Team building – Lisbon Photo Challenge

Photo challenge Lisbon

Team building – Lisbon Photo Challenge

Photo challenge Lisbon is a team building activity that is fun and challenging. The benefits for your corporation are the building of team skills such as Communication, Leadership, Negotiation, Strategy development and Time management.

This great challenge combines the discovery of Lisbon historic centre with creativity and great interaction between people. It provides great fun for all participants, but competition can also be fierce amongst teams! During this activity the participants will learn about Lisbon and Lisbon’s history but also about local life in this vast city.

During this game, each team has to overcome 10 photo challenges and take pictures of the most typical Portuguese traditions and picturesque corners and buildings! The teams will also have to create a theatrical performance near São Jorge’s castle! At the end of the challenge, all participants will make a toast to life with Port Wine and tasting the very typical “pastel de Belém” (typical custard tart)!

The teams start in the centre of Lisbon at Praça do Comércio with a ROADBOOK and a MAP which contain all the instructions and the TOUR for photo challenge at Lisbon historic centre. There will be some amazing challenges such as theatrical performances as Templar Knights during the game and funny group pictures within typical Portuguese objects found on the streets! The game finishes at a location which has the most amazing views over Lisbon!

Prices start at €20 per person and a typical challenge is 2.5 – 3.5 hours. Prices include:

Materials for performance, maps and roadbooks, monitors, Tasting of Port Wine and world famous “Pastel de Belém”
Surprise Gift for winners!

Fully customized challenges available and this activity can be organized in any of the main Portuguese cities.

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