Best Boutique hotels in Lisbon for Corporate Events

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About Best Boutique hotels in Lisbon for Corporate Events


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Lisbon is a very popular destination for any kind of travel.

Lisbon’s popularity for corporate travel particularly during the quieter winter months is exceeding anybodies expectations. We handle very large groups and the first idea for corporate group trips is always the larger high rise hotels that have a big capacity and great infra structures for corporate events.
However not all groups are the same and some take their team event, business meeting or training to Lisbon because they like the intimate atmosphere of the historical center and a hotel they choose should convey this atmosphere to the event and its participants to make a lasting impression. This is where the amazing, small boutique hotels of Lisbon mark their impressive stamp on corporate travel!

For groups above 60 – 80 pax this would not be an option but smaller can benefit largely from this option while still having their meeting, events and business requirements professionally met.

Corporate team events, conferences, meetings and other corporate gatherings are daily and many in Lisbon. The city of Lisbon has the perfect infra structures, accessibility, network and surroundings for such events.
We will be introducing you to some of the nicest luxury boutique hotels in the historical center of Lisbon. This article is specifically about hotels that have capacity for all types of smaller events and meetings. To receive quotes and availability for any of these hotels, please use the form at the bottom of this article.

Before finding your perfect boutique hotel Lisbon, Lets get to know the different areas of the center of Lisbon!

Lisbon’s historical center is made up off a couple of distinct areas, the lower center parts that together make up the Baixa (down town) The Chaido, Avenida de Liberdade and Praca do Commercio are the main areas full of shops, nightlife, bar and restaurants and some of the nicer hotels. Slightly higher up but within walking distance of the Baixa are the popular neighborhoods of Alfama close to the castle and Bairro Alto famous for its large offer of restaurants and nightlife. These are the areas covered in this article.

The Chiado / Baixa is one of the more luxurious areas completely rebuild after the 1755 earthquake taking away its original medieval labyrinth street plan to be replaced with a grid plan it is one off the areas that has a high amount of noble buildings and architectural beauty. It is also one of the areas where the more luxurious shops, restaurants and hotels are located.

Avenida de Liberdade is the main avenue of Lisbon. 90 meter wide and 1100 meters long it is modeled after the Champs-Élysées of Paris.
Decorated with impressive gardens and sculptures it is a favourite street for the jetset and avid shoppers to visit design shops, gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels.

Alfama set on the highest hill of Lisbon was the original town before it became the capital of Portugal. It is the most traditional area of Lisbon famous for Fado music, medieval streets and buildings and not to forget the Lisbon castle

Bairro Alto like Alfama, the Bairro Alto is one of the more traditional neighborhoods. In current times it’s  famous and very popular as one of the main nightlife and going out areas of Lisbon.

Lets look at some of the Boutique hotels in Lisbon

District Chiado


LX Boutique Hotel Suite

The first hotel that I want to mention does not have its own event space but it has a fully equipped office center 75 meter from its front door. The meeting room can host team meetings and demonstrations for up to 60 people at very reasonable prices. As this hotel is a favourite it needed to be included.

ELEGANCE, STYLE, AND THE COMPLETE LISBON XPERIENCE is how the LX Boutique hotel defines itself. Set in a century old hotel in the historical center of Lisbon. It has been completely renovated to it´s concept of luxury and elegance.
The hotel overlooks the Tagus river and is in one of the most prominent settings in Central Lisbon. Intimate style, a lovely restaurant, great breakfast and friendly helpful staff.
Therefore this hotel is a lovely place to stay during your corporate events in Lisbon!
Rooms: 66
Event: 60pax (meetings, training and demonstrations), dinner Gala or lunch
Type: 4 star ****

Pousada de Lisboa

Hotel Pousada Lisboa, Praça do Comércio

Part of the wonderful Portuguese heritage hotels the Pousadas have a special place in Portuguese history and in modern culture. Based on the word Pousa which means the moment “a bird leaves flight to rest” the pousadas are small luxury hotels set in cultural, heritage or historical buildings all over Portugal. The one thing all the Pousadas have in common is that they are special, based in buildings that add some extra value that is mainly of a cultural nature.

