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Now that travel in Portugal is recovering after the long period of lockdowns and restrictions, we can all celebrate our regained freedom to travel, discover and reestablish social bonds.
Prediction for post covid travel are positive and the expectations are unanimously showing an tendency to better, cleaner and safer travel.

Portugal is a country with a very large offer of activities that will have a positive impact on both your trip and the area you are visiting. In this article we will give you 10 must do activities that are sustainable, fun and will give you the real Portugal experience

1. Ballooning

Ballooning is a real favourite in Portugal as its an emission free way to ride the wind and view the monuments and landscapes in total peace and quiet.
The best balloon tours tend to be located inland in some of the historical towns.

In Braganca the flight leave from the castle in the centre of town, In Evora the flights fly over the Uncesco town and the surroungding landscapes and in Abrantes they leave from either the fort or from Almourol from its unque castle set in the middle of the Tagus river.

Ballooning in Portugal

2. Wine and local produce tasting

Portugal has a very large and diverse selection of local produce from wine to cured meats to cheese and pastries. Each town and village has its own unique selection of delicacies and wine producers and many are well worth a tour of discovery.

3. Sailing, canoeing, kayaking, canyoning, and coasteering

Portugal has a lot of water. With one of the longest coasts in Europe and its many internal lakes, rivers, and streams, the water activities are many. Low impact activities are the ones that use local reserves without emissions some of the most common and most fun are Sailing, canoeing, kayaking, canyoning, and coasteering

Coastering, canyoning, spelunking and climbing in Portugal

4. Foot challenges and hikes

Travelling on foot is a slow, fail proof way to really take in your surroundings. Whether you are hiking in a city or in a remote location, your experience of the place will be more rewarding as you smell, see and hear the sites and sounds around you

5. Emission free tuk tours

Take a tuk tuk tour to discover a city or if you are with a group and want something more social or challenging do a tuk challenge. The tuks are a good way to travel up and down the winding hilly routes of most cities and they are electric tuk tuks cutting back on pollution without having to walk!

6. Visit monuments and museums

Visiting monuments and museums helps pay for renovation and upkeep of the Portuguese heritage.

7. Local craft workshops

Learn new trades from old crafts and help keep them alive. For instance tapestry making, tile decoration, pottery, honey productions or wine making. The possibilities are endless

8. Cooking classes

Learn new recipes and get acquinted with Portuguese habits and food by following a cooking class based on fresh local ingredients purchased at the markets or the local farms.

9. Taking part in local charities that have a positive impact on the society

whether you gather school materials or clothing for children’s homes, replanting trees in burned forests, or cleaning the rubbish off the beaches. Giving back to the place you visit in an active way is as rewarding for the giver as it is for the receiver. Taking part in such activities also creates lasting memories

CSR Team building in Portugal
CSR corporate social responsibility, Environmental & Charity Team buildings in Portugal

10. Take part in activities that make use not abuse of the local resources

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