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Lisbon was founded as a fishing town on the largest river in Iberia, the Tagus river and this river has always been central to its success. strategically placed at the mouth of this magnificent river Lisbon became the central point in the age of discoveries giving access as the main port for the ships to leave and return to Portugal. Many monuments have been built to mark each era along the waterfront.

From the centre of Lisbon, north of the Praca do Commercio you can see the highest hill where Lisbon was founded by the original fisherman, Alfama. The Praca do Commercio is the most Central square build along the waterfront, it used to be the location of the palace of Lisbon which was demolished during the Great Earthquake of 1755. The steps into the water remain.

Pulling into the harbour at Praca do Commercio, Canoa sailing, Lisboa
Pulling into the harbour at Praca do Commercio, Canoa sailing, Lisboa

The river

The city was built along the Tagus river. The river enters Lisbon roughly at Belem to the west and exits to the North at the new area of Parque das Nacoes.


The heart of the discoveries, Belem became the centre of a flourishing city in the 15th and 16th centuries when Portugal gained much wealth from its new colonies. from the water, you can see 2 of the main monuments remaining from this period, the Jerónimos Monastery and the nearby Tower of Belém.

Jerónimos Monaster


Alcantara derived its name from the Moors which refers to an ancient Roman bridge that used to be there. Now home to the Ponte de 25 Abril bridge which is the 32nd longest suspension bridge in the world.
Modern Alcantara is popular for its trendy nightlife and waterfront restaurant boulevard and yacht harbour

Praca do Commercio

The Praça do Comércio (commerce square) is commonly known as Terreiro do Paço which means Palace garden and until the earthquake of 1755 which destroyed the centre of Lisbon, it was exactly this. It was fully rebuilt as a Pombaline square after the earthquake and celebrates the rebuilding of Lisbon after the disaster which almost fully wiped out the lower areas of Lisbon


Alfama was the original fishing village which later became Lisbon, located close to the castle of Lisbon and home to some of its most impressive monuments. Alfama remained untouched by the earthquake and retains its original design. Narrow, winding streets climb their way up the hill. Its medieval structures remain and from the water the views over its historical heritage are impressive.


Parque das Nações

Parque das Nações is the contemporary area of Lisbon. It was built for the 1998 world of the oceans exhibition. Modern architecture, monumental art, impressive hotels and restaurants give a modern take on Lisbon. Again the river and Portugal’s naval past are its main themes

Boat tours of Lisbon, possibilities and suggestions

Lisbon has many possibilities for boat tours, below some suggestions for a personalized proposal or more information, please call us or use the form.

Sailing in Lisbon

For groups of up to 220 sailing tours and regattas are a great way to get on the water and experience the silence the river provides. As a team-building the regattas are a great way to challenge your teams to a race on the water accompanied by a professional crew.

boats fit up to 8 pax per team.

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Tagus river Group cruises and tours

for a personalized tour for groups of up to 150 pax, a river cruise is a great experience for all ages and types. Accompanied by lunch, dinner, tapas or drinks, this relaxing activity provides an opportunity for socializing in a perfect surrounding. Please use the form for info and possibilities.

Catamaran charters

Catamarans are a fast and energetic way to enjoy the waters of Lisbon. These boats are most popular for the speed element they provide, they are also a very stable boat type perfect for lounging and lying in the sun accompanied by a glass of wine or other drink.

Catamaran charter Algarve

Exciting water activities for groups

If you are looking for a more exciting experience for your group, the Arrabida natural park 30 km south of Lisbon could be what you are looking for! from dolphin to speedboats the Sado Estuary provides a saltwater experience with mountain views to die for and beaches that remind of the Caribbean.

To read more about the area read our article the Arrabida natural park >> 

The Arrabida, Activities, landscapes and ideas

Pirate treasure hunt

For groups of 20 or more, the pirate treasure hunt is a great way to Go Discover this area. The Pirate Treasure is a fun and challenging activity that involves the search for pirate Materials & Doc’s, it can be done at any time of year as nobody is expected to get wet and it is an easily accessible activity for all age groups. This activity is all about teamwork, fun and healthy competition between teams in one of the most beautiful beach areas in Portugal.

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Pirate challenge Lisbon

Seafari challenge

multichallenge Team building, Arrabida Lisbon

This multi-activity is slightly more demanding but a sure adrenaline rush. Each team member will be assigned roles fitting their personal capacity and preference.

Objective: The main objective of the teams will be to overcome multiple unexpected water challenges. Taking place in the wild beaches of the Marine Park Teacher Luis Saldanha, this is a very fun activity that will allow the group to know our coastline and its unique beauty.
Implementation: Each team can have a map of the coastline where the objectives are marked, some in water and others on land. To reach the objectives each team has at its disposal a speedboat with a skipper which will have to guide to each of the points, however, some of these will have to be reached through:
– Snorkeling
– Coasteering

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Dolphin watching

Boat tours, Dolphin watching, Sport fishing, Faro, Algarve

The Sado is also the last remaining home to the bottlenose dolphins and more common dolphin species native to Portugal, rarer sightings of Orka’s and other sea life are also possible.
Experience unforgettable moments, particularly for younger audiences, and for all those that are seeking to go on a dolphin watch tour in their natural habitat for the first time!
On the return swim and snorkel in a secluded bay of the Arrábida Natural Park while tasting a local Moscatel wine – experience all the highlights of the Sesimbra region in this dolphin watch tour!

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For other options on the water, on land or in the air anywhere in Portugal, please contact us!

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