Aldeias do Xisto – Schist villages, Serra da Lousa

Aldeia do Xisto, serra da Lousa

The Aldeias do Xisto are schist villages which have been partially or fully recovered. Around the town of Lousa, in the mountain range called Serra da Lousa, you’ll find many lovely examples of schist villages and a memories of the previous rural mountain life.

Visiting these villages is a very special experience as it will take you through the mountains on set trails that go to and through these very special places. What can be observed are the old building techniques using schist stone and wood all in what seems a comforting mini surrounding. Tiny streets, little sheds and water fountains, community places and former commercial buildings. This very unique human built environment is contrasted by the landscape, breathtaking mountain views and clear, clean air.
The district is currently being rehabilitated for tourism and is ideal for sight seeing, hiking and nature sports. The area is a must do for those travelling to Central Portugal and can make a nice fresher alternative on hot days or a comforting mountain trip on colder days.

The website for the Aldeias do Xisto is currently only in Portuguese but does provide maps and photo’s Aldeias do Xisto official page

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