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For adventure activities Portugal, this article gives a concise overview of possibilities for the year 2018!

Portugal is located at the most south western point of Europe. The country is part of the Iberian peninsula and it plunges into the Atlantic ocean with its approximately 1900 KM of shoreline.

Portugal is a particularly great country for adventure travel.
Its warm climates combined with a very divers landscape make Portugal the ideal location for an extreme adrenaline break!

To find whats trending in adventure travel to Portugal we show here some of the options.

First on the list has to be the most famous, Surf!

Surf Lisbon Costa da Caparica

Surfing in Portugal
Portugal is famous for it´s surfer waves and people come to Portugal to surf all year round. Portugal has a large coastline and the best waves in Europe for surfing. Because of this there are hundred of surf schools and surf spots spread along its western coastline.
Nazare is one of the famous spots where on Praia do Norte the waves reach the highest swells in the world making it the location for many surf competitions and events. But there are many other spots more suitable for the beginning and medium skilled surfer.
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Scuba diving, why Portugal?
Scuba diving Peniche

Scubadiving in Portugal
With its beautiful coastline and 8 dedicated marine parks Portugal is a much loved location for learning and parctising scuba diving. It has many diving school that offer courses and international certification. But try dives for absolute beginners and recreational diving for professional diving make it a popular travel destination for diving
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Find adventure activities by location


Coasteering Sao Jorge, Acores


Mergulho-Scuba Diving


Flyboard Porto


Flyboard, Hoverboard and Jetpack!

Flyboard Portugal
This sport is fast becoming one of the favourite activities to practice on the Portuguese shores and inner lakes by adrenaline junkies from all over the world. its a high energy sport with a low learning curve accessible to anyone above the age of 16 who wants to experience the feeling of flying like a bird and diving like a dolphin.
In one session most people have mastered the art of flyboard. For groups we can organize flyboard anywhere in Portugal with water deep enough.
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For winter travel only, White Water Rafting in the North of Portugal!

White water rafting North Portugal

white water rafting
This energetic and exciting sport is only practised in one place in Portugal as there is only one river that provides the perfect conditions. It is located in the North of Portugal, 50 km from Porto city. The river Paiva is a fast moving rain formed river in a mountainous landscape and this sport is best practiced outside of the summer months when the river is full.
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Madeira Island

Jeep tours Madeira



SUP tours Alentejo


Coasteering, A new way of climbing along coastlines!

Another new sport is becoming a trend amongst adventurers traveling to Portugal. It consists of climbing, sliding, jumping into the water and swimming. Its a sport that can be practiced safely by anyone accompanied by professional coaches and a boat. It is accessible to any age with enough swimming capacity-  In Portugal it can now be done either close to Lisbon in the Arrabida Natural park or in the Algarve where the coast is best suited to this sport!  find it in the Climbing / Canyoning section of our site >>

Paragliding for dare devils

Paragliding Portugal

Paragliding Portugal Para-gliding in Portugal is becoming more and more popular. Official para-gliders are connected to the FPVL federation and subject to both national and international laws. Portugal`s often unpredictable winds don’t make it the ideal location for para-gliding, however the landscape and views make it worth traveling and waiting for.
Tandem Paragliding can be an amazing first time experience for those that like to take to the air and experience it much like a bird without the sound of engines or the confinement of a air-born vehicle. There are many places giving the possibility of courses that offer the official international certification giving the license to fly alone. However take into consideration when you book the we can only provide this experience when the winds are correct.
paragliding on Go Discover: tandem paragliding


Quad bikes, buggy tours, Jeeps, off the road adventures!


Not to much into physical challenges but you do like adventure? A quad, buggy or jeep tour or challenge might be just the thing you’re looking for. Most locations in Portugal will have at least one the options available.

All these tours have in common that they provide an of the road experience through the landscapes of Portugal that cannot be reached by regular cars. Depending on location and chosen vehicle, the adrenaline rush might be slightly lower to very high. Inform with us if you need help choosing the right type and location!
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Kitesurf for the ultimate adrenaline kick!

Kitesurfing Guincho, Cascais, Lisbon

Kitesurf Another great activity that is fast becoming a more and more popular reason for traveling to Portugal is the enervating and exciting practice of Kite surfing. Kite surfing is based on 4 different sports – surfing, wakeboarding, paragliding and windsurf and can be practiced in various styles.

