starting from: € Actividade gratuida

Café Santa Iria

[tab name="Information"] The Café Santa Iria has a modern approach to snacks and lunches than the more traditional Portuguese 'pastelaria shops' as it has a large selection of sandwiches, baguettes, quiches, salads and several different types of toasts making it… Read more >>
Type: Lunchroom, bar
Prices from: Actividade paga
Times: Everyday 08.00 - 00.00

Prices starting from: € Actividade paga

Pegoes Aquaduct, Tomar

Tomar has so many amazing monuments that some of them are just not even mentioned at the tourist office, but these may be just as great or even more interesting than some of the more famous ones. The Aquaduct at… Read more >>
Type: Historical Aquaduct
Prices from: Actividade gratuida
Times: Always
Prices starting from: € Actividade gratuida

Taberna Antiqua Tomar

Due to a contract breach and the unwillingness of Taberna Antiqua to meet their obligations we have put Taberna Antigua under investigation and during this time we have blocked them from Go Discover Portugal. We can not answers questions or… Read more >>
foodstyle: Medieval banquet
Price indication: €5 - €10 euros
Ambiance: romantic - culinar - historical
Times: Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 00:00

Park and botanical gardens Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes, Tomar

The Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes park in Tomar is the largest and possibly prettiest park in Tomar. It has it's own botanical gardens and many rare flowers and tree specimen. The park is large and has amenities. What is… Read more >>
Type: Botanical garden - Castle park
Prices from: free
Times: Always open

Prices starting from: € free

Jardim restaurant Tomar

[tab name="Information"] On our travels to and through Tomar, we visit all the restaurants we come across. Each has it's own uniqueness and some are more interesting than others, some are exceptional, some are down right tourist traps. We want… Read more >>
foodstyle: Regional, traditional and modern international food
Price indication: €5 - €10 euros
Ambiance: Traditional - Tasca - Romantic
Times: Daily for lunch 12.00 - 15.00 and dinner 19.00 - 23.00

Residential União hotel, accommodation Tomar

[tab name="Info"] Residential União is a very charming and characteristic small hotel, right in the historical centre of Tomar. The hotel is situated on the Rua Serpa Pinto, the most central street of Tomar close to the shops, restaurants and… Read more >>
Type: Residential, B&B, Small hotel
Room prices from: Actividade paga
Times: All year round.

Prices starting from: € Actividade paga

Cafe Paraiso, Tomar

The Paradise Cafe or rather the Cafe Paraiso was founded on May 20, 1911, at the Rua Serpa Pinto in Tomar. The cafe has always stayed in the same family and during the current ownerships has started to function as… Read more >>
Type: Art Deco Grande Cafe
Prices from: paid
Times: 09.00 - 02.00 daily

Prices starting from: € paid

Cervejaria do Cais

Cervejaria do Cais is a modern beer house bar restaurant right on the water front of Vila Nova da Barquinha. They serve beers, steaks, some fish dishes, drinks, snacks and petiscos. Maximum group reservation 10 people MB available Read more >>
Type: Cervejaria (Beer house) with meals foodstyle: Portuguese fish dishes and petiscos
Price indication: €10 - €15 euros
Ambiance: Modern - Trendy - Beautiful view
Times: 12.00 - 02.00 daily
closed on mondays

River cruise on the Tagus river

[tab name="Info"] Discover the wonderful Ribatejo landscape in the waters of the 'Tajo' (pronounced Taasjoo) river. The Tagus river is the longest river in the Iberian peninsula, starting at Fuente de García in Spain and ending just past Lisbon, it's… Read more >>
Type: Tagus river cruise
Prices from: Actividade paga
Times: Everyday
Prices starting from: € Actividade paga

Astronomy park and planetarium, Constancia

A few kilometres above Constancia, you'll find the Constancia Astronomy theme park. The park is set on a hill in the middle of nature and has many activities for children and grown ups. It has a small planetarium where a… Read more >>
Type: Astronomy park and planetarium
Prices from: paid
Times: Closed on mondays

Prices starting from: € paid

Pezinhos no Rio Restaurant cafe, Constãncia

//// Also in Constancia, with a perfect view of the Tagus and a large sunny terrace, you will find a restaurant called Pezinhos no Rio (feet in the river). It is far away from the atmosphere and ambiance of the… Read more >>

Quinta da Santa Barbara, 15th century hotel in Constanciã

On the highest point in Constanciã, close to the science centre and the horse riding stables, you will find the beautiful Quinta da Santa Barbara, the quinta (Portuguese manor house) was owned by a friend of Luis de Camoes, D.… Read more >>

Constancia, were the Tagus and Zezere rivers meet

Constancia, once the home of the famous writer Luis Camoes. Constância is a small town rich in history, it stands on the shores of what were once the mighty Zezere and Tagus rivers, due to damming in the last century the… Read more >>

Praia do Ribatejo, A unique flora and fauna paradise

Praia do Ribatejo, natural flora and fauna on the longest Tagus beach Praia do Ribatejo is a typical Portuguese village with a big difference it is and has always been the beach of the Tagus! It was once was the… Read more >>

Prices from: Free entry
Prices starting from: € Free entry

Castle on a river rock, Castelo do Almourol

//// The Castle of almourol Between Tancos and praia do Ribatejo, both cute and typical villages, you'll find a 'secret' gem, standing tall and beautiful right in the middle of the river Tagus. A small unexpected castle in a strange… Read more >>

Prices from: Free entry
Prices starting from: € Free entry

Vila Nova da Barquinha, parachuting and river food

//// Barquinha is an old village right on the shore of the Tagus hosting the second oldest bullfighting ring in Portugal. By itself the village, even though pretty is not a big tourist destination but it has created a large… Read more >>

The Solar Espirito Santo Hotel

//// On our travel through Ribatejo, we found a hotel of unexpected beauty and elegance in Azinhaga, Golega, the Solar Espirito Santo Hotel. It's special In every possible way not the least being the presence of beautiful Lusitano horses. This… Read more >>

See also:

Azinhaga, home of Jose Saramago

We are now 70km above Lisbon and this article covers from 70km North - west of the Tagus to 140km north west right up to Tomar through the national road via Vale de Figueira, Pombalinho, Azinhaga towards Golega and from… Read more >>

Ribatejo – Holiday in the diverse landscapes of Portugal

Ribatejo, the perfect highway getaway travelling to or from Lisbon, the province lies just above Lisbon and is made up of a vast diversity of landscapes, culture, history, wines, activities and regional food. This group of articles are about the… Read more >>

Pézinhos no Rio restaurant bar Constancia

[tab name="Info"] Pezinhos no Rio, restaurant bar Constancia. Another very good reason to visit en enjoy the historic town of Constancia The food is very good and varied, consisting of a modern concept using traditional and local recipes. The restaurant… Read more >>
foodstyle: Modern Portuguese with a regional touch
Price indication: €5 - €10 euros
Ambiance: Trendy - modern - Beautiful view
Times: 09.00 - 01.00 daily open everyday in the summer, closed of tuesday in the winter

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