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Alverangel swimming beach

This small beach on the Castelo do Bode is idyllic, not set up for mass tourism and not welcoming to it, it’s just a perfect natural beach very close to the just as idyllic Castelo do Bode Marina. the access is fine but most should probably not drive all the way down as parking is limited and the road down is not very good, The walk from the tarmac road is roughly 5 minutes down to the beach and 10 minutes up. Driving down is possible and the car park will hold about 15 cars if at the top it’s busy than parking there is a better option or if your nervous about stony on-even roads leave your car at the top!

The beach has no amenities but it is a sandy beach and it the waters close to it have enough shallow areas for kids to swim freely if monitored as it gets deep about 2 to 3 meters inwards, the waters are warmer because here they go inland thanks to the peninsula.

All in all it’s a very nice place to swim!

It’s popular amongst locals and can be busy at weekends or on hot holiday days but it’s big beach with lot’s of space! The beach has some slightly stony areas but the water has almost none.

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