Kitesurfing is based on riding the waves while being guided by a kite and it falls under extreme sport. It can be practiced by most but should not be attempted without the help of professionals who can provide the right guidance, theory lessons and certification.

Kite surfing is not suitable for a one off experience but only as a full course. Anyone starting it should count on at least 4 – 6 hours beach practice before entering the water and it is one of the more difficult sports to master. Courses of 3 – 6 days are available to reach a basic understanding of the sport.
Find Kite surfing opportunities in Portugal in our surf section >>


Paddle surf for all ages and capacity

SUP Cascais
Paddlesurf Paddle surf or paddle boarding is based on the Hawaiian tradition which provided transport between the islands. People would replace themselves using boards and paddles on which they would either sit or stand while using the paddle to move.
Paddle surfing is currently being offered at various spots in Portugal and is a nice slow moving way of discovering various coastlines either in a group or with individual guides. It´s a sport that can be practiced when the sea is to smooth for surfing but also has a variety for the more experienced paddle surfer on the waves.
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Canyoning, make your way through some of the most impressive canyons in Portugal mainland, Madeira and the Azores!

canyoning Porto Portugal

Canyoning Canyoning or, as it known in the USA, canyoneering is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques and it may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming. It can be done in various places in Portugal mostly in the North close to Porto and on the Islands of Madeira and the Azores, where they are many canyons. It is a great activity for the adventurous and can be done by all ages in the company of a proper professional.

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Balloon flights in some of the most impressive locations of Portugal!


Ballooning in Portugal
The landscapes of Portugal make some of the most impressive locations in the world for ballooning. with its landscapes, ancient towns and amazing views, a balloon flight will leave a lasting impression on all who participate in it. There are many locations for ballooning all over Portugal for individuals and groups. Ballooning is a popular reason to travel to Portugal as the sky and climate lend itself so perfectly to this sport also you will find the views breathtaking! The sensation of flying with the wind in the silence of the skies can be an immensely satisfying experience and a balloon flight is always a luxury event fit for any occasion.

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Skydive experiences!

Tandem Jump Espinho Porto

Skydive and Parachuting are a dream of many. In Portugal it can be learned at various places. For the beginners we have various companies on our site that offer tandem jumps either for individuals or groups at various heights. There is no prior experience necessary as you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor who will manage the parachute.
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The easy adrenaline kick! Jet boat in Porto!

Warner Bros The Bachelor At Speed jet Porto

Extreme jet boat In Porto you can really get the fastest water experience that you’ve ever experienced on an extreme jet boat ride. This must be the most exciting way to discover the water and shores of the Douro river right in the hearth of Porto. This activity is all about speed and you will very likely get wet!

Book this activity here: Jet boat Porto >>

Serra da Estrela, Skiing, snowboarding and winter breaks!

Ski Portugal

Skiing and snowboarding on the Serra da Estrela Skiing and snowboarding is possibly one of Portugal´s best kept secrets. Yet every year the Portuguese travel on mass to the Serra Estrela to enjoy the snow in a relatively small ski resort in one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the world. Given that one of the nicest things about skiing in Portugal is that winter and ´summer´ are only a few hours apart so why not get it both in the one holiday! Read more about the Serra da Estela and check possibilities >>


Horse riding on the beaches or in the mountains!

Horse riding Algarve

Horse riding Horse riding is a great activity that can be done freely in nature all over Portugal. Because of the countries famous Lusitano horses, horses have gained an important cultural aspect.
Once a year, in November, you can visit the Golega horse fair. This fair is internationally famous. It is organized once a year in the central town of Golega, the horse riding capital of Portugal.
We are offering various possibilities to ride free or learn to ride either with or without accommodation throughout Portugal. Check our search engine to find the best!
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Deep sea fishing, dolphin watching and boat tours

Deep sea fishing Azores
With its long coastline and many inland waters, Portugal lends itself perfectly to fishing and boat tours and is a preferred destination for deep sea fishing.
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Hiking the only real way to Discover hiden landscape secrets and get the best vieuws in Portugal!

Hiking, walking and trekking
The climate, landscapes and views make Portugal a much loved destination for hikers. With thanks to the countries  overwhelming, many places have natural hiking paths used for centuries by sheep and goat herders. For hike suggestions and guided tours check out the hiking section of the site >>

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