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Ideas for your next team building event in Lisbon

Team building events and corporate events, other than creating better team responsibility between members of an organization, bettering communication, creating trust and cooperation and boosting friendly and healthy competition should be fun, exciting and a pleasurable way to aid team members to become friends working for a common goal, the success of your corporation, institute or organization.

Lisbon has many possibilities for team building events and it being an exciting city that is cultural, historical, safe and inhabited by friendly, helpful people many who speak or can understand basic English. It is close to beaches, Portugal’s main river, the sea and land adventures with a large offer of gastronomic adventures, accommodation and event spaces of all sizes make it a great place for team building events.
Lisbon has many professional team building organisers that can provide you with the best possible experience based on your requests or our suggestions after you have briefed us of your needs.

This article aims to provide you with some possible ideas which you can also use for other events such as bachelor or hen parties or other celebrations.

Outdoor team building activities ideas

Lisbon is a big, busy city with few parks, other than the large Monsanto park bordering to its west side. So most activities will either take place in its streets or on the Tagus river which runs wide on its Southern borders.
In the city Games & Challenges that make your team need to find their way around possibly in competition against each other as small groups are a great way to build up the problem solving skills of your team. Lisbon has a great potential for Urban explorations based on art, it’s medieval history or its diverse culture. There are many ways this city can be challenging in its older parts the maze of labyrinth streets could have you getting lost in alleys or running in circles if you have not investigated your map well enough, the climb up and down mountains can be alternated with trams and lifts for those who know!

Tours of all kinds Particularly popular on our site are the Go cars, Beetle and Segway tours but there are many other possibilities for exciting tours in or out of the city.

Check some tours on Go Discover Portugal >>

Segway tours of the Monsanto park are a great way to discover nature in Lisbon city, these tours can also be combined with a challenge and cross country segways are available.

Hiking and walking tours, bicycle tours, car and bus tours, we provide them all and only the best at the lowest available prices.

Activities on the water Learning to sail is a great team activity in which each participant is essential and working together to create a fantastic day or afternoon.
The sailing regatas and sailing team building events for corporations are possible From 8 to 200 persons.
We can organize a perfect regata or team building event for your company. With more or less adrenalin, according to your plan included can be prices and rewards, drinks and catering.
The boats are located in Lisbon centre and the routes and sightseeing points on the way are customized to your preferences

Fishing Fishing is a fantastic team event that creates an immense feeling of completion and will generally leave from the harbour of Cascais, it is best suited to smaller groups and dependant on sea conditions.

Kayaking and canoeing Kayaking and canoeing are best done in Arrabida (Setubal) or Cascais on the Lisbon coast, let us organize your customized water event!

For the more adventurous we can provide  Scuba diving experiences, flyboard, surf, paddlesurf, kitesurf and many more, please use or custom planning form

Activities on the land survival courses, discovery routes, games or adventures.

Bush craft is the most popular form of team building activity that is organized for small to very large groups.

It encompasses a range of techniques and survival skills, adaptation and action on the environment that were once part of the past and human tradition in many cultures, but has fallen into oblivion. It consists of things as simple as knowing how to light a fire without matches or lighters, know how to build a shelter, a raft or a basket of natural fibres.
The location of the mountain setting chosen which is not far from Lisbon gives us the framework and surrounding perfect for performing this action.
Specific objectives
(can be customized to customer needs)
→ Adaptation to new and changing;
→ Promotion of Field of View flare out of the workplace, through an understanding of the objectives, priorities and needs of each;
→ Strengthening Organizational Identity and Corporate Culture;
→ To contribute to the good Interpersonal Relationships among team members;
→ New experiences in direct contact with nature;
→ Team Spirit consolidation through a strategy “Win-Win” based on cooperation and commitment.

The activity begins with a brief introduction of the concept of Bushcraft and explanation of methods and coping mechanisms.
Will be presented some challenges that will test their survivability:
→ Make fire;
→ Build a shelter;
→ Identify edible plants;
→ Carrying a wounded;
→ bush kitchen, cooking of edible plants (only for small groups up to 35 people).
The group will perform a short walk, more or less depending on the location used to the place around which the action will take place.
The teams are formed and equipped with your survival kit, a backpack with:
→ bush knife; Fire-Steel; Inox container; Canteen; Bandana; Sisal.
The challenges presented involve a number of tasks which in turn require some knowledge in this way the teams will be divided in order to receive specific training to carry out each task.

The times of this activity varies according to request but is possible starting from 1.30 hours to roughly 4 hours.

Off the road buggy tour Algarve
Cross country buggy tours – for the adventourous cross country buggy tours can be a great way to take your team into the natural park of Sintra and have them challenged by driving buggies through sand roads, streams and mountains paths in one of the many buggy tours available,
Buggy tours can be completely customized to your needs, it is possible to include lunch, picnics or games.

Canyoning São Miguel
Climbing and canyoning Climbing and canyoning can be conducted in large groups in Sintra or Arrabida. This is a great exercise in partnership and trust when practised in a safe environment with professional instructors. This activity will generally not be longer than 2 hours due to physical exertion involved and is best combined with more relaxing activity for the rest of the day.

seafari-boat-challenge-page-001Beach events For groups of 40 upwards we have the possibility to organize a complete beach solution just 30KM from Lisbon. This beach day includes drinks and food and can inlude team building activities such as a pirate treasure hunt on the water, Beach olympics, beach games, canoeing and many other activities. Read about it here Private beach events Lisbon >>

Indoor team building in Lisbon

Cooking classes Cooking classes are a great way to liven up team spirit and create a relaxing and enjoyable sense of achievement. In Lisbon there is the possibility of traditional classes and gourmet classes conducted by renowned chefs that will teach you the basics of the Portuguese cuisine a morning or afternoon workshop will be ended in the relaxing atmosphere of eating the prepared meal accompanied by a selection of fine Portuguese wines. Also for these classes custom alternatives are available.

Movie making Movie Making – For a dynamic, fun team building event a movie making workshop is a great exercise in teamwork and creativity: In the workshop a number of different teams create different movies that advertise products / services of their own company, work values or business messages. A lively and motivating way to publicize the company’s offer or special message. It is organized for groups of 12 to 300 participants.

Wine blending workshop An exercise in responsibility and commitment this is a educative and relaxing team activity.The group is divided into teams. Each team has the challenge of making their own wine from monocasts. The characteristics of each embodiment are explained. Each team will have the opportunity to make your own mixture using individual proportions to achieve a finished product, which will be bottled and labelled. Business groups seeking to work in a team and develop specific skills for more effective development. Achievable for small or large groups (6-250 participants).

Team dynamics A series of problem solving team games and activities set out to develop different behavioral skills: group identity, spirit of cooperation, communication, confidence, leadership or other. The program can be enriched with the presence of a consultant who will do the briefing, the group’s performance observation and debriefing with a more formative and incisive content (drawing more content of the action which can also be used for assessment situations). available for groups of up to 350 participants.

TV commercial production workshops! This activity will really promote team spirit, competition and company/product loyalty in a fun and active way. Your teams will create their own TV ommercial accompanied by professionals, the commercials will be shown and the winner chosen! read more about this activity here >>>

Other suggestions make your own company soap, dragons den, beach games and many more!

Didn’t find what you were looking for we help you plan any team or corporate event in Lisbon or anywhere in Portugal, custom and according to your wishes and budget. Please use the following form for information, booking or custom requests or call 00351 918354714

Like some more ideas and prices? Check some of our Team Building offer in Lisbon >>>

WB The Bachelor At Speed jet Porto

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