Boat tours Berlengas Islands from Peniche for groups

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Boat tours Berlengas - Peniche

Boat tours Berlengas are a great sea outing to the protected Berlengas islands just 7 KM from the town of Peniche.

The seas from Peniche have been navigated from ancient times, with direct access ​​Peniche has anchorage in the Berlenga islands and boat trips from its marina are the best way to Go Discover the natural wonders these islands home.
The Berlenga Island, which is the largest and only inhabitable island of the Berlengas is Located about seven miles from the Port of Peniche
Visit this area of ​​high botanical interest with many endemic species and species of restricted distribution. On the island some nesting seabird species (Case Guillemot Uria aalge, symbol of the Reserve) and it is a crossing point for numerous migratory species.
The Berlenga Grande is the largest island with an area of ​​78 ha. It is an essentially rocky island, consisting of eruptive rocks, called “pink granite Berlenga”.

Group tours, activities and picnics on the Berlengas Islands

For groups of up to 32 people we provide boat tours, diving, snorkeling, picnics, hikes and other activities on the Islands with boat tours starting in Peniche or Nazare.

To read more about the islands and town of Peniche, please read our article about Peniche!Go Discover Peniche

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