Boat tour of the Berlengas Islands

Berlengas boat tour

The Berlengas archipelago is a Portuguese archipelago, composed of granite islands, roughly 8km from Cape Carvoeiro. They depend administratively of the parish of St. Peter, in Peniche, It is the oldest nature protected area in Portugal and became so in 1465 whem King Afonso V of Portugal forbade the practice of hunting on the main island of Berlengas (Berlenga Grande). The Natural Reserve of Berlengas is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve since June 30 2011.

The Berlengas are made up off three small islands

Berlenga Grande
Farilhões (-Forcados).

The Berlenga Island or Berlenga Grande is the largest of the three and it is divided into two parts, almost completely separated by a seismic fault. Most of the island is called Berlenga and represents more than 2/3 of the total area of ​​the island; the lower part is called Old Island. It has 78.8 hectares of surface, approximately 1.5km long, 0.8km wide and a maximum height of 85 meters. Here is the Lighthouse Duque de Bragança, the Fort of São João Baptista, the Carreiro’s Monastery Beach, restaurants and camping.

From December to March, the Berlenga island is only inhabited by lighthouse keepers and the watchers ICNB. [1]

The main attraction of the Berlengas are its birds and wildlife, its flora and fauna, the lighthouse and the fort.
It is a popular area for hikes, Scubadiving, fishing and nature retreats.

The tour – Sailing from Nazaré, in direction to the south, you reach the Berlengas Natural Reserve. This is a trip that can have some nice surprises, like the dolphin’s watch.

Once you arrive in the island, you can enjoy several activities, such as: a tour around Berlengas, caves exploration; a visit to Farilhões, a small group of islands near Berlengas, and also a reinvigorating dive. This fantastic tour also contemplates a visit to the impressive Fortress.

Program Duration – 4 hours.

Adult: € 50
Child: € 40 (Children under 12 years accompanied by an adult)
Minimum group size is 6

Full day including lunch, private sailboat + Skipper  € 540 stop can be made on the way, snorkeling and swimming in the open sea are possible if the sea allows.

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The realization of the activities is conditioned to a minimum number of participants and weather conditions.
In case of impossibility to carry out the activities, new dates will be scheduled.
Prices shown include VAT at the legal rate.

Note the boats leave from Nazare!
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