The Pousada de Lisboa is a new addition to the group and one that has already gained much popularity. Its restaurantis noted by the international media as one of the best of Lisbon and its location could not be ,ore central as it is located on the Praca Commercio.
Rooms: 90
Event: 2 rooms 168m2 / 154pax – 143 people 137m
Type: 4 star ****
Suitable for corporate events, presentations, gala dinners, wedding and private events

The area of the main avenue, Avenida de Liberdade

The Fontacruz Boutique Hotel

Fontecruz hotel Lisbon
The Fontecruz Lisboa Hotel is part of the Autograph Collection. It is a mix between classic and contemporary which extends through the interior.

The decor aligns a desire of neatness and simplicity, coming through with a solution where comfort is its fully achieved goal.
Unique among other Lisbon hotels, This boutique-chic hotel also has an inviting open deck and a meeting facilities up to 250 guests. The ambiance is of sophistication for leisure and business travelers.

Room prices from: Prices from 120 euro per night
Suitable for: meetings, off site events, presentations, private events, conference and weddings
Hotel style: Design hotel, boutique – chic, Panoramic vistas: Avenida Liberdade and surrounding quartiers
Rooms: 72 exclusive rooms & suites, decorated in black or white
Event size: Meeting with different set ups / maximum capacity 250 pax

The Heritage Lisbon Plaza Hotel

Lisbon Plaza hotel

Part of the Heritage small boutique hotels group, the Lisbon Plaza is the only hotel of this famous and much loved hotel group that is perfect for corporate events and meetings.

Hotel Lisboa Plaza is a charming Boutique hotel located close to Avenida da Liberdade, the Plaza is a charmer. Family owned and operated since its construction, the atmosphere of informal good taste and the constant updating of services provided making this charming hotel your best friend’s home in Lisbon.
Suitable for: Executive Meeting, Family Events, Press Launches, Executive Meals
Hotel style: Romantique, boutique – chic, informal, stylish
Rooms: 94 rooms & 12 suites
Event size: 6 event rooms with different capacity largest room up to 150 pax

Duque de Loule

Duque de Loule hotel

Slightly out of the center but within walking distance of the top of de Avenida de Liberdade you’l find one the most charming small boutique hotels in Lisbon, The Duque de Loulé hotel on the Avenida Duque de Loulé. With its 89 r00ms and event capacity off up to 80 pax it makes a perfect hotel for meetings and corporate gatherings of any sort. The building is renovated to breed a simple, light but stylish decor emphasized but its original 18th century facade and the wonderful over the city of Lisbon.
Due to all the positives that this hotel offers a corporate team it  very nice option for any event.

Type 4 star ****
Suitable for: meetings, off site events, presentations
Rooms: 89
Event size: Meeting with different set ups / maximum capacity 80 pax

The going out and busy Bairro Alto District

The Bairro Alto Hotel

Bairro Alto Hotel, Lisbon

This wonderful 5 star boutique hotel located in one of the quieter areas of the Bairro Alto is suitable for smaller sized events. The hotel has has 55 rooms of which 4 suites and a intimate meeting room with a max capacity of 35 pax. The hotel is luxury. Amongst the many awards it has received over the years are Europe’s Leading Landmark Hotel – World Travel Awards and Portugal’s Leading Hotel – World Travel Awards. So for the more luxurious smaller meetings this hotel is the right place.

Suitable for: Corporate events, Meetings, Trainings, Conferences, leisure
Hotel style: Classic, Luxurious, heart of the city
Rooms: 55 rooms, within 6 different categories (including 4 suites),
Event size: Theater: 35 people School: 25 people Single Table: 22 people U-shaped: 20 people

More will folllow……….!

Thus as you can see a corporate event has many capabilities of being a personal and pleasant experience that can help bind your team even stronger in a small luxury boutique hotel in Lisbon!

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