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Arco de Almedina, Coimbra

The Arco de Almedian or Arch of Almedina is the only remaining entrance gate to the original city of Coimbra and one of the view remaining examples of Moorish architecture in Coimbra,

The Moors invaded the Iberian peninsula in 711 and conquered Iberia and parts of France including the Western part of Iberia which was later to become Portugal until 1148 when the first king of Portugal Henriques Afonso regained what was now to become his country.
During the Moorish occupation, the various cultures in Iberia coexisted peacefully along side each other, and even to this day much of Moorish culture can be traced in the buildings, street-plans in the cities and the Portuguese language.

The Arcos de Almedina consists of two arched entrances into the old city one on the outside gate and a smaller one to the inside called the Arco de Almedina pequeno. The arches are both impressive examples of Moorish architecture and show how secured the stronghold was in the city of Coimbra in the middle ages.